The never-ending search for that perfect AI based copywriting tool!! Thousands of copywriting tools, and the quest goes on and on for which one to go for?

You might be familiar with the fact that nowadays, technology and AI have taken quite a leap in upscaling their usage. Well, the AI based copywriting tools have taken quite a major market share by replacing copywriters; well, for those who are wondering about the creativity, these AI based copywriters have taken this creativity to another level as well.

In the article, I'll be clearing out the questions and queries that you might be having for choosing that one AI based copywriting tool for you.

In addition to that, I'll be mentioning some excellent AI based writing tools that can be helpful in taking your copywriting journey to the next level, and the tools I will mention are Writecream Vs. ClosersCopy Vs. Jasper.

Writecream Vs. ClosersCopy Vs. Jasper

But before hopping into the features and everything offered by these tools, let's understand what AI copywriting tools are capable of and who will they help in writing different pieces of writing such as social media posts, blog intros, or video scripts. Well, these things will go on and on. Actually, the use of these tools is not limited. Many businesses are using these tools and getting rid of the copywriting service that they were using before.

I guess I have done enough of the bragging part for the copywriting tools, so let's hop into what Writecream, Jasper and ClosersCopy have indifference and have an overview of all the features they have.

Writecream Review

The first AI copywriting tool I'll be talking about is Writecream. Well, I myself have been a part of finding that perfect AI copywriting tool for myself. While searching for a best-suited tool, I stumbled upon Writecream; the reason I have listed Writecream in this list is all due to the versatile nature that it offers. Writecream offers assistance in cold emails, personalized intros, Ads, Articles & Blogs, even YouTube video ideas and much more.

In other words, we can say that Writecream makes you a marketing team in itself. I mean, after all the different functions that Writecream delivers, it's pretty clear how many words it delivers. As I have already mentioned above, Writecream helps you deliver different things such as blogs, articles, etc.; it can be said that the tool is best suited for startups, marketing agencies, and enterprises as well.

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Well, after considering an overview of what Writecream can work on, let's take a look at all are the features offered by Writecream:

  • Blog Ideas & Blog Outlines from Scratch

Well, as an AI copywriter, Writecream is a great tool when it comes to Blog Ideas and outlines; as per my experience, I can say that the product is capable of a lot of things and writing a blog and creating a blog outline can be a task in itself, but Writecream has an ace in this game, well these AI based tools can be helpful in your writing practices.

  • Personalised Icebreakers

Suppose you are not aware of what icebreakers are. In that case, the icebreakers are articles or writing pieces that are written with an emotional or personal touch in order to make the reader more connected to you or the writing. Well, this was an excellent feature. In my experience in AI-based copywriting tools, this feature was really exceptional and was not found in most AI copywriting tools. This icebreaking tool can be very helpful in a lot of ways; let me clear how and in what different pieces this feature can be implemented:

  • SEO and Keyword Research

SEO is a hugely important aspect of online marketing and writing content online; the proper SEO and keyword research can be really helpful in making your article/blog/writings rank better on Google. AI-based writing tools can help you create content and keywords in a way that's necessary for SEO easily and deliver your content much more quickly & effectively than you normally would.

  • Digital Ad Copies

Marketers and sellers can understand how important having an engaging ad outline is since it will be easier to reach more customers. Besides, AI based tools like Writecream can automatically know how much to emphasize on what part of your copy. These tools can be really helpful in making a professional copywriter in some aspects. Well, in addition to this, digital Ad copies and writing can be really helpful in delivering:

Writecream also offers some additional features as well, and these tools can be really helpful in delivering sentence formatting, Grammar checks, reprashing, autocorrection and much more. It's been a while since I've been using Writecream, but the improvement in my writing pieces is astounding so far.

CloserCopy Review

ClosersCopy has evolved pretty fast in terms of gaining a large share of work that was done by professional writers; Yes, ClosersCopy's AI based copywriting has taken copywriting to a whole new level.

Just for a quick revision on ClosersCopy, ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool that can be used for blog posts, blog ideas, outlines and much more. One of the factors that make ClosersCopy a great choice across the globe is its versatility; it functions and delivers copywriting in almost 120 languages; a multilingual AI tool, right?

You might be wondering what all the features are and how ClosersCopy will help you in writing those pieces of work or whatever you want to write about? So let's get started !!

  • Extenso Megatron

This can be considered one of the important key features that ClosersCopy has. This feature enables you to perform different operations with your writing practices; either you are running short on your ideas or need a piece of writing that needs to be rephrased, ClosersCopy has got you covered.

  • Insights

The insights can help you in creating those long-form content into straightforward content; why bother about playing that active-passive game when you can get along with the audience in a more engaging manner. These insights can even help you while writing your emails; in fact, they can even help you in such a way that you don't end up in the spam folder.

  • Collaboration

You can have your team working along with you on ClosersCopy. This feature enables you to get along with your team resulting in completing your tasks and projects in a more efficient manner.

  • 120+ Languages

As I have already mentioned before that, ClosersCopy offers around 127 languages, to be precise, but the factor that gained my attention was these 127 different languages included different forms of language as well. For example, it offers the Chinese language in both a simplified and traditional manner as well. While exploring other AI copywriters, this point was missing, as you might come across different languages but not different forms in the language itself.

  • AIDA

ClosersCopy uses a bit of a different approach, which involves the AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). Well, this framework approach can be very helpful for a digital marketer or even alongside your content creation process.

🔥 Get started with ClosersCopy today and unlock your easy-to-use copywriting superpower.

Other features that gained my attention
  • Pre Designed Templates

Well, these pre-designed tools can be really helpful in saving those hours of research on writing similar pieces again and again. Pretty much time-saving!!

  • Emotional Analysis

This factor can play quite an important role as most of the copywriter tools can fill up the voids that your content might be missing but delivering that content with the right tone can be a bit difficult. Well, ClosersCopy wins this battle.

  • Spam Analysis

Well, as I have mentioned above in the Insight section, ClosersCopy enables you to recognize whether the main writing will be falling into the spam folder or not. It helps you not make mistakes and ensures that you fall into the primary folder of the receiver.

  • Rephrase with ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a backwash engine in writing that can be used to suggest alternative content or directly create simplified content automatically. This AI feature can help make your writing more engaging and deliverable just by rephrasing and making your work a better version of it.

Well, ClosersCopy can be used as an excellent AI based copywriting tool with GPT-3 technology, I haven't mentioned this earlier, but it should be noted that this tech can be counted as one of the key factors that have made ClosersCopy a popular choice among the audience (GPT-4 coming soon).

Now, after taking a look at what ClosersCopy offers in all features, now comes the last AI copywriter tool, Jasper. I guess you might have read Jasper's name while searching for that best-suited AI-based copywriter tool for you. Let's take a better look at all the features offered by Jasper.

Jasper Review

After considering both of the major league players in AI based copywriting, now comes Jasper. Well, for those who are familiar with the Ironman series, Jasper might sound like a familiar name to them. Well, I'm not sure about that level of tech available now, but this has gone to some great level in terms of copywriting.

Jasper has recently renamed itself Jasper, but we'll be calling it Jasper in this article since I'm more used to it.

Jasper has done a pretty good amount of work in gaining huge customers while comparing to the features and tools offered by other AI writing tools. Jasper has done pretty much a good amount of work; as an overview, Jasper offers more than 50+ templates making it an easy-to-use option among most of the AI writing tools available in the market.

Start your Jasper 5-day free trial.

Similar to the tools mentioned in this, Jasper is pretty much similar. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Unlimited User Login

This might be considered one of the key features that you won't be able to find when compared to other AI writing tools available in the market. The thing that amazed me was this feature's availability in both basic and boss mode. But, this comes with a drawback at the same time. Jasper might offer you unlimited user login, but at the same time, you have to deal with limited word counts, i.e., words per month, which varies depending upon the plans you choose.

  • SEO Mode

SEO Mode can be a great asset for users working on online articles and content; when compared to most of the features and tools offered by other AI writing tools, these tools can be helpful in making your writings and content creations faster but getting an SEO based content that too with the help of AI can be a great feature to get along, plus this is going to save you a good amount of time.

Additional features offered by Jasper

While comparing the tools and services offered, Jasper offers some additional features that need to be mentioned here:

  • Jasper Commands

If you are used any good AI writing tool in the past, you might be aware of the commands and tones that are offered by these AI writing tools, and even if you are not aware of what these commands mean, you can think of this as the tone you want your writing assistant to write, whether you want to keep your writings casual, informative, funny, etc. This, as a result, can be helpful in making more engaging content.

  • Grammarly Integration

This can be considered as one of the important features that are quite uncommon compared to other AI writing tools available in the market. While some of the tools use their in-house software to make write-ups error-free, Jasper has integrated with Grammarly basic, which gives you an error-free experience to a great extent.

Some other features worth mentioning:

  1. Plagiarism Checker: While writing any articles for your website or blog, making your content plagiarism free can be counted as one of the main factors in making your content reach more audience. This can be a great feature in many aspects, as combining SEO offered by Jasper with a Plagiarism checker has almost completed 70% of your job.
  2. Content Search: This feature enables you to get along with searching any documents that you might have completed using Jasper, basically a search tool but for your content.
  3. AutoSave: As a cloud-based tool, Jasper autosaves all your content so that you don’t have to encounter any data loss while working on it.
  4. Edit Your Existing Documents: This is one of the favorite features among many users, as Jasper enables you to get along with editing any existing documents that you need.
  5. Get Jasper Certified (Only in Boss Mode): If you are among the early phases of your content creation journey, having certification by Jasper can be really great in terms of career foundation, if you know what I mean?
  6. Training Bootcamp: Like most of the top-tier players available in the market, Jasper offers training Bootcamp for those who are not well used to the features and tools offered by it; this can be a great way to get along with Jasper if you are a beginner or someone who wants to explore the features and tools offered by Jasper.
  7. Overall, the features offered by Jasper are pretty impressive; you can get along with different features and services that can help you ease up your writing game to a great extent, at the same time increasing the speed of delivering content with great speed.

✔What is Writecream used for?

Writecream is an AI writing tool that one can use to create content for sale email, blog posts, articles, digital ad copies, social media content etc. With Writecream, you can generate 1,000-word blog articles in just 30 seconds. You just need to type the topic, and Writecream will come up with an engaging article for you.

✔Is Writecream worth your money?

Absolutely! Writecream is the best AI writing assistant that is worth your money. It offers various content types that allow you to produce content for all kinds. As we all know that writing amazing, engaging copy that sells a product or service requires creativity and attention to detail. Writecream is the best copywriting tool with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that produces high-quality content at a fraction of the cost!

✔How many languages does Writecream support?

With Writecream, language is not a barrier for you to create content. Currently, Writecream supports 75+ languages.

✔Does Writecream offer any refund policy?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with its copywriting features, you can contact their support team within 30 days after buying its subscription plan.

✔Is ClosersCopy any good?

If you are searching for affordable AI copywriting software, CloserCopy is the best choice for your copywriting needs. ClosersCopy is like having an AI writer with you who will produce effective content tailored just for you. You don't need to worry about writer's block. It offers a wide range of copywriting features and gives you access to create content in 127 different languages.

✔Does ClosersCopy work for Mac or PC?

ClosersCopy is the 100% cloud-based copywriting software that does not require you to download anything on your system. All you need to have is a modern web browser or internet connection.

✔What is Jasper AI copywriting?

Jasper AI (previously known as Jarvis AI) is nothing but an AI copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. By using Jasper AI, you can generate original content for landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, websites, and more!

✔How does work? supports 25+ different languages and offers more than 50 copywriting templates that you can use for your copywriting tasks. The AI templates offered by can be used to generate content for Frameworks, blogs, Ads, Ecommerce, Email, websites, Social Media, SEO, etc.

✔How does Jasper Boss Mode work?

Boss Mode is another plan offered by Jasper that you can use to write blog posts 5X faster. If you activate the Boss Mode of Jasper, you will be able to write 100% original and SEO-optimized content.

✔How good is Jasper AI?

As a content marketer, copywriter, or blogger, you know how important it is to have plenty of high-quality content to serve your audience. As compared to the AI copywriting tool, Jasper AI is the best and most affordable writing tool to write content for blog articles, social media posts, sales emails, etc.

The answer to this question totally depends on your writing needs; Writecream, Jasper and ClosersCopy are all great AI writing tools; basically, all of them deliver the same services; the long-form content, short-form content, digital ads, etc. are some of the writing pieces that can be formed with these AI writing tools.

Hopefully, this article has cleared some of the queries you might have regarding these AI-based writing tools.

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