Today we have for you the battle of the best TikTok ads spy tools – BigSpy Vs. PiPiADS.

TikTok has the largest number of users around the world. Dropshippers use such kind of platforms to find the winning products which they can include in their e-commerce business successfully. It is a battle out there among the E-commerce sellers. Everyone is continuously in search of finding new and unique dropshipping products which can boost their revenue.

One such technique of finding Dropshipping products is by spying on TikTok Ads. These ads that run on TikTok contain many dropshipping products that can be included in your dropshipping list, which you can sell online. They can discover the top competitors' ads and check out which products to go for, the trending ones and also which ones to run ads on. All can be done through TikTok ad spying tools.

You can also check out which strategies are being used by your competitors along with their audience and a whole lot more! PiPiADS and BigSpy are two robust TikTok Ad spy tools that we are going to compare today. We will make sure that by the end of this article, you can pick a clear choice between them!

What is BigSpy? – BigSpy Review in a Nutshell

BigSpy Review

BigSpy is an Ad Spy tool that covers various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Yahoo, and more. The tool is top-rated as it offers all the key information of ads from multiple social media platforms and from over 46 Countries and 76+ languages with 160 Million Ad Data! It has the largest database of Ads. 

It is an all-inclusive social media ad spy tool that not just covers Facebook Ads but also includes the following:

  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Twitter 
  • Unity AdSpy
  • Admob 

A total of 9 platforms is what BigSpy compromises. It is also regarded among the cheapest adspy tools and recommended by top digital experts like Neil Patel, Adam, Brian, ATP Software, and many more. 

BigSpy is also easy to use, as you can spy on various critical parameters of your competitors. You can check out the ads people track in real-time. You can quickly sort through multiple filters by ad types, countries, formats, industry types, CTA and more.

Along with multiple niches and ideas, it allows you to monitor competitors' activities by providing you with winning or trending daily that can give you an edge over them and maximize your revenue.

When to Choose BigSpy?

Well, we have enlisted a few key reasons why you should go with BigSpy. The tool has some robust features which are top-of-the-line and help users to check out spy ads.

BigSpy Coupon

1. Massive Database 

BigSpy has a huge database that covers numerous social media platforms and not just TikTok. Currently, it has over 2 million ads from more than 40 countries and regions! Along with this incredible database, the tool also offers product trends, product stores and top-level reports that you don't get with other adspy tools.

The enormous database does not mean that it has a clunky user interface. Instead, the BigSpy user interface is clean, and even beginners can find it easier to use this tool. Along with this, the tool is made from the users' perspective so that they can make the most out of it. This massive database has covered ads from various platforms and has made ad spying easier and more transparent, through which you can achieve your goals by creating a robust advertising strategy.

2. Numerous Filtering Options

To help you through a massive database, you do require proper filters, which can make your search easier and more precise. Like it has got various filters to sort through, which include:

Marketing Goal Objective Filter, Ads by Country, Ads Creative Format, Industry, All CTA types, E-commerce Filters, Ad run time and Ad Creation time, Ad category, Countries, languages, devices, Like-range, Affiliate Networks, Custom date range etc. which you can use to filter this massive database.

You can also search ads in different ways like Sort By Last Seen, First Seen, Like, Comment, and Share. 

3. Detailed Ad-Insights

BigSpy offers detailed Ad-insights, which is really beneficial. It provides vital metrics about an ad like Category, Ad-text/description, Date-range for which the ad was visible, Performance (Engagement /heat), Country, and Device (PC/Android/iOS). You can even download the thumbnail video in the ad. 

The AdSpy tool also offers you detailed insights on Gender, Age & Location. This is helpful as you can know the exact demographics of your target audience, which can provide you with among the most profitable ad campaigns

4. Tracking Competitors' Ads

This feature is among the most sort after. As an AdSpy tool, it is critical that how it offers competitors' tracking features as you can collect and track ads and then analyze user-to-test ads and check out each one of the A/B tests and see what's working best for them and then apply the same strategies and create your new and own inspired creative ads.

BigSpy also offers a unique feature, “People tracked,” where you can check out ads tracked by others. Through this, you can find amazing insights into tracked ads that someone has tracked in your niche and then include them in your ads strategy by adding them directly to your “Track List.” 

5. Check out Paid Ads Run by Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketers can also use BigSpy as the tool allows you to check out ads running from different affiliate companies. It allows you the option to select affiliate programs from where you can check out the various offers that are currently running.

This helps as you can find all the Ads that are running with respect to that affiliate program and have a detailed analysis of them. After this, you can include their Ad strategy in your own and create your own Affiliate Ad for the product.

6. Downloading Ad Materials & Ad Creatives

BigSpy allows you to download ad materials like videos, Images with just a single click. This is beneficial as you get a clear idea about what the original content is all about and get key details about the ad. Also, you get the actual quality of the image without compressing the ad image quality.

Further, you can keep these images for your reference and create the same by adding a bit of creativity and improving on them to make them unique. You can do this by clicking on the ad and then clicking the download button.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy offers three pricing plans – Basic, Pro and VIP Enterprise

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Basic Plan: $9/month 

This plan comes with 1 user seat. In this plan, you can only Spy on ads on Instagram and Facebook. And you can only track 20 ads daily. 25 Daily downloads are allowed, and the Switch industry is 3/month.

BigSpy Pro Plan: $99/month 

This plan allows you to spy on ads on Facebook & Instagram & Twitter & Pinterest & Yahoo. You get 1 user seat, and you can track 250 ads daily. 250 Daily Downloads are allowed, and the Switch industry is 3/month. Along with this, you get new features like Unlimited Search Filtering, Limited Ad Ideas, and Online Support, and you can 20 Track FB Pages.

BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan: $3600+

This plan will allow you to get all the features that BigSpy offers. You can spy ads on platforms like AdMob & YouTube & TikTok & Unity along with the ones you get in the Pro Plan. You also get multiple account seats with unlimited daily queries. Unlimited Track Ads, Unlimited Download, Unlimited Featured Ads, Unlimited Ad Ideas and more!

What is PiPiADS? – PiPiADS Review in a Nutshell

PiPiADS Review

If you talk about TikTok AdSpying, you just can't overlook PiPiADS! It has just got all to provide you if you are in search of the best Tiktok ad spy tool. PiPiADS offers you leading smart TikTok ad marketing that no other tool promises. 

The tool is proven helpful for e-commerce marketers and helps them find winning dropshipping products that can scale their business to new heights. The tool analyzes thousands of TikTok Ads daily and provides users with what works the best for them saving your precious time by automatically offering you ads, creatives and winning products.

Marketers can find hot and trending products on TikTok using PiPiADS. The tool also allows you to monitor your competitors and check out their ad strategies which can help you to have the edge over them. Over 50,000+ dropshippers and advertisers use PipiADS, and the tool is loved by almost all of them as it has made TikTok AdSpying easier.

Why Choose PiPiADS?

PiPiADS clearly stands a step ahead when we talk about TikTok ad spying tools. But what makes it so robust and impressive?? Well, we have tried to enlist some of its key features through which you can understand why you should go with it.

1. Check Out Competitors' Ad Strategy

Competitors' Ad Strategy

With this feature, PiPiADS allows you to view competitors' strategies through which you can locate and find the products which are working best for them and fetch them significant revenue. You can evaluate their advertisement performance and look out for what's working best for them.

PiPiADS offers comprehensive competitor analysis and provides you ads materials like their products and ad strategies, their ad copies and more. This in-depth analysis is also going to allow you to check their schedule for their upcoming ads as well.

2. Various Ad Filters for Huge Database 

Filters offered by PiPiADS

PiPiADS has one of the most significant databases of TikTok Ads. It has an extensive TikTok Ads library through which you can find your winning products. And to help you out with a more comprehensive database, the tool also offers you a wide range of filters that you can use to find precise ads. 

For a particular Ad Keyword you search, you can sort through filters like Categories; plus, you have a few basic filters as well, which include – Country, Action Button, Device and Ecom Platform, and Ad types.

3. Comprehensive Ads Analysis

Comprehensive Ads Analysis

PiPiADS offers you a compressive ad analysis where you can check out all the key parameters of the ads on TikTok. You can check out videos that competitors are uploading and know what and how they are working well for them, which has skyrocketed their dropshipping business.

With this ad data, you can make out which changes you can make relatively and then improve your Ad campaigns. You can know which products are selling best and check the ads running on TikTok. You can have a bit of an idea about what's working best in a particular region, country, or E-commerce niche and then formulate your Ad strategy accordingly.

4. Shopify Spy Tools

Shopify Spy Tools

This is a unique feature of PiPiADS. Not many Ad Spying tools offer you exclusive Shopify spy tools. With this feature, you do a complete analysis of the store and check out various issues like the theme of your Shopify store, operations, best-selling product of your store and also the newly added products along with the different social channels you operate it.

With this PiPiADS Shopify Extension, you can also check out the sales you made. This feature only requires you to keep your sales page open, and then you can even spy on your competitor's store.

5. Etsy Product Research

Etsy Product Research

Another unique feature of PiPiADS is that it allows you to search for products on Etsy. Etsy, as you know, is an online e-commerce platform that has gained popularity over the years. The Etsy sellers can have an in-depth analysis of other Etsy sellers who are running ads on TikTok.

And then, with the help of advanced filters, you can have a targeted ad analysis and check out key metrics about the Etsy store like details, store name, sales growth, total collection and more. It can help you to have a comprehensive analysis of the Etsy ads running on TikTok.

6. Winning Products

Winning Products

PiPiADS offers you all the trending and latest winning products every day with just a single click. You can check out the ads which are dedicated to hot products and check out critical metrics about them like the Product URL and TikTok URL, and also know about which E-commerce platform the Ad is targeting.

You can also check out the landing Page URL, Advertiser details or even download that TikTok Video, which you can, later on, use as an inspiration for various other marketing requirements.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans 

PiPiADS offers three pricing plans – Starter, VIP and Pro

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiADS Starter Plan: $77/month

The PiPiAds starter plan is for 1 person, and you can search for unlimited winning products. It offers you features like 50 ad details per day, 50 Product Details per day, 50 advertisers per query, and also 50 Advertiser details per day. You also get 200 ads per query.

PiPiADS VIP Plan: $155/month 

This plan suits the requirement of a mid-sized dropshipping business. You get all the features of the starter plan in the VIP Plan, along with improvements in the number of limits. 

PiPiADS Pro Plan: $263/month

This plan is best suited for large-scale dropshipping businesses that have huge requirements. This plan is expensive and offers you all that PiPiADS has to offer and is for 5 persons only. This plan allows you to scale up and expand your business. You get the same feature as you get in the VIP plan but with a more increased number of usage. 

BigSpy Vs. PiPiADS: Pros & Cons

BigSpy Pros & Cons

PiPiADS Pros & Cons

Top FAQs on BigSpy Vs. PiPiADS

Does PiPiADS offer a free trial?

Yes. You get a 3-day $1 free trial option from PiPiADS, which you can use to check out all the features of this TikTok Ad Spying tool before choosing any of its paid plans.

Does BigSpy offer a free trial?

BigSpy offers you a complete Free Plan. When you initially sign-up for a BigSpy account, you are rewarded a Free Plan. This is excellent for users to try out this Adspying tool before choosing any of its pricing plans. 

How much does BigSpy cost?

BigSpy offers three pricing plans. The starter plan costs $9/month. Then you have the Pro plan that costs $99/month, and lastly, you have the VIP Enterprise Plan that costs $3600/month.

Is PiPiADS a legit AdSpy tool?

Yes. We have Reviewed PiPiADS and found it to be a 100% legit tool that delivers you all the winning dropshipping products along with spying on competitors' features and more which can help your dropshipping business grow quickly.

Which platforms does BigSpy support?

While we did this BigSpy Review, we found that it covers 7 platforms which are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest and Admob.

Which are the payment methods accepted by PiPiADS?

PiPiADS accepts PayPal and Credit cards if you wish to subscribe to any of its monthly or yearly plans.

Which are the payment methods accepted by BigSpy?

BigSpy offers payment methods via credit cards and Alipay. 

Does BigSpy offer Chrome extension?

Yes. BigSpy offers a Chrome Extension, which you can use to find ads and cultivate intelligence on your competitor's ads. This free extension provides you robust insights about your competitors through which you find winning dropshipping products. 

Does PiPiADS offer Chrome extension?

Yes. PiPiADS offers a Shopify Chrome extension through which you can properly analyze your Shopify store and spy on other competitors' stores.

Which are the Top PiPiADS alternatives?

The top PiPiADS alternatives are Minea, FlowSpy, BigSpy, and PowerAdSpy.

Conclusion: Which One to Pick Between, BigSpy Vs. PiPiADS?

After completing this in-depth comparison of BigSpy Vs. PiPiADS, we can conclude that both of these Ad Spying tools offer you robust features for Ad spying. Both are unique in their own ways. It is a matter of preference which you need to look out for.

If you're just looking for a TikTok AdSpying tool, we recommend you PiPiADS. But if you have a business where you got to check out Dropshipping Ads on various other Social Media Platforms, we recommend you go with BigSpy.

In BigSpy, The Tiktok ad spying feature only comes in the VIP Enterprise plan, which is quite expensive. So make sure you choose the correct one between the two – Keeping your requirements/objectives and budget into consideration. 

We hope that you can now choose between these adspying tools. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, pen them down in our comments section below.

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