There are a lot of SERP tracking tools out there for you to consider. In this review of the best SERP tracking tools for 2024, we will give you an overview of the different tools out there and help you choose the best one for you!

Manual keyword research was once the norm for most companies, but depending on how frequently you'd be able to access the data and the size of your database, this might be a time-consuming task.

SERP tracking tools are a great way to uncover valuable keywords and monitor their progress over time. For businesses that take SEO seriously, the best SEO software tools offer a mix of useful features, integrations, and analytics reporting to help them maintain their rankings.

It is essential to track the performance of published content to see if the strategies you've been using yield positive results. Doing keyword research and LSI keywords for low competition keywords is a good idea, but it's important to know whether or not those strategies are working.

Are you looking for some best SEO tools to help monitor your website's ranking?

If so, then you're in the right place to get the best tools for meeting your needs. Let's get into all the details and look at the 10 best SERP tracking tools for 2024:

Our Top 3 Recommended SERP Tranking Tool

Best SERP Tracking Tools

Ubersuggest is an extensive and easy-to-use SEO tool that specializes in giving you new keyword ideas. Founded as a tool for scraping Google Suggest Suggestions, Ubersuggest was later bought by entrepreneur Neil Patel, whose company now offers an extensive suite of features beyond simple suggestion extraction.

Ubersuggest helps you understand which keywords people use when searching online and gives you ideas for new content that might help increase traffic to your site.

Clicking on the ‘SEO difficulty‘ card takes you to an overview page to view the most popular keywords by category, including keyword difficulty, monthly searches, backlinks, etc.

Its rank tracker allows you to get special insights into the strategies of your competitors that are a success so that you can gain a competitive advantage by adopting and improving them.
Ubersuggest has a free plan with limited capabilities. It has three different paid plans.

The Individual Plan starts from $12 per month and is best for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Its Business Plan starts from $20 per month and is best for small & medium businesses.

While its Enterprise/Agency Plan starts from $40 per month and is best for large businesses & agencies. It also has a 7-Day Free Trial and a lifetime plan to save 90% and receive a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

SE Ranking

With its SERP tracking tools, this Ukrainian company provides an effective way for companies to track their online marketing efforts. With 250 keywords, if you're okay with updating them once every week, you could get started for just $23.40 each month using SE Ranking.

Alongside the SE Ranking, you get a whole host of tools: backlink monitoring & checking, website audit, and it even creates a marketing plan for you.

One thing I really like is that, besides Google rankings, you can also check out YouTube rankings alongside Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. They say they've got 300,000 customers, which makes them one of the largest SEO tools available today.

SE Ranking has three paid plans, the Essential Plan that includes 250 keywords, priced at $39 for daily updates, $31.20 for every three days, and $23.40 for one week. The Pro plan includes 500 keywords priced at $54 for daily updates, $43.20 for very three days, $32.40 for one week.

The Business Plan includes 1000 keywords priced at $89 for daily updates, $71.20 for every three days, and $53.40 for one week. Additionally, it has monthly subscription plans and annual subscription plans with a 20% discount.

The screen layout is clear and gives you an easy way to see where you stand compared to others. They also track Google's SERP features, including the Featured Snippet. You can also use this tool on the go via its mobile app. Pricing is fairly flexible and inexpensive. Their customer is also usually pretty quick at responding.


AccuRanker is a world-renowned keyword rank tracker tool with a set of industry-leading features. The team behind AccuRanker boasts that it's one of the fastest & most accurate in the world, boasting features like real-time results and ranking history.

If you're looking for an easy-to-navigate SERP tracker, this one earns praise for its simplicity and clear layout. Its ranking details are presented in a straightforward manner, and finding your way around is relatively easy.

In addition, to supporting keyword tracking, AccuRanker also allows you to manage multiple sites just by collecting data from these domains in a systematic manner. For instance, you can view all the domains which are currently being tracked and arrange them in alphabetic order on the domains page.

When you enter in a focus keyword search, the system will provide charts with performance data and insights- it'll include primary graphs and charts generated from the campaign's submitted keywords. Users can also track the rankings on various device types.

Accessing relevant keyword performance indicators is easy, as long as you remember to refresh and review them over time. These analytic tools will help you monitor and analyze key terms plus their respective ranks.

Using the free live SERP tool, it's easy to monitor your website rankings as they happen. You'll also get an insight into any core areas of weakness and find what strategies your competitors are using to their benefit.

With a user-friendly interface and without complicated reports, you can obtain keyword ranking information from anywhere to learn about your website traffic.

There's only one package providing all the features with two pricing options. If you opt for its annual payment option, you will have to pay for the whole year in advance, but the plus point of doing this is that you will save around $8 per month.


You've likely heard of Semrush before. It has become quite popular among digital marketers and boasts more than one million active users.

It's not just a SERP tracker. It is a suite of SEO tools that also offer keyword ranking, SEO audit, organic analysis, social monitoring, content analysis, and pay-per-click (PPC) assessment.
Most importantly, above anything else, use Semrush primarily for competitor research. SERP tracking is a supplementary tool used for reinforcing other features.

However, its SERP Tracking feature enables detailed tracking at a country, state/province, or city level for day-by-day ranking updates. It provides an extensive set of metrics to measure its visibility index, so you know exactly where you stand.

It allows us to compare keyword performance across different locations. You can track multiple SERP features, including video, rich snippets, reviews, etc. You can track your progress from both Google and Bing. Additionally, it also allows multiple devices to be tracked at once.

Besides that, Semrush's SERP Tracking tool helps you identify which keywords bring visitors to your site. You'll be able to determine which keywords to target for better results.

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With Semrush constantly updating their entire system, they're always keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the industry. If there's even the tiniest change in your rankings, they'll be highlighted right away so you can act quickly.

But, Semrush does not offer SERP tracking as an exclusive feature. You will have to buy the entire suite to access this feature. The cheapest plan option is Semrush Pro at $99.95 per month. After that comes Guru, which offers plans for small business owners starting from $199.95 per month. On the other hand, the Business plan is designed for dominant online businesses at $399.95 per month.

Pro Rank Tracker

Another dedicated tool designed specifically for SERP tracking is Pro Rank Tracker. It was initially designed to help websites achieve local, national, and worldwide rankings on various keyword phrases. It supports over 30 different Bing versions, over 40 Yahoo sites, and over 200 Google sites.

It has an integrated tracker for PCs and mobiles. Reports are usually updated automatically every day. However, if the updates are extremely time-sensitive, then you may be able to perform these manual updates yourself to trigger them on demand.

However, the number of times depends on your particular subscription plan. It's easy to customize at both the system level and report level. Personalizing systems involves integrating third-party services into them, including APIs. Reports can then be customized using adjustable templates and full white label functionality. As an added benefit, you get YouTube and Google analytics tracking.

Starting keyword rank tracking with Pro Rank Tracker is pretty fairly priced at just $19 per month for the Bronze plan. There's no reason not to give it a shot! An upgraded plan will allow you to reach the bronze plus level for just $39/month.

After that comes Silver for $59 per month, followed by Gold for $199 per month. The last package is Enterprise, which has four plans that cost $189, $349, $569, and $899, respectively.

Mangools SERP Checker

It includes tools such as SERPCherk and SERPwatcher, both essential for SERP tracking. You can directly import keywords here from Mangools' KeywordFinder. You can also use several different keywords simultaneously.

It analyzes multiple parameters to give you an idea of where each keyword ranks for different keywords. Since the results may vary depending on which device you use, the SERP Watcher also monitors rankings for desktop computers and smartphones/tablets. Luckily, switching from one platform to another is just a single click away.

Mangools has made things easier by displaying all the important info on one screen. It monitors different keywords and their respective positions at any given time and provides updates regularly. You can choose which time frame you want to see the results for by selecting one from the drop-down menu.

With SERPChecker working together with SERPWatcher, we're able to perform detailed competitor analyses. You'll eventually be able to compare your site against its competition to identify potential SEO strengths and weaknesses.

With every Mangool package comes SERPChecker and SERPWatcher.

The most affordable plan is Mangools Basic, which offers tracking for up to 200 keywords and 100 searches per day at just $49 per month.

The next plan is Mangools Premium. It allows you to track up to 700 keywords, plus 500 searches per day. You'd pay $69 per month.

Mangools Agency Plan is the best choice if you want quality services affordable. With this plan, you can track up to 1,500 keywords and perform 1,200 searches every day for just $129/month.


Another competitor from Ukraine is Serpstat. More than 90,000 active users track keywords, analyze links, and conduct audits for their websites.

There isn't another tool that gives you a clearer picture of your site's performance than Serpstat.
They've used graphs and colors to help you quickly understand where you stand at present. When it comes to knowing which Google features show up in the SERPs, you're ahead of the game.

Serpstat has two pricing plans. The first starts at $69 per month and lets you access 500 keywords. The other plan starts at $149 per month and lets you access 2000 keywords.

You'll notice that the Slovenian company has very competitive pricing compared to their competition. It's especially affordable when you sign up for a year-long subscription at a discount rate of up to 40%.

They also provide link-building services, website auditing, competitor analysis, and an API for accessing their tools. It has everything you need.

They offer excellent pricing for their yearly packages. You get detailed reports, including featured snippets, local packs, and knowledge panels.

Nightwatch provides not only YouTube access but also DuckDuckGO tracking. Notes for each user are stored on their profile page, which allows them to see where they stand compared to others. They update their rankings every day, week, or month through emails.

Nightwatch has three pricing plans; The first starts at $39 per month and lets you access 500 keywords. The other plan starts at $99 per month and lets you access 1000 keywords. The last plan starts at $369 per month and lets you access 5000 keywords.


Wincher is made in Sweden and praises minimalism. They currently only offer to track for Google searches, but if you want to see where people go from there, then you need to use another tool.

The ranking table has been structured to easy for you to understand. You can use it to see which SERPs feature keywords for which pages on your site and if they're showing up at all. You can customize columns however you want.

Use the Pages tool to identify weaknesses in your content. It's easy to use and also allows you to compare your site against your competition. It's not bad, but it doesn't consider synonyms the way Google would.

They offer one of the best features for their price compared to similar services. Keyword Research Tool helps you understand which keywords you're currently ranking well for so you know where to focus your efforts.

Wincher has three pricing plans. The first starts at €29 per month and lets you access 500 keywords. The other plan starts at €59 per month and lets you access 1000 keywords. The last plan starts at €99 per month and lets you access 2000 keywords.


Another excellent rank tracking tool is Ahrefs. Just like Semrush, it is also an all-in-one SEO tool.

With Rank Tracker, you can easily manage & add your website or connect your Google Search Console account with Ahrefs. After doing so, add the keywords you'd like to track to your Ahrefs Dashboard.

Ahrefs gives you an overview of your web page's search engine ranking. You can view your page's visibility percentage, average position (how high up Google results in pages your site appears), traffic, SERP features (like featured snippets), and any changes.

You can view for each keyword its current position, search volume (how often people use that term), total traffic it gets, keyword difficulty (how competitive the keyword is), and whether the keyword appears in any SERPs features like the “People Also Ask” box.

With the Ahrefs Rank Tracking Tool, you can add up to ten websites at once and compare them against yours. You can use Ahrefs to conduct an audit of your site, use Keyword Explorer to research keywords for your content, and so forth.

Ahrefs prices start from $99 per month.


Nozzle provides more accurate business SERPs data than most of the others tools.
With Nozzle, you can quickly get ranked at the top of Google's organic search results and devise an efficient campaign strategy that saves your time and money.

You can easily search for multiple PPC (Pay Per Click) keywords related to your niche and see which ones have high volumes and low costs per click. Then, you can start running ads on these keywords.

It lets you track every aspect of your entire brand across multiple domains, including social media profiles. There aren't any limits on the number of competitors you can track.

It provides monthly and yearly plans that are of two different kinds:

Small and Medium Business (SMB) is divided further into Basic, Advance, Pro, and Pro Plus. These plans are priced at $59, $119, $299, and $599 per month.

Enterprise is divided further into Business Basic, Business Advance, Business Pro, and Enterprise. These plans are priced at $1,199, $2,999, $5,999, respectively, with the Enterprise plan being custom priced. It also has an option of a free trial.

🙄What is SERP?

The SERP is known as Search Engine Ranking Page or Search Engine Ranking Position. SERP is nothing but the page that you will see after entering your query or keyword in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. The main aim of any SERP is to rank the websites that provide the most efficient response to your entered query.

🔎Why do SERPs matter for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The people do not like to visit page two of the search engine as they mostly like to click on the organic results shown on the first page of the SERPs. This is the major reason why SEO professionals want to rank their website at the top position in the SERPs. To rank their site on the SERPs, SEO professionals need to bring a lot of traffic to their site.

🤔What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is the simple process of tracking your website or particular URL for the selected keywords on the search engine result page. Rank tracking play a very crucial role in your SEO optimizations.

🔥How to track search engine rankings?

If you are looking to track search engine ranking, you need to use the best SERP ranking tools. The perfect rank tracking software helps you to get accurate data related to your keywords and site ranking on the SERPs.

💻What are the different types of search queries?

The response displayed on the search engine ranking page (SERP) depends upon the entered search queries. Following are the three different types of search queries.
1. Navigational queries
2. Informational queries
3. Transactional queries

🏅What are the best SERP tranking tools?

It has become imperative to use the best SERP tracking tool if you are looking to track the positions of your keywords. Check the following list of best SERP tracking tools.
1. Accuranker
2. SEMrush
3. Pro Ranking Tracker
4. Mangools
5. SE Ranking
6. Serpstat

You can accomplish the following with SERP tracking tools:

It sounds like an ideal SEO strategy, but it would only be impressive if you chose the best tool for the job. But that creates yet another problem entirely. There are lots of choices out there. Each tool has different sets of features with varying effectiveness levels. They're available in all kinds of different types and prices as well, so we hope that this review of the ten best SERP tracking tools for 2024 helped you decide what tool to buy.🏅

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