Hello there! We hope you all are doing good in this challenging situation. Today we bring a Bright Data review (formerly Luminati). You all will agree that our lives are getting dependent on the internet with the increase of digital services in our lives. Even if you are engaged in work from home or running your own business, a good internet connection is all that you need.

Then when we speak about a good internet connection, proxy servers matter the most. Even if you are looking for a residential proxy or a data center proxy, you need to choose the most reliable one. Because, when it comes to our data privacy and security, we tend not to compromise in that area.

A slight mistake can lead to drastic consequences, which we cannot afford to deal with.

The concept of proxy servers is not that difficult to understand. Even if you have nothing to do with technicality, experts recommend that everyone understand what a proxy is and how it works. And if we speak about Luminati proxy, then there is no doubt that it is one of the most trusted and efficient proxy servers you will ever find in the market.

But, there is a reason behind its popularity. And the reason is the excellent integration of the software. This article will walk you through different aspects and features of Bright Data (formerly Luminati), which will prove why this may be your best shot in residential proxies. So, without further delay, let us get started!

What is a Proxy Server?

Bright Data Review

In simple words, a proxy server carries out your internet activities on behalf of another system, which acts as an intermediary of the clients requesting resources from other servers. For instance, if you want to search for a specific cosmetic product, you search it on google search/proxy servers do is that it will take your request to the Google server, resulting in you getting the desired website you want.

Ultimately, everything you do on the internet depends on your proxy address. If the proxy server of a specific website is not secured, then that site will show restricted to you. Just like that, if your connection is not secure, then you will get blocked from accessing the internet. Therefore, it is essential to have a secured residential proxy, even if you are engaged in some deep R&D.

Are you looking for a dependable proxy server?

If you are, then you have come to the right place. Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is one of the most trusted proxy servers among the users. In this post, we will walk you through the features, pros& cons, pricing plans, and other essential sections of Luminati proxy. Keep reading this article to get to know all about Bright Data!

Detailed Bright Data Review (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data Review

Luminati is a leading proxy server network that provides the most secure proxy network. Luminati offers a proxy pool of 72 million IP addresses. Just not that, it also gives you data collection tools that require almost 0 coding knowledge. Luminati.io was discovered in 2014 in Israel. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the proxy domain, which has the largest IP network.

Bright data offers four types of proxy networks: residential, data center, mobile, and static residential proxies. Luminati currently has 750+ patents, which shows their constant dedicated approach to innovative technology.

They aim towards the constant development of various proprietary products.

This company also offers additional products such as search engine crawlers, data collectors, and data unblockers. So, there is a never-ending list of all the advantages you are getting to receive if you decide to go with Bright Data (formerly Luminati).

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What does Luminati Proxy Offer?

In many terms, Luminati has offered itself as the leading residential proxy network. It allows different users worldwide to choose among the wide range of proxies, which they can choose according to their use. You can select from several native tools, including “Proxy Browser Extension” and “Proxy Manager.” They can go for any proxy server according to their business plans.

Bright Data Coupon

These various tools have been designed to ease your execution in data and information scraping from websites, checking and verifying the compliance of affiliate links, and much more. Also, the residential proxies offered by Luminati are 100% legal and authentic. So, you will not have to worry about getting blocked by any website or server while surfing the internet.

Additionally, you can collect critical information from various search engines called “Search Engine Crawler.” You can also analyze your SEO's progress, track your rivals' performance, and ensure that all your online assets are safe and secured.

In short, with Luminati.io, you get to access more features as compared to any other proxy server. There is something that sets Luminati apart from all the average proxy server networks.
With this, it is time to discuss more the kay features and other benefits offered by Luminati.

How does Bright Data Work?

Bright Data initially used to be connected with Hola VPN, but when it got acquired by EMK capital, that is where all the controversy started. Although, after this, it continues to offer consumers and businesses a similar set of features as it did before its acquisition, today's users may not know how complicated it is to provide such kinds of services.

Bright Data network allows consumers' IP addresses to be used when their device is not connected to WiFi or not in use. It is similar to the services offered by Hola, which creates a sense of doubt about whether they still continue to work with them not.

The Bright Data SDK allows developers to monetize and does not require selling your data. Also, the consumers opt-in, consenting that you become a collector for this P2P network, similar to what they have done previously by using other technology like trackers and ISPs.

Bright Data Features at a Glance (Formerly Luminati) – Bright Data Reviews

There is a list of incredible features offered by Luminati, which you will find hard to ignore. Let us see about them in detail:

  • Proxy Infra

Luminati offers the highest infra proxy in the world, which gives you various proxy solutions. You will find all of them here. If you are looking for a data center, residential, static residential, or mobile IP, Luminati.io is the pace you go for. With Luminati proxy, you get 99.9%, infinite concurrent connections, and an open-source proxy server network with over 72 million IPs.

  • Global Coverage

All these services are available in a comprehensive set of countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and many more. For more information, you can check out their official website. There you will find all the available locations where the Luminati proxy server offers its service in.

  • Performance & Speed

Without a doubt, Luminati works faster than the other rotating proxy servers like Storm proxy servers. This is because its built-in rotation manager is more efficient than the other proxy server networks.

Other additional features include:

Types of Proxies Offered by Luminati | Bright Data Reviews

Bright Data offers its users four types of Proxies:

  • Data Center Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • ISP Proxies
  • Mobile Proxies
Luminati Review

Data Center Proxies: These proxies are located centrally where multiple IP address traffic is batched together and then routed through a singular server. This gives shorter request times and much lower costs due to the simplified architecture. 

Residential Proxies: Residential proxies are also referred to as rotating proxies, whose IP address keep changing after a specific period. Residential proxies are more safe & secured than data entry proxies because you do not need to worry about getting blacklisted. Almost all Bright Data Residential proxies are rotating proxies, which means it keeps getting changed after a specific time so that the provided IP address cannot be tracked back to you.

ISP Proxies: Internet server provider proxies are real Residential IPs that are located in different GEOs. Also, they are designated for commercial use and are located in Data Centers but are different in a way that they are identified as ‘real user IPs' by the target sites and enjoy shorter request architectures.

Mobile Proxies: These proxies connect through a real, rotating mobile connection of 3G/4G that is used for targeting highly sophisticated websites and collecting mobile-specific web data. They are the most expensive and also the most effective types of proxies. As per many reviews of Bright Data, mobile proxies have been proven to be the hardest to identify. 

The IP address of the rotating proxies offered by Bright Data keeps changing after every subsequent connection. This ensures better safety and security, which means if you are o a surfing mission, your IP address will not get blacklisted. That is because you do not have just one IP address.

The price of all the proxies offered by Bright Data is nowhere near low. Whether it is a data center proxy or residential proxy, you will have to pay a massive amount for that. But, the services provided by Bright Data proxy are commendable, which makes them of the most leading proxy servers around the world.

The great thing about Bright Data is that it offers both types of proxy authorization, which includes Username/Password authentication and IP authentication. This is great because you can whitelist all th IP's that you want to use to access your proxy and use username and password for the authentication.

Bright Data Web Unlocker (🥇Never Get Blocked Again!) 

The Bright Data Web Unlocker is far better than many of the premium proxies as it is an automated tool that does unblock target sites with a very high success rate. You just have to send in a request, and this tool will do the rest, including constantly changing target site blockades.

Bright Data Web Unlocker

The Bright Data Web Unlocker is capable of managing: 

How do this Bright Data Web Unlocker works? 

Web Unlocker offers three significant components that other premium proxies lack:

  • Managing Request: Captcha resolving and Retry logic for the quickest path to success. This means that the algorithm constantly measures results based on domains and knows always to use the settings which will give the highest success rate.
  • Complete user environment emulation including Network-level, Protocol level, Browser-level and OS/HW level. 
  • Content verification: The data integrity is automatically validated using parameters like data types, request timing, and response content which ensures that you are getting the highest quality information available. 

The Bright Data Web Unlocker is undoubtedly capable of unlocking even the most challenging of target sites. It streamlines your data collection process, almost making CAPTCHAs and IP bans irrelevant. 

Bright Data Pricing Plans – Exclusive Bright Data Discount Coupon

Bright Data offers 5 Pricing plans and a variety of payment methods and packages for different types of users. Users can choose the best plan at the best price and also have an option to go with the Pay per use plan.

Bright Data Pricing

This cannot be ignored that the pricing plans are relatively higher. But the quality which they are offering and the price is the ultimate selling point of this software.

Starter Package – $500/mo

  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.60/IP + $0.083/GB
  • Residential proxies – $11.25/GB
  • ISP proxies – $0.50/IP + $11.25/GB
  • Mobile proxies – $30.00/GB
  • Dedicated Account Manager 

Advanced Package – $1000/mo

  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.56/IP + $0.077/GB
  • Residential proxies – $10.05/GB
  • ISP proxies – $0.50/IP + $10.05/GB
  • Mobile proxies – $28.00/GB
  • Dedicated Account Manager 

Advanced + Package – $2000/mo

  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.52/IP + $0.072/GB
  • Residential proxies – $9.75/GB
  • ISP proxies – $0.50/IP + $9.75/GB
  • Mobile proxies – $26.00/GB
  • Dedicated Account Manager

 Custom Plan is also offered by Bright Data, where you can pay: 

  • Custom price per GB
  • Unlimited scale
  • Data experts support
  • Premium SLA
  • Free Proxy Manager

What are the payment modes accepted by Bright Data? 

Bright Data accepts various payment modes, including credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfers.

Does Bright Data offer a free trial?

Bright Data does offer a free 7-Day trial which users can take advantage of and use the tool to see whether it solves their purpose or not.

Where do Bright Data Residential IPs come from? – Bright Data Review  

Well, to find an answer comes from the services of Sister Hola. It is one of the popular free VPN services, which is also most similar to Tor as it can transfer traffic as a proxy node for Bright Data users. 

Bright Data has a unique consumer IP model where all the involved parties are fairly compensated for their voluntary participation. Also, the App owners install a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) on their application and get monthly remuneration depending on the number of users who opt in. The App-users can voluntarily opt-in, and they are compensated through an ad-free user experience and also enjoy upgraded versions of the app and use it for free. All these consumers served based on the network can opt-out at any time.

💡 How to use Bright Data Residential IPs?

Now in our Bright Data review, we will look at how you can easily configure your residential IP proxies in your high-performance customer space. Along with this, you can also request them through the API, The Bright Data Proxy Manager and so on. 

With the Bright Data API, you get an affordable, fast and convenient proxy solution that you can use your proxies with different codes. 

The Proxy Manager is more advanced in this area and can be easily installed without any code. It requires minimal configuration and gives excellent performance. You just have to install it, select the country, and start browsing. It can also be personalized. 

You also get special features like custom headers and a user agent. Bright Data is also ideal for multiple users, as you can use the same account. By LPM, you can also reduce the cost of your proxy and reduce bandwidth. 

You also get every new session available. You can also change the IP address if, in case new session changes the IP address automatically. You can control this by setting the IP policy in the proxy settings. You can also change the number of request set requests from the same IP address. If you don't set it, it will automatically update every 60 seconds. Plus, you can get the time to change, which you can define in the “Session Time” configuration. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • If you wish to use the Long Single Session option in the preference menu, the IP address will be the same every time it gets available on the other side.
  • If you have to use the “custom” option of the present, you have to choose the duration of the sessions in seconds.

Can You Get Immediate Access to Bright Data Residential Proxies? 

Well, yes, when you obtain access to their Residential network for the first time, you will be offered two options:

  • Get immediate access to the Residential network to a list of pre-approved 200+ websites.
  • Get access to the Residential network for all websites after completing a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification process, usually completed within 2-3 days.

When you choose immediate access mode, you will get a walk of some basic guidelines, and that's all! You will get access and start using the Residential network.

How can You Authenticate Bright Data?

You can authenticate Bright Data in two ways: 

  • With the IP address 
  • With User name and Password 

Authentication with an IP address is usually done when you are using proxies on some devices.

You can begin by creating an IP whitelist after you create a zone. Then you should click on the newly created area, and there you will see the “IP the whitelist” on the right side. Click on the pencil icon which is next to it and enter your IP address and save it. You can also add multiple addresses.

If you wish to use Bright Data with a username and password, the procedure is slightly different. 

Begin by typing in the section “IPs” the whitelist “all” and click on “Save.” As you return to the box, your username and password will be displayed on the right side. If you wish to change them, you can click on the pencil icon next to it.

Static Residential IPs: Exclusive from Bright Data 

So these are the new IPs that Bright Data acquires from ISPs and are real residential IPs that are used for commercial purposes.

What are the advantages of these exclusive Residential IPs?

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) Customer Support

Bright Data Coupon Code

Just like a good proxy server network provider, Bright Data provides excellent customer service. You can reach out to them via different sources like live chat, Skype, call, and tickets. If you raise any complaint or any issue, it will likely get resolved in 24 hours.

The main benefit is that Bright Data's customer support team is available 24*7. This means you can contact them at any time and day of the week! The customer support team is highly supportive and will help you with any issue.

Bright Data Locations

Another aspect that gives Bright Data an edge over its competitors is the locations in which it is present. Bright Data has over 35 million representatives in more than 200 countries and regions when we combine it with the ability to use the IP address of a specific city from a list of more than 20000 cities!

So folks, are you still not convinced to go with the Luminati? Below are the locations in which they offer their services:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • India

If you belong from the above locations, consider yourself you are pretty lucky in terms of the residential proxy network.

👉 What is Bright Data Offer?

Bright Data Flexibility:

Users like the fact that they get IP address types and the ability to customize proxy usage. Bright Data also offers to configure custom rules for each request in its proxy administrator. Even now, many other providers have failed to do so.

Another reason to choose Bright Data is when you have to extract data quickly, as it gives you Simultaneous sessions and unlimited requests from multiple IP addresses, which can reduce the recovery time of the data you need.

Open Source Proxy Manager:

Bright Data Open Source Proxy Manager

The Bright Data Proxy Manager (LPM) is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. By using it, you can create proxies, to which you can attach your crawler or bot for scrapping.

Bright Data Proxies

One of the notable features of Bright Data is Waterfall routing, where requests are passed through three different networks depending on how successful they will likely be at reaching their destination. First, it would be passed through the data-center network and then to the residential networks; if that fails, then to the mobile network. This eventually maximizes the success rates and keeps the cost minimum.

Can you use Proxy Manager through API?

As mentioned earlier in our Bright Data review, an open-source API is there for those utilizing the proxy network. Even the developers can integrate it into their apps and turn devices into Bright Data exit nodes. Also, the SDK only works when there is a peer who has opted-in to the network and the device is idle and is connected to WiFi, and there is sufficient battery power. And YES. You can use the Proxy Manager's comprehensive API to set up proxy ports, manage sessions, update configurations like rules and targeting and more.

Bright Data Unblocker:

The usage of P2P IPs belonging to real people has significantly reduced the chances of a website blocking you. But if this happens, Bright Data guarantees that a simple URL request results in a 100% success rate. Bright Data has an unblocker technology that uses IP rotations, IP Priming, cookie Management, fingerprint imitations, and other techniques which ensure that websites are always unblocked.

How to Create Multi Login Integration with Bright Data?

With Multi Login, you can create virtual browsing profiles, manage multiple online accounts, and use a physical device. Here is a step-by-step procedure about how to create it.

  • First log in to the Bright Data Dashboard
  • Then Click on create a zone and choose your network and save it. 
  • In the Multilogin, click on New browser profile and edit the proxy settings 
  • Make sure you choose Bright Data as the connection type
  • Then choose the protocol under proxy type 
  • IP or Host: zproxy.lum-superproxy.io
  • Port: 22225
  • There, you can check your Bright Data account ID and proxy Zone name 
  • The password will be your Zone password 
  • and then Click on Check Proxy 

How to Integrate Bright Data Proxy Manager & Multi Login?

  • Begin by creating a zone with the network, IP type and number of IPs you want to use
  • Then Download and install the Proxy Manager
  • Click on Add new proxy and choose the Zone and settings you want and Save it.
  • Then, in the Multilogin, click New browser profile and edit the proxy settings. 
  • Under the connection type, select Bright Data 
  • Then choose your protocol under Proxy Type
  • IP or Host:; if the Proxy Manager is installed locally or on the IP of the remote server, the Proxy manager is installed on or example.com
  • The port which you created in Bright Data Proxy manager 24XXX
  • Make sure you leave the username and password field empty, as the Bright Data Proxy Manager has already been authenticated
  • Finally, Click on Check proxy.

If you want to use Bright Data Super proxy, you must use a session prefix to avoid mismatches in the browser profile and IP location data. For this, it is recommended to use it with the rand prefix:


The 39484 value is just a general example. It is recommended that you set different rand prefix values for each browser profile. You can even set a random number for the rand prefix. Also, remember that the glob_ prefix is not working correctly with Multilogin.

Bright Data Pros & Cons

As we stated earlier, it is challenging to look for any flaw associated with Luminati.io. The experience that Bright Data provides to its customers is commendable. There are several reasons which make Bright Data a hit among all the users.

It is hard to filter the disadvantages of this software. But in this article, we tried to present you as many merits and demerits we found in Luminati.io.

Is Bright Data Legit? 

Well, Bright Data offers you world-class features and is the world's leading platform for data extraction, analysis and visualization. This includes a collection of web-based tools that are easy to use. You don't have to collect information about websites you visit or your customers manually. And you will see your business improved ROI when you use Bright Data and get higher profitability compared to using traditional services like Smartproxy or Oxylabs.

Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension (Comes for all Platforms!)

Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension

Bright Data provides you with a world class #1 Proxy Browser Extension that is easy to install, and you get access to the world's best-performing proxies from all major browsers. It is an easy-to-use one-click IP rotation, and no code is necessary. It can undoubtedly bypass any location restriction with the most extensive geographic coverage in the industry, and you can even rotate any proxy type and protocol.

Bright Data Chrome Extension 

Bright Data Chrome extension is easy to use and allows IP addresses for home users to navigate online and is useful for some GEO content sites and can even avoid police on some shoe sites like Adidas that run HMAC. Use the BOTs.

🚀 Click on this link to install the Bright Data Chrome extension and get access to the world's best-performing proxies.

Bright Data Referral Program – Bright Data Affiliate Program

Bright Data has a unique referral program that is not just for the affiliates but for anyone who makes referrals. Just by recommending a new customer, both of you will get a $500 credit once they've deposited and used $250 in their account.

You can find the referral link in your Bright Data account on the Referral Page and then click the get referral link button. 

Well, how much can you earn with the Bright Data referral program?

  • You can earn up to $1,000 for each customer you refer.
  • We will pay you 50% of your Referrals revenue (without a user limitation cap)

And how will you get paid from Bright Data affiliate program? 

First, you can get paid by a credit to your Bright Data account or via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. The credit payment, though, is the fastest, and you can receive a 5% bonus on your commission amount. In order to request your reward, you can click on the ‘Withdraw payment‘ button on your Referrals Dashboard.

Bright Data Proxy Alternatives to Try in 2024 (Bright Data Competitors)

Bright Data Vs. Oxylabs (Who wins between the two?) 

You can call Oxylabs the biggest Bright Data competitor in the market. Oxylabs is among the specialized web data gathering platform that has offered its services since 2015. It is famous for its web scraping solutions, large-scale public data collection and other innovative services, which make decision-making easier.

Oxylabs features in brief

GEO-targeting: With the Oxylabs geo-targeting, you get the flexibility that everyone looks for while looking for a reliable proxy provider. With this tool, you can have your proxy from any country, city or state. 

Expertise usage: This platform is quite good at data scrapping. It gives you smooth data on your table, ready with over seven years of experts. It has a team of experts with years of experience in the industry who will provide you with the best solution as per your needs. 

Customization: Data customization can be tedious for all users, but Oxylabs helps you by giving you a customized setup. This will make data extraction easier and more unique for users. 

Learning Tutorials: Oxylabs provides you with blogs, customer stories, webinars, documentation, FAQs, and more. They try to make things easier for their users and educate them about their actions. This educational stuff is excellent for beginners. 

Oxylabs' Pricing is a little higher compared to Bright Data. It offers you 4 pricing plans which begin from the Starter plan to the Enterprise plan, which costs $5000/mo. Whereas the Starter Plan costs you $300/mo. 

Oxylabs offers a 7-day free trial, and so does Bright Data, but with Oxylabs, you need to get approval from the team and try out the solutions and tools or work with the 30-day money-back guarantee. Talking about customer support, Oxylabs currently only allows an email support system and live chat option.

Bright Data Vs. IPRoyal

IPRoyal proxy service is another popular choice for many people who need to unblock websites. Also, the company has worked even harder over the years and has built an excellent reputation for itself as it provides quality proxy services.

IPRoyal also provides rotating proxies and sticky ports to help optimize your experience on the internet and also be compatible across many web services like speed tests and website loading time. It is not like other providers, but it has an ethically sourced pool of IPs with owners who are compensated financially.

Bright Data Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Bright Data Reviews

Bright Data Privacy & Security – Jurisdiction of Bright Data

Bright Data is an Israeli-based company. Israel is a country that has robust data protection laws that limit the government's ability to spy on your personal information. And it is not an NSA ally with robust cyber defense operations and cooperation in other mass surveillance programs like Hola VPN (and other SDK). All these considerations matter when you Bright Data's business IP network than companies who actually don't rely on such things as their only means of communication or networking.

Controversy Associated with Bright Data:

In 2015, 8Chan owner, Fredrick Brennan, published a damning investigation saying that Hola VPN was selling its IPs to Bright Data; it later became clear that Hola VPN and Bright Data were owned by the same person. After this claim, Hola co-founder Ofer Vilenski protested innocence and quickly updated the company's FAQ in response to the furor. Many of the experts even unanimously condemned Hola and Bright Data for a business model which is often regarded as a botnet or spamming service.

Largely the criticism vested in their failure to inform Hola VPN customers that they were becoming a part of the peer-to-peer network by using the service. But it also exposed the possibility of exposing Hola VPN users to malware spread through the network. 

Top FAQ on Bright Data Review

What is Bright Data?

It is the global Proxy network and data collection platform which is using by around 500 companies. Bright Data (Luminati) is the leader in the proxy market.

Is Bright Data safe?

Bright Data has mentioned that the company will connect with the authority or management in case of any abuse. Bright Data (Luminati) is the world's largest proxy network that has qualified engineers that help to reach your data collection goals. Bright Data also has a unique idle monitor technology that guarantees that the end user's device is used only when it is essential, thereby preserving battery life, data plan and bandwidth. A monitor that would prohibit the use of the device if the end-user is using it is a preference for use only when it charges. A maximum daily allowed bandwidth consumption per device and a weekly maximum usage or among a few restrictions.

Can you use IPv4 proxies with Bright Data?

As discussed in our Bright Data Review, the IP addresses change or rotate often, and there is no list of IPs in IPv4 format as it would be in the case when you use data-center IPs. You can change your proxy settings to the matching port number of the IP address you wish to check that IPs are in the proper format. Then the IP address of your device would be in IPv4 format.

How does the Bright Data Billing process work?

Bright Data requires a monthly commitment where you are required to commit to paying a minimum amount at the beginning of every month when your account is active. This minimum commitment will set the limit for your basic usage. As your usage goes over your minimum commitment amount, you then have to add additional funds to use their services.

Can you use Bright Data without the monthly commitment?

Well, yes, you can use Bright Data data center, residential and mobile networks and static residential without a monthly commitment. You just have to click on the pencil next to the zone name and adjust the plan to ‘Pay-As-You-Go.' But remember, in case the IP is the pay-per-IP or exclusive type or GIPS, you will then be charged for the IPS allocated to the zone.

What will happen if your usage surpasses the minimum account commitment?

So when you have used 85% of your account balance for the month, you will get an email where they will request you to add funds to your account. If you still don't add funds to it, it will continue to operate until you have used 100 percent of your account balance. As you reach the usage amounting to 100%, then your account will be suspended until you add additional funds. Bright Data also recommends you turn on the auto recharge to keep your account active and working.

What is the cost of refreshing data-center IPs?

The cost of refreshing data-center IPs will have different costs depending on the type of IP:
1. Refreshing dedicated data-center IPs: $0.5/refresh/IP
2. Refreshing dedicated domain data-center IPs: $0.04/refresh/IP
3. Refreshing shared data-center IPs: $0.02/refresh/IP

Can I get any working Bright Data coupon codes?

If you are looking for a verified Luminati discount coupon that helps you save bucks, use the above-mentioned Bright Data discount coupon that helps you to save upto 50% off.

What are the best Bright Data (Luminati) alternatives?

Check the following list if you are looking for the best Bright Data (Luminati) alternatives:
Altair Monarch

Bright Data on Twitter

Bright Data on Twitter

Conclusion: Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) Review 2024 + Discount Coupon

No matter how many proxy server networks come, Luminati will always stand out in all of them. Luminati is the best choice among all, and the above article is proof of it. You can always count Bright Data in terms of security and reliability. However, the prices are a little higher as compared to the market price, the features that they offer at this price are recommendable!

With this, we will wrap our Bright Data (formerly Luminati) review. We hope that this article will help you to make an informed decision. If you feel something is missing from the above article, please mention them in the comments section below.

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