As the Amazon selling business goes competitive, more and more tools come on the market. And today, we are comparing Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector in our review, where we will find out the best between the two. 

An increase in the development of technology is promoting the rapid growth of online shopping platforms. And when we see through this, e-commerce as big as Amazon should be exceeding the success rate and touching a new peak, and business has become strong everybody suit.

Your search ends at the right place when you come up here. The appellation like Jungle Scout and ASINspector very famous among people who look forward to Amazon product research tool.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) provides you with a place to store your products in the centers and help you provide packing shipping and customer services for those products. This could help you find new customers, generate sales sourcing products, and help you grow in the market; all this can be done simultaneously using this service.

In this post, we have featured Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector comparison that will help you to decide which is the perfect Amazon product research tool for you.

A Quick Upfront update that we wish to give you is that ASINspector is now part of SixLeaf.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Honest Comparison

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provide a full site for helping sellers with everything starting from finding the product leading to inventory and so on. It is considered to be the best supplier database. It is regarded as the most accepted product range used by more than 5 00,000 merchants worldwide.

Jungle Scout can be used by anyone whether that person is a beginner for whom various good videos are provided to learn, train and grow themselves or if that person is already in business and wish to grow our business to a different height you can find numerous databases or stock management techniques to help grow their business more.

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Key Features of Jungle Scout – What is Jungle Scout used for?

Stock Database: Make sure that the customer finds the most precise and specific data available.

Product Tracker: You can easily monitor all the information about the product like units sold, rank, average prize, fees, ranking, average weight, reviews, daily revenue, and many more.

Jungle Scout product tracker

Opportunity Finder: Want to find the most successful and beneficial products? They are just a few clicks away on this tool. Follow a few easy steps, and you can find all profit-making products which can help in your growth and satisfaction.

Jungle Scout opportunity finder

Supplier Database: You can easily find the origin and legalize the suppliers by sitting comfort of your house. Videos information like the address top customers manufacture products based on your search term can be found in suppliers' database.

Jungle Scout supplier database

Sales Analytics: You can check all the finances like profit overdue, including unit sold, net margin, net profit, costing, revenue, and so on, and any other miscellaneous transactions.

Jungle Scout sales analytics

Keyword Scout: This feature of Jungle Scout helps you to find high-quality keywords, keyword search volume, and appropriate PPC bids. Previously this was known as Jungle Scout Nice Hunter. 

Launch: With this feature, you can launch and promote your Amazon products directly. You can just launch drive sales through targeted customer email outreach and promotions. 

Product Alert: You can keep an eye on those products which you are tracking or selling and monitor their price, reviews and more. Moreover, you can stay more informed about critical product changes and reach changes quicker. 

Inventory Management: You can't rail and manage stocks very easily. It can also help you by giving you prior alerts about your leftover stock or what to order, how much profit you will have in reordering, or how much reorder will cost.

Jungle Scout inventory management

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

The best part about Jungle Scout is that it comes with a 7-day free trial.

Jungle Scout offers three different packages with different features:

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Basic Plan – $29/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 3 Product trackers
  • 20 Product searches
  • 3 Searches/day in the Suppliers Database
  • 500 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • 3 Searches/day in the Keyword Scout

Along with all of this, you also get features like Academy, AccuSales Estimates, opportunity Score, and also with the customer support of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Suite Plan – $49/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 150 Product searches
  • No limit in the Suppliers Database
  • 1000 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • No limit to the Keyword Scout
  • No limit to product trackers
  • Plus, all the features of the Basic Plan

More Added features include in-depth historical product and keyword data, Review Automation, along with few advanced seller features.

Jungle Scout Professional Plan – $84/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 1000 Product searches
  • No limit in the Keyword Scout
  • 1500 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • No Limit in the Suppliers Database
  • No limit in product trackers

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

Who Should Use Jungle Scout?

In our view, Jungle Scout has got all of the bases covered with all the features required to help you scale your Amazon selling business. For the newbies out there, Jungle Scout offers excellent videos by which you can learn and grow. This product research tool will help you to select the right product and launch it with great ease.

We do feel that Jungle Scout has got the perfect mix of features that are required to be successful in this competitive Amazon selling business. Even beginners who are just starting their Amazon selling journey can use Jungle Scout and use its features like an in-depth database and Inventory Manager to scale their business. And even if you are a pro, you can still use this tool and grow your business more.


ASINspector is one of the most acceptable product search or launching tools available. It helps you find the correct and beneficial product for your search term to sell. It is one of the low budget tools used, but its lower reliability makes it difficult for a person to rely on it.

For beginners, ASINspector is the most suitable tool to start working on Amazon as the features provided by them an excellent, and the payout for this is also not expensive. You can pay once and use it without worrying about the next payment. It is handy for users who want to use tools like a mobile application.

Key Features of ASINspector – What is ASINspector used for?

ASINspector Features

Instant Payout: This tool can help you find the accurate cost for the net expenses that you would need to label the product after including seller's fees to still have great profit.

Variations of the Products: It efficiently gathers all the information and safe your most search product, which can be found anytime. It also helps to find out what all products are frequently brought together so that the average order value can rise.

Head-to-Head Product Pricing: With this feature, you can directly compare prices of the same product on other websites like Walmart, eBay etc. This can be beneficial for you to understand at what rate the same product is being sold on different eCommerce websites. And then after comparing all the prices, you can decide accordingly.

Helps with Research: This tool can help you out by finding the correct category or variations of the products you need to focus on pulling out the results for you.

Feature Training: If you are confused among too many features, well ASINspector now gives you a variety of tools for your website and also teaches about them to better understand them. You get video tutorials to help you better understand each of the features in detail and then make the best decision about which tool to use, which will also increase your productivity. 

Combined Offers: ASINspector this feature is handy because it shows you products that are usually bought in combination with the customers, so you can also offer them together and increase your sales. Now that's quite an intelligent way to increase your sales and also make the customers feel that their site knows what they need. 

Easily Assessable: Provide you with various significant ways to make your work easy, like mobile scans. You can scan any item anywhere from any device and know the appropriate. Complete detail about it or easily filter the categories or columns and find the thing suiting your parameters.

Knowledge about Seller Ranking: This tool can help you find the top most sellers ranking and uncover the hidden gems for your benefit. It also allows you to analyze why stop sellers stay on the top.

ASINspector Pricing Plans

ASINspector offers two different packages with different specifications.

ASINspector Pricing

Firstly it's the ASIN Standard plan in which you have to pay a one-time payment of $97. You get access to Amazon product table data point, FBA net payout calculator, Amazon products on stores, price comparison, frequently bought together products, easily export to excel, can open multiple search pages, Keywords trend or related keywords.

Second is the ASIN Pro+ plan, and this also you have to pay only a one-time payment of $147. After that, you have to pay $10 per month recurring data fees with the access of Amazon product table data point, FBA net payout calculator, Amazon products on stores, price comparison, frequently bought together products, easily export to excel, or can open multiple search pages.

ASINspector doesn't allow users for any free usage, but they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee plan in which you can buy the subscription and use the features. If you don't find it beneficial or suitable within seven days, you can easily cancel a subscription and go for a refund.

ASINspector Pros & Cons

Who Should Use ASINspector?

Honestly, we recommend ASINspector for all beginners who are new to selling on Amazon. Well, that's because the features offered by ASINspector are excellent and also the pricing is cheaper so when you pay once, and you use it, you don't have to worry about its next payment.

Also, it is great for users who like to use a mobile application for using the tool. Also, all the features offered by this tool are simply outstanding, and beginners can use this to get hands-on with their Amazon selling business. It also provides valuable market research features, which is excellent.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Comparison Table

FeaturesJungle ScoutASINspector
#1. Best forIt is beneficial for those who wish to be a lead amazon seller and sell quality products.Where this can be used by people who perfect product sell.
#2. Variation AssessableUsers can use it on chrome extension or a web application, making the use easy.Only chrome extension is available for users.
#3. Product DiversityIt comes up with a variety of products for the sellers.This tool does not provide a range of products.
#4. PricingThey have been categorized into two different plans, the problem with a $197 fee and a light plan with a $97 fee.In this, you have to pay only once, and the upfront fee is $97, and after that, only $10 per month for the subscription.
#5. Sponsored ProductsThis tool doesn't display any sponsored product during a search.The display of sponsored products depends on the plan you have chosen.
#6. Best Seller PageThis tool is only run on online stores.You can find this tool on the best seller's page.
#7. BSR historyThey do show history, but that is not detailed as per requirements.You can find the price or any BSR history available with a unique feature present in this.
#8. Data AccuracyData provider in the stool is 99% accurate for the users.Data provided in the tool is not accurate and contains a particular loophole.
#9. Search HistoryThey do not allow to store any user search history.Users' search history is stored for further convenience in the future.
#10. FeaturesProduct Database
Product Tracker
Opportunity Finder
Keyword Analyzer
ASIN Import
Inventory Tracking
#11. Official Link👉 Visit Jungle Scout👉 Visit ASINspector

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Common Features

Competitive Survey: Knowing about your competitor will surely help you and is one of the standard feature data easily found in any research tool. You can check your competitors' ranking, how your product is performing, which product is on top, and the key points to keep that product on top.

Keyword Research: You can find the best keywords with Google or Google trends for your product and track the performances. Both of these tools help you put the most trending keyword for your product.

The Seller or Product Ranking: Both these practices tools can help you find the top sellers ranking or product ranking over time. It can also help you predict and take measures for your product's performance.

Overall Sales: It is indispensable to know the overall sales of a particular product. These tools can help you to track records of all the product sold, net revenue, profit, total costing, and so on.

Stock Tracking: Knowing how much stock is left and what needs to be brought, what is the cost for reordering or what the profit is after reordering or the performance of any particular item in your stock, or to evaluate the best product that can be launched in the market?

Profit Calculation: This is something that has to be done regularly to be well aware of the profit a product is making, and for this, now we have profit calculators. These calculators have unique features that can help you with calculating the profit that your product is making.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Major Differences

Quantity of Users: If we compare, Jungle Scout has around 5, 00,000+ subscribers whereas ASINspector has only around 25,000+ users.

Features Offered: If compared to ASINspector, Jungle Scout present multiple offers and components for the seller to work on the tool.

Data Accuracy: Jungle Scout has 84% data frequency and accuracy, the church's one of the highest, whereas ASINspector only has an accuracy of 30.5%.

Pricing: It is believed that ASINspector is very affordable and you have to pay a small amount to use it as compared to Jungle Scout.

User Friendly: However, Jungle Scout has more technical words, but still, it can be used more efficiently by the user than ASINspector.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Which One has Better Data Accuracy? 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is among the first and premier product research tools invented for Amazon, which has also partnered with Accusales. It does provide you with the latest and the most accurate data on market research. 

Also, it is considered to be an industry leader when we talk about any product research tool for Amazon.


Well, in regards to data accuracy, this tool does not have a good reputation and is known to provide inaccurate data on product research. We have seen many users complaining about the accuracy of this tool and claiming to be unreliable when it comes to procuring data from Amazon whenever the latest product is launched in the market.


As you know, Data Accuracy is a critical aspect of product research and, at times, can also be deciding factor for bringing out a new product; well, we will recommend Jungle Scout for this as it is the best tool for product research.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout comes with a Chrome extension that is easy to use and installs on your browser with ease and gives you estimated products and helps you to find keywords as well. The Jungle Scout extension is a one-click solution that provides you with real-time sales insights, competition and also profit forecasts based on the product or search results page you are exploring.

The Chrome extension serves you all the essential product information embedded directly on a product listing page. You can check out various graphs of historical data like monthly sales, price, and rank, as well as current data like product fees, category rank, Listing Quality Score, and more. Even you can easily add products to Keyword Scout and Product Tracker with a single click. You can also send requests for product reviews from your customers with Jungle Scout.


With the ASINspector Chrome extension, you can browse Amazon with in-depth information about each product. It will provide you with details like sales estimates, projected profits and data from competitive sellers. Also, it is beneficial for beginners as they don't have to worry about navigating to a different platform.

Also, it is easy to use as you only have to open the Chrome extension and type in a search term, and it will provide you with all the information. Then you can sort the results by ASIN, brand, product name, estimated sales, estimated gross profit, FBA fees, estimated revenues, Amazon fees, net payout, and the number of sellers and refine your search. Plus, you can also see the remaining inventory on hand for all sellers, along with finding out the child/variations for each product to see exactly where they are listed. 

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Which One Offers Better Customer Support? 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout comes out with the best in class customer support service. You can easily get in touch with them for your answers either by sending an email to their official email id, which is, or you can fill out a form available on their site and get a ticket.

And the best part is that this service is available 24/7 and is helpful, as claimed by previous users. Also, their help center has various articles and blogs which are filled with in-depth information about the tool, which is beneficial for new and pro users to craft their strategies about how effectively they can use this tool.

Also, their help center page is filled with answers which can answer your few questions. Right at the bottom right corner, you also get the Need any help button, which is also beneficial in getting in touch with them.


When we talk about ASINspector customer support, you can contact their team either by filling out a form or getting a new ticket. In the form, you have to provide them details like name, email id, phone number, and department, which is helpful for them to categorize your query and get a quick solution for your problem and other issues.

As per our test, their average response time during weekdays and regular business hours is three hours which we think is not bad at all. You can consider this timing as a very responsive service.

They also offer a live support option in case you require any urgent resolution of your problem or you want to speak with a team member directly. However, this service is not 24/7. They offer this for a short period. And the team is available for a live chat on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 11 am.

Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector: Ultimate Verdict

So after making this in-depth comparison, we have tried our best to draw out a line of conclusions that can help you to make your decision easier.

Firstly, As described Earlier, Jungle Scout is among the first research tool for Amazon products on the market and also the number one competitor of ASINspector. Though they do share a few of the same features, they both have their benefits and downsides. Following are a few of them which can help you to decide quickly.

  • With ASINspector, you get a reverse search feature which you don't get in Jungle Scout. You can do a reverse search on stores like Walmart and Home Depot, which is helpful in case you are selling across multiple platforms. But if you are only selling on Amazon, then you might be less likely about this feature, but this is worth bothering for sellers who sell across multiple platforms.
  • With Jungle Scout, you don't get Ads data, so if that is important for your business, we recommend you consider ASINspector.
  • If you are someone who prefers more in-depth data along with more extensive customer support, you should go ahead with Jungle Scout.
  • When we talk about pricing, well, both of them stand in the affordable range. It depends on the features you require.
  • You don't get a free version in Jungle Scout, but the money-back guarantee is what you can opt-in for case you don't like it.

Top FAQ on Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector

How much is a Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the only platform that helps you to grow your online business. It offers three affordable pricing plans that are Basic, Suite, and professional. The Basic plan costs you $29/mo, and the Suite plan costs you $49/mo, and the professional plan costs you $84/mo.

What is the Jungle Scout chrome extension?

Jungle Scout chrome extension made Amazon and FBA product research very easy and straightforward. It enables Amazon FBA sellers to get accurate sales volume, ranking, estimated revenue, etc., without entering the product page. When sellers browse on Amazon, then it evaluates product opportunities in real-time.

How to cancel Jungle Scout membership?

If you subscribe to a monthly plan, you can easily cancel your subscription by visiting your Jungle Scout account. However, if you have an annual plan, you need to contact their customer support team, which changes your subscription.

What is the best Jungle Scout coupon with a maximum discount?

If you are looking to purchase Jungle Scout at a discount price, check the above-mentioned coupon code to get a 50% discount on all its plans.

Does ASINspector work for Amazon stores other than the US?

Yes, ASINspector is currently working in multiple countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and many more.

Can you use ASINspector on mobile?

Well, you can access ASINspector on your mobile browser, but the Chrome Extension will not work on it. It does offer a mobile app, but that is only for scanning products, and it won't allow you to perform product research or keyword searches.

Is Amazon the owner of Jungle Scout?

No. Jungle Scout is founded by Greg Mercer. He was also named the 2020 EY Entrepreneur of the Year. He is also the CEO of the company.

Can you use Jungle Scout for free?

Jungle Scout does not offer any free plans, but it offers an amazing 7-day free trial which you can use to check out the various features of this amazing tool and then decide whether you should go ahead with it or not. 

Can you use ASINspector for free?

ASINspector does not have free plans, but it also comes with a 7-day free trial, which is beneficial for the users to try out this tool and then go ahead with any of its paid plans.  

Can you use ASINspector for different versions of Amazon?

Absolutely. It is not just that works with ASINspector in fact, every version of Amazon can work with the Chrome Extension.

Does ASINspector offer a free trial?

Yes. You can avail of its 7-day-free trial by entering your email, name, website and other essential details and then go ahead with the free trial option. You can use this to decide whether the tool suits your usage or not.

Can you use ASINspector for different versions of Amazon?

Absolutely. It is not just that works with ASINspector in fact, every version of Amazon can work with the Chrome Extension.

Are there any free alternatives to Jungle Scout?

Well, after reviewing many of the FBA tools, we came across Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray (free for the first 1000 product lookups) as the free alternatives to Jungle Scout.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Vs. ASINspector – Which is the best pick in 2024

To compete modestly in the online marketplace owning a product research tool is one of the necessities that every trader should use. Although the two products above have somewhat the same service offerings, each product has its priority e and features that can help a user decide before the purchase.

Jungle Scout is world wild used Amazon product research and finds a tool it provides the right amount of accuracy and reliability on the searches that are user do. However, the price is a little high you don't have to pay anything every month, so it is suitable for the users looking forward to selling their products every month.

It can be used easily at any stage of your business, whether it's a beginner or an advanced business that needs more growth.

ASINspector is pocket-friendly for the users do it does have a monthly subscription fee. Still, you don't have to pay the expensive amount for its services, and one of the leading benefits that get the attention here is that you can find stores like Walmart and search about their products and know your competitor better.

It is also beneficial for the users who wish to use tools in and mobile. Both Jungle Scout and ASINspector provides peculiar user experience and are beneficial and satisfactory in their way, so whatever suits your requirement should be given a chance. But Jungle Scout provides more features and detailed work than ASINspector, so nowadays, users' choice is Jungle Scout.🤞🤞

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