Are you lagging behind your competitors???

Time to monitor your competitor’s website traffic and know how much traffic they are receiving. This helps you know which blogs are receiving more traffic than yours in your niche. But not necessary that you spy only on blogs in your niche.

To get a good idea of how blogs in other niche receive traffic, you can spy on them also. But to spy on others blog or website, you need to find out some tools which help you analyze your competitor’s traffic.

In this post, we have made a list of Top 7 Website Traffic Estimator Tools updated for 2024 that allows you to have a bird’s eye view on your competitor’s website traffic.

Take maximum benefit from these spying tools as they will help you to know how much traffic a blog in any niche is receiving and will help you improve your strategies and areas where you need to improvise to attract more traffic to your website.

Website traffic is the number of visitors visiting a particular website page. You can track the number of visitors on your site or blog using Google Analytics. Still, if you want to see how much traffic your competitor’s site is receiving, then you need to use website traffic estimator tools mentioned in this post. These are free to use and easy to understand.

Why not spy on your competitor’s website traffic when you have free tools to do so!

List of Ultimate Website Traffic Estimator Tools 2024

Website Traffic Estimator Tools

SE Ranking

Se Ranking is a cloud-based SEO software with all in one solution for any project with any budget. It provides a unique SEO/PPC competitor research tool that lets you discover your competitor's website traffic and analyze the site for keywords and organic search. 

SE Ranking

Just enter the domain name in the search field and click on analyze. Once the results are in front of your computer screen, you will be amazed to know the detailed statistics that are shown.

You can discover the keywords for which your competitor’s site is ranking high. You can see the results for organic keywords and estimated organic traffic based on search engines and country.

You can check how much paid traffic your competitor's site is receiving a graphical analysis of the estimated traffic.

Also, it shows a comparison of your competitor's site with other competitors in tabular form as well as a pie chart.

The organic keywords overview show which keywords your competitor is ranking high with the search volume for each keyword, its competition, and CPC.

What else do you want? With these elaborated results, you can now improve your site ranking with SE Ranking.


SimilarWeb uses intelligence to grow your business and make a name out there among millions. It has a team of 400 people working in 4 continents. The company is backed by investors with over 112 million dollars.


The staff is committed to working 24/7 to support clients from around the world, having small or large businesses. The company has till now analyzed 3 million mobile apps, 80 million websites into 240 categories, and over 60 countries.

It provides a Category analysis that helps you understand the changes in any category and the engagement of visitors in that category. Funnel analysis helps you understand website performance and know the marketing channels that offer the highest conversion rates.

By knowing the best pages of any site that grabs the maximum traffic, you get a better idea of what’s trending, and this helps you in driving traffic to your website.

You can also go back and have a look at the historical data to study any site in a better way.


Alexa is powered by Amazon and is an SEO analysis software that helps you find the right audience and convert them to grow your business with better marketing results.


Alexa helps you in discovering ideas to grow your traffic, improve SEO of your website, find out keywords that are easy to rank, soy on your competitor's keywords, compare your site with your competitors, not just one. Still, you can compare your website with many websites.

Alexa Competitive Website Analysis helps you find out the flaws that resist you from growing your business. It enables you to find out your competitors and compare website traffic, compare keywords, backlinks, and more so you could outperform your competitors. 

You can analyze your competitor’s website and know their strengths and weakness to push yourself one step ahead of them. You can reach out to a new audience and know which sites are capturing your audience.

This way, you can effectively analyze your competitor’s website traffic and convert your competitor’s traffic to your website.


SEMrush is a one-stop solution for online marketing tools with the best SEO and SEM tools that not only serve to be profitable to the experienced professionals but also for the newbies.

SEMrush was established in 2008 with a small group of professionals and grew itself as one of the leading SEO companies internationally. It has established offices in 4 locations viz. USA, Russia, Czech Republic, and Cyprus.

SEMrush offers many exciting features that help you grow your business by analyzing your competitor’s crucial data.

Features include organic research, advertising research, display advertising, backlinks checker, keyword research and difficulty, domain vs. domain keyword research, site audit, and more.

Google AdWords Display Planner

Google AdWords is a free to use software owned and operated by Google that offers contextual ads. But it also provides a Display Planner that helps you in finding out how much traffic a website receives. 

Google AdWords Logo

Google is the most popular search engine, has high reliability, so when using its display planner, you will get accurate results, and therefore it is a highly recommended and reliable website traffic tool.

Under the Get ideas and estimates section, you need to enter the domain name that you are willing to analyze the traffic for. This will show you awesome results such as page views per visitor, total page views, unique visits, gender-based visits, device-based visits including desktop, mobile, and tablet, the total number of impressions per day, total number of cookies, and much more.


Quantcast is an American based AI-driven real-time advertising company that offers audience insights, targeting, and measurement. It helps marketers and agencies to find new customers and drive more customers to increase sales with the Quantcast Intelligence Cloud.


With Quantcast intelligent AI solutions, you can understand your audience and get free insights with accurate measurement of who your audience is and how much they are engaged on your site and your competitor’s site.

Statistics show that more than 100 million+ mobile and website users have taken benefit from Quantcast free AI platform to understand their audience’s behavior and provide useful real-time insights that help grow your business.


Ahrefs is another site traffic checker tool that updates the data every 30 minutes. It is trusted by many top SEOs and has features that include auditing your site, get insights to your competitors, keyword-based research, and backlinks checker- all under one roof.


There is a gamut of tools offered by Ahrefs like site explorer, keyword explorer, content explorer, rant tracker, site audit, alerts, SEO toolbar, backlink checker, SERP checker, YouTube keyword tool, Amazon keyword tool, Bing keyword tool and many more.

With so many tools, you can monitor websites in your niche, research competitor’s traffic, and grow your search traffic by improving the areas where you are lagging.

With an organic search report, you can know precisely for which keywords the amount of traffic driven is high, and then you could also use those keywords strategically to drive the traffic to your website.

The content gap feature helps you identify the keywords your competitor's website rank high for, see the top pages that send most of the traffic, and use these details to grow traffic on your site.

🌟 Website Traffic Estimator FAQ

What is website traffic?

It the amount of data sent and received by users to a particular website. But it does not include the traffic generated by bots.

How to track traffic from a website?

Various tools provide a free website and web page traffic tracking. You need to register with the tool that you want to use for monitoring. See website traffic in real-time and date. One can also see other data available includes country or origin, device type, page views, time on page, web page speed, and traffic source.

How to get my website to rank higher in search engines?

It is important for you to create better content compared to your competitor. Make your content mobile responsive and always add meta data, meta title to describe your web pages to the search engines. 

Can SEO help with ranking and traffic for my website?

Yes, SEO can improve your ranking in the search engine. SEO indexed your web page by a search engine. 

Conclusion: How Website Traffic Estimator Helps You in Succeeding?

There are numerous benefits of checking out your competitor’s website traffic. By checking out your competitor's blog traffic, you get an estimate of how many visitors the blog is receiving monthly.

You know daily, and monthly estimated sessions, your competitor's blog is receiving, and out of that, how many are unique ones.

Once you know the traffic, you can search for keywords that are grabbing more traffic. You can then target these keywords to drive traffic to your blog.

By breaking up the traffic, you can know where the traffic is coming like a direct, referral, or any other source. Also, you know some estimating factors such as bounce rate, engagement of visitors on a particular page, and more.

This way, you can optimize your website for best results and divert traffic from your competitor’s website to your site.

So get the best out of these website traffic estimator tools and grab massive traffic to your site.😉

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