Looking for a Longtail pro review? Or confused about which SEO keyword research tool is best for you so that you can get along with better SEO operations dealing with proper keyword research, backlink analysis, SERP and other similar aspects.

There is no doubt in the fact that having an excellent SEO strategy can be a great way of making your way to the top; well, having a strong SEO strategy includes backlink analysis, SERP analysis, Site audit and excellent keyword research. These different parameters, when blended, can be termed as making your way towards a proper SEO strategy.

In this article, I'll mention the key features, pricing plans, and other major aspects that are worth mentioning. So let's get started with an in-depth analysis of what makes Long Tail Pro an excellent choice across other keyword research software available in the market.

From my experience in SEO and keyword research, I know how much a long tail keyword can help you deliver better output in terms of SEO, which makes Long Tail Pro a kind of a relatable name to everyone (longtail- longtail, I hope you got it). We'll get to the more in-depth analysis of how Long Tail Pro can be a valuable asset to us in terms of SEO and similar operations. Before getting along with Long Tail Pro features, pricing, etc., let's take a quick look at what is Longtail pro?

Long Tail Pro Review

In simple words, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research software that enables you to get along with different SEO parameters like SERP and backlink analysis, rank tracking, site audit and much more. Basically, one thing that makes Long Tail Pro an excellent tool among other tools is its different approach to optimization. Where most the keyword research tools focus on using normal generic keywords, Long Tail Pro offers long-tail keywords, which can be
considered as an excellent way of making your content/website rank better over Google.

Longtail Keywords

Using a different types of keywords can be an excellent way of making better and more optimized content that can be later used to get along with better search results. Usually, we focus on generic keywords for SEO but using longtail keywords can be a better way of making your website and content rank better. You can leverage using long-tail keywords in order to rank better over them, as single keywords usually have more search volume as compared to longtail keywords. Basically, longtail keywords have 4 letters with low competition and high search volume.

Since you have already got an idea of what Long Tail Pro is and how using long-tail keywords can help you get along with better search results. So, its time to get along with the tools offered by Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro offers excellent upside points in terms of interface. I have used tens and hundreds of keyword research tools and software, but the easy-to-use interface offered by Long Tail Pro needs to get some appreciation.

Longtail Pro offers an excellent set of features in terms of SEO based operations; we'll be discussing 5 different features offered by Longtail Pro:

Keyword Research

I won't call this one as a standalone feature, but this feature enables you to get along with different parameters like:

Referring Domain: I guess you might have already got an idea of what referring domain means; they are basically the links and domains that direct traffic directly to your domain/website from external links, its worth mentioning that referring domains are also called external links.

Target Keyword Competitiveness: Since we are already wandering around the term keyword, you might be well known to what target keyword means but Long Tail Pro offers something more than that, as you can see a competitive analysis of your keyword and everything like this.

Backlink: Well, this is pretty much a basic but strong feature/domain which enables you to get along with links that basically hyperlink you from one webpage to another website.

Manual Keyword: This is a bit of a common thing in the keyword search, but it can be an excellent way of understanding how your product is performing. In addition to that, you can also get along with around 200 manual inputs in a single go. Seems like a great feature to me as you can get along with in-depth analysis for manual keywords you are working on.

Related Keywords: The related keywords usually depend upon the keywords you use; the related keywords depend upon the seed keywords that are entered by you. This basically enables you to get along with the different aspects of content generation for your website for different seed keywords and their related keywords.

Competitor Keywords: These keywords basically refer to the keywords that you are competing with or the keywords you are targeting on; having an overview around different competitor keywords can be an excellent way in itself.

You can also explore around different parameters like Average keyword difficulty, bid, competition, rank value, language and location. I guess you can relate to these fields if you have used any SEO tools like Semrush, ahrefs, KWFinder, etc.

SERP Analysis

Having a SERP Analysis can work as a great tool in getting known to what are the pages/websites that are outgrowing you in terms of google search/ranking. This SERP analysis can be an excellent feature that enables you to explore different parameters like:

  • Google Result Breakdown, which gives you an overview of organic results, Ads, knowledge graphs and much more.
  • Search result offers different fields which lets you explore around page ref domain, internal links, site age, competitor, trust flow and much more.
Rank Tracker

Having an analysis of how your website/page in terms of ranking can be an excellent way of making things get along with current project ranking and much more. In addition to all this Rank tracker enables you to get along with different aspects of ranking, which includes location, rank, and with the changes that might have occurred in a time period of one day (yesterday), one week (last week) and one month (last month).

Backlink Analysis

You might be well aware of the fact that backlink analysis can be turned into an excellent way of making your website in terms of digital marketing, as backlinks enable you to get an overview of how things are going internally. Well, I won't get into a deep discussion around backlinks but having an overview around the backlinks can help you in multiple aspects of digital marketing. In addition to this, Long Tail Pro enables you to get along with multiple aspects such as:

  • Source Trust flow, Source Citation flow, Target TF and Target CF.
  • You can also get along with different parameters like target URL with other time-related details such as Indexed, last seen and date lost.
  • One can search for a certain domain or URL and get different information in terms of total backlinks that URL or domain have; in addition to that, you can also get known to refer domains that your entered domain or URL is having.

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Site Audit

Auditing your website can be a task in itself; you can get around different stats and information such as track speed, performance, on-page SEO and internal linking. I have come across a number of websites and SEO tools that deliver some excellent features in terms of Site Audit. Basically, the information consists of different parameters such as site health, errors, warnings and much more.

If you are someone who knows a bit about different aspects of digital marketing, you might be able to connect to how important these different parameters work upon. Long Tail Pro lets you get along different aspects of site auditing, which include:

Site Health: Site health lets you get known to the overall health of your website based on SERP, ranking, speed, and almost everything. In addition to this, Long Tail Pro also lets you know about how much the site health the top 10 websites under that keyword/domain.

Thematic Report: Longtail Pro enables you to get along with different parameters such as crawlability, HTTPS, Core Web Vitals, Site performance, Internal linking, and markup. The thematic report gives you a percentage-wise analysis of the different parameters I have mentioned above.

Some other features include different parameters such as crawled pages, errors, warnings, notices and top issues.

Well, the above-mentioned features can be considered as some of the key features that make things pretty much amazing, but Long Tail Pro offers much more than that as you can get along with some additional features such as:

I guess there isn't much left for getting along with any key features that I have left, but the question arises how much is it going to cost you? And are there any saving tips that can help you in saving some bucks while getting along with any plan you might be interested in? Well, let's get started with the pricing plans offered by Long Tail pro.

Long Tail Pro offers 3 different plans named as the starter plan, pro plan and agency plan. These different plans are pretty much excellent and depend upon the needs of the individual or agency looking after that. It is pretty obvious that all three plans have a different limit set on features that were mentioned above in the article. But just as an overview, let me give you a glance at which plan is suitable for you so that half of your confusion is off.

Long Tail Pro Pricing Plans

As a friendly reminder, I would highly recommend you to get along with an annual plan, as you can get around 4 months of free access to the tool that you might be opting for.

Longtail Pro Community and Blogs

Well, unlike most of the new keyword tools available in the market, Long Tail Pro offers an excellent community which can be an excellent way of acquiring more knowledge and getting known to what you might not be aware of (hidden gems). Just in case you are a beginner and new to these SEO tools, the easy-to-use interface with the LTP community and blogs is going to be an absolute Kickstarter in your SEO and ranking journey.

In addition to this, you can even leverage these tools and features even if you are an intermediate or even an advanced player in the game, and there is always something new to learn when you get connected to like-minded people in the community.

You can explore multiple blogs like how to effectively promote your blog, how to make money blogging and much more. So just leverage these tools and features in order to deliver the best in terms of SEO and keyword operations.

🤔What does Long Tail Pro do?

Long Tail Pro is the most advanced keyword research tool available in the market. The user-friendly interface of Long Tail Pro helps you to do detailed keyword research and allows you to rank higher in search engines.

🔎What does long-tail mean SEO?

Long-tail keywords are nothing but keyphrases or keywords with more specific information. Using the long tail keyword in the blog posts or articles is a great SEO tactic.

❓How to sign up for a Long Tail Pro free trial?

If you want to try this leading keyword research tool, then click here to start your Long Tail Pro 7-day free trial. You just need to complete your sign-up process, and you get logged into the dashboard of the Long Tail Pro.

💻Can I use the Long Tail Pro tool on Mac?

Yes, you can easily use this advanced keyword research tool on Windows or Mac.

💲How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

Following are the 3 flexible pricing plans offered by Long Tail Pro.
Starter: $37/mo
Pro: $67/mo
Agency: $147/mo

🔥Is there any active Long Tail Pro coupon code?

If you want to save money on its pricing plans, then use the above-mentioned Long Tail Pro coupon that helps you to enjoy a huge discount.

🏅Why do I need to include long-tail keywords in my SEO strategy?

Long-tail keywords are less competitive but don't have as many searches as short-tail keywords. If you want to rank higher on the first page of Google, or other search engines, it's important to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are initially counter-intuitive, but they can be beneficial once mastered.

Long Tail Pro Facebook Group

Long Tail Pro Twitter Group

The answer to this is a YES!! I have been around different tools and software, but the simplicity you get around the interface is absolutely amazing; I have used multiple SEO tools like Semrush, ahrefs. Buzz sumo and many more, but the interface offered by a Long Tail Pro is worth mentioning as you can get along with features like keyword difficulty, keyword competition, etc., around the different aspects of search engine optimization.

Well, from a user POV, I would recommend Long Tail Pro to you, just in case if you are dealing with difficulty in terms of ranking and don't have a lot of experience around these operations. The specialist calls offered in the pro and agency plan can be an excellent thing for getting a better keyword ranking for your website.

So basically, the price plans embedded with some of the excellent features in terms of profitable keywords (long-tail keyword) and other SEO options can be called a deal-breaker compared to most of the keyword research tools available in the market.

Hopefully, this article has cleared some of the common questions you were having regarding the Longtail pro that might be clear by now.

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