Amazon merchants face numerous challenges. Having excellent items is not enough. It can be exhausting! It would be best to determine what will sell, market your products, and measure sales and customer feedback.

It is becoming a popular choice for many people due to many reasons—one for their Amazon selling company. In this AMZ.One review, we're here to inform you of everything you need to know. One review, both positive and terrible! With this advice, you should determine whether this tool is a good fit for your online business.

AMZ.One Review

What is AMZ.One? – AMZ.One Review in a Nutshell

In the first place, let's examine how AMZ.One works. Suppose you are planning to use AMZ.One, you will need to connect it to your Amazon seller central account on their website.

Seller edition software, according to their website, is described as “AMZ.One“. Most eCommerce tools are found here, including marketing and social media analysis of an e-commerce competitor's orders.

It reviews items for shipping and fulfillment, as well as providing product ratings. Use Amazon payments' shipping calculator to see how much shipping is and where it goes. Additionally, the Peekaboo App is a great Google Adwords tool, helping you develop and publish advertising. It enables sellers to showcase their products on Amazon while also providing a cause for a potential customer to purchase from them.

Unique Features of AMZ.One – AMZ.One Reviews

AMZ.One's features include plenty of options to optimize sales on Amazon.

This software's condensed appearance is not due to a lack of market research capabilities. This application is capable of generating practically all of the marketing reports available on the market. A product overview is provided to anyone interested in learning more about the tool's functionality. At the moment, the program is available exclusively to Amazon FBA Sellers.

AMZ.One Review

After purchasing the package, provide the software with your Amazon Seller Account MWS, and the software will immediately sync your account's data to AMZ.One. You start by choosing the company or brand of products you have selling on Amazon and then following the steps to complete an initial setup to set up a profile within AMZ.One.

The initial signup form asks which platform you are interested in selling on. To receive notifications about new features and versions, you will enter your mailing address, security code, and credit card information.

Shortly after that, you will receive a message from the AMZ.One log-in URL, and you will immediately be able to manage your entire Amazon FBA business from within the platform.

Other Key Features of AMZ.One – Our Honest AMZ.One Review

This tool offers some key features:

One of the best is the ‘Go Live!' button on the left side of the dashboard. With one click of this button, you can create a new Amazon listing and build it from scratch with the assistance of AI and proprietary software.

1. Keyword Rank Tracker

A key aspect of selling on Amazon is keywords! Knowing what products customers find resulting from their search is an essential part of helping them find products. Keyword rankings determine this.

AMZ.One Review

AMZ.One's Keyword Rank Tracker helps sellers with SEO or search engine optimization. By using SEO and keywords, you can ensure that more people see your products. You can quickly check your keyword rankings for your products' sales and rank your desired keywords through keyword rank tracking. Using keyword rank tracking to enhance your items' SEO, you can increase sales for your online business with fast keyword research!

AMZ.One Review is a Keyword rank tracker.

Keywords are essential for Amazon sellers. It is vital to know what products are being found based on a customer's search because this is a necessary aspect of assisting clients in locating products. This is based on the popularity of specific keywords.

The Keyword Rank Tracker on AMZ.One assists sellers in the process of SEO or search engine optimization. You may increase the likelihood that potential clients will see your products using the proper SEO and keywords.

Keyword rank tracking allows you to quickly and easily obtain daily rankings for your products to see how well they are selling and ranking your desired Keyword. With the power of keyword rank tracking, you can increase sales for your online business by optimizing the SEO of your items. Fast keyword research is essential for this.

2. Product Finder

Product Finder is a search engine that helps you find products.

All that this tool is concerned with is investigating the competition! If you want to check how your business compares to others in the Best-Seller list or if you're interested in doing some online arbitrage, you'll appreciate the Product Finder tool's functionality.

AMZ.One Review

This tool can help you check who is the best-selling product in each category and easily view statistics such as selling what products. In addition, having all of your products in one spot will make your firm run more efficiently and successfully in the online arbitrage industry. It's impossible to envision sales without this instrument after you've used it once or twice.

3. Sales Tracking & Analysis

Obtain even more information about the competition. Determine whether or not an item could be an excellent addition to your internet selling business. It is made possible by the Sales Tracking tool available on Amazon One.

Sales Tracking and Analysis

To determine if it is worthwhile to develop a new product, research the current state of the market for that product. This will allow you to evaluate whether it is beneficial to invest. By looking at what is selling, you may see how the competition is faring in their sales.

Selling on Amazon can be simplified by having real-time data right in front of your eyes. It eliminates the need for guesswork. Ensure you know what your competitors are selling and how much they are selling before taking the next step in your business.

4. On Page Analyser – A tool that analyses web pages

Whenever consumers look for new products, they typically utilize the search box on the Amazon website or Kindle shop and browse through the results.

Page Analyser

In other words, you should use an SEO tool to optimize your searchability for Amazon's algorithm, just like you would for Google's algorithm. The On-Page Analyser will provide you with valuable insight into the statistics of your product. It can notify you if you lack any elements, such as photographs or a page that is not full, which might negatively impact your product searchability with the Amazon algorithm.

In this manner, you may quickly and effectively optimize your Amazon listing, increasing your chances of finding success on Amazon.

5. Notifications of a Negative Review

Having a negative review can have a significant effect on the success of your online business. Therefore, it is critical to contact customers who have left unfavorable reviews on the site as soon as possible after they have done so. As a result, you'll like the review tracking tool, which includes email notifications.

Negative Review

As a result of Amz, one's review tracking, the app keeps track of your seller site and sends out email notifications when you have a review that needs to be responded to, allowing you to address the issue promptly.

6. Notifications by Email

In addition to tracking product evaluations, you can receive various notifications about your website through email notifications. You'll receive an email containing all the content you viewed on our website, along with statement and report links. Consequently, the website will not be visited regularly to see if updates or new reviews are available.

7. Product Notifications

With AMZ Product One's alerts, you'll receive notifications directly to your inbox whenever a modification is made to a product. You may also choose a particular item you want to be alerted about and how often you want to be alerted.

8. Super URL Tool – A tool that allows you to create awesome URLs.

When someone visits your product page using a super URL, you will receive a ranking boost on Amazon. Using this Super URL tool, you'll be able to monitor marketing links while simultaneously increasing traffic to your website and items!

Super URL Tool

9. Keywords Research 

With this tool, you'll be able to access the most appropriate keywords for your product for any listings. Make sure you have the precise term to compete with the top competitors in your category and rank better in searches.

Research for Keywords

Early sales are a crucial indicator of how well Amazon will rank in the search results. And effective promotional codes may be the key to attracting more visitors to your website. AMZ.One simplifies the process of product promotion. Promoting all forms of bargains for your products is possible, regardless of whether you're offering promo codes, a discount, or other special offers.

10. Hijack Listings

With AMZ.One by your side, Amazon listing hijackers, won't stand a chance! You don't have to live in fear of someone pushing you out of the box as AMZ.One discovers hijackers immediately.

Hijack Listings

As soon as the hijacker is found, the tool will send you a notification on your email address, and then you can track them and get all the details about them. Plus, you can have insight into hijacking history.

11. Promotions

AMZ.One simplifies the process of product promotion. Promoting all forms of bargains for your products is possible, regardless of whether you're offering promo codes, a discount, or other special offers.


AMZ.One Pricing Plans – Get 3 Months Free on Annual Billings!

It is possible to sign up for a free trial and purchase one of four premium subscription levels. You can start with a 14-day risk-free trial period.

Research for Keywords

Once the free trial period has expired, the premium plans are as follows.

Basic Plan – $20/mo

  • Keywords – 100
  • Competitors Sales Tracking – 20
  • Negative Review Tracking – 20
  • Hijack Listing – 10 
  • Product Alerts – 10 
  • Product Alerts Frequency – Min. 12 hrs.  
  • Product Promotions – 5 Products

Standard Plan – $40/mo

  • Keywords – 500
  • Competitors Sales Tracking – 50
  • Negative Review Tracking – 50
  • Hijack Listing – 40 
  • Product Alerts – 50 
  • Product Alerts Frequency – Min. 6 hrs. 
  • Product Promotions – 15 Products
  • Product Promotion Boost

Advanced Plan – $90/mo

  • Keywords – 1500
  • Competitors Sales Tracking – 100
  • Negative Review Tracking – 100
  • Hijack Listing – 100
  • Product Alerts – 200 
  • Product Alerts Frequency – Min. 1 hrs. 
  • Product Promotions – Unlimited
  • Product Promotion Boost
  • Multi-User login

Professional Plan – $180/mo

  • Keywords – 3500
  • Competitors Sales Tracking – 200
  • Negative Review Tracking – 200
  • Hijack Listing – 250
  • Product Alerts – 600 
  • Product Alerts Frequency – Min. 1 hrs. 
  • Product Promotions – Unlimited
  • Product Promotion Boost
  • Multi-User login 

Also, if you subscribe to the annual plans of AMZ.One, you can get up to 3 months of free usage.

Pros & Cons of AMZ.One

AMZ.One is not a flawless piece of software. This section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform for your Amazon sales.

Pros of AMZ.One

Cons of AMZ.One

AMZ.One Customer Support

With AMZ.One, you get access to 24/7 support, and users can contact the customer support team by submitting a contact form via the Contact us Page. You simply have to enter your email address and message and send it. They will reply to you via email.

Besides the contact form, you can also send a direct email to Next option of reaching the AMZ.One customer support team is via AMZ One official social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can find the link to these pages from their contact page.

Plus, there are numerous articles and answers to frequently asked questions in the AMZ One help center. There are more than 70 articles in the help center to which you can refer and solve your queries accordingly.

Which are the Supported Marketplaces by AMZ.One? 

Currently, while we did this AMZ.One review, we did find that it is supported by all marketplaces, including the USA, UK, Brasil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Whereas a few similar tools, like the Best Sellers Ranking Took, are only available in choice marketplaces like Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Best Alternatives to AMZ.One – Closest Competitors to AMZ.One 

AMZ.One Vs. AMZ Tracker

The closest and the best alternative to AMZ.One is AMZ Tracker. It is also a tool that provides you with a variety of features that can make your job as a seller much more accessible than ever before.

AMZ Tracker

Plus, it also provides you with real-time tracking of sales volumes and products, which can potentially give you profit. AMZ Tracker also has four different types of paid subscription plans, just like the AMZ.One: Basic, Professional, God Mode, and Legend.

Talking about the limitations of this tool, well, these depend on the level of subscription that you choose. Again but it works almost similar to AMZ.One. The only fact is that the subscription packages are much larger and therefore expensive and are available on yearly terms.

The only differences we found between the two are as follows: 

  • The AMZ Tracker comes with a 7-day trial, whereas AMZ One offers a 14-day trial.
  • AMZ.One does come with a free account, but AMZ Tracker does not offer any such account. 
  • AMZ.One has comparatively more affordable pricing plans than AMZ Tracker.

AMZ.One Vs. AmzChart

AmzChart is another Amazon seller tool that is designed to help you find the most profitable products and niche markets on Amazon. It has a massive database that covers more than 8,280,000 Amazon BSR products and all the details like total reviews, positive reviews, BSR changes, Buybox and also in categories and also other ones. Plus, it also has as many as 7903 categories monitored.


Now let's have a Tabular Comparison between AMZ.One and AMZChart. 

Supported Amazon Marketplaces17Amazon US
Keyword Rank TrackingYesYes
Sales TrackingYesNo
Amazon Product PromotionsYesNo
Spy on Categories PathNoYes
Amazon BSR AnalyticsNoYes
Hijack Listing AlertYesNo
Negative Reviews NotificationYesNo
Buybox Price TrackingNoYes
Amazon Categories AnalyticsNoYes
Sales TrackingYesNo
Competitors TrackingNoYes
Keyword ScoutNoYes
BSR Changes MonitoringNoYes
Official Website👉 Visit AMZ.One👉 Visit AMZChart

With AMZ.One, the Amazon seller can track Keyword rankings which will show how high or low is rank a product is currently standing on the daily counter. Also, the seller can see up to 30,000 products in each category- lined up depending on the number of sales. But if you only have to do Amazon product research, then AmzChart can be a better choice for you.

AMZ.One Affiliate Program

AMZ.One offers you an affiliate program which is for all the enthusiasts the chance to earn money while supporting their favorite all-in-one software tool suite on the market for Amazon sellers.

Amz.One Affiliate Program

Affiliates get a chance to earn 100% commission on the 1st month for every new customer you refer or 15% from every payment. The Affiliate Dashboard is easy to use for sign-ups and payments and has plenty of assets for you to use. And you will be paid a commission for every paid subscription you enlist. 

The paid commission is on a monthly basis, and after you reach a monthly threshold of $50.00 or more, you will be paid through PayPal and Payoneer. There are no limits on how much money you can earn.

🚀 Want to earn more money? Click here to join AMZ.One affiliate program today and start promoting this Amazon seller tool to make extra income.

AMZ.One Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Amz.One Customer Reviews

FAQ on AMZ.One Review

What is AMZ.One?

AMZ.One is a new keyword research tool for Amazon which uses the Multiple Intelligence Theory to help you easily find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Is AMZ.One free?

Yes, you can register on AMZ.One for free & use the tool Free for 14 days.

Do AMZ.One have an affiliate program?

Yes, AMZ.One has an Affiliate program where you can get 100% of the first commission or 15% monthly for every user you bring to them. Contact us at for more details.

How often is data updated?

Product Finder & Sales rankings are updated once a day. Keyword rankings are updated twice a day.

What Amazon domains are supported?,,,,,,,,,,

Does AMZ.One offers a free trial?

Yes. You do get a 14-day free trial with AMZ.One. You can use this tool to get a complete overview of the tool and then go ahead with its paid subscriptions.

Does AMZ.One offer a refund?

Yes. They do offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, which starts right after your free trial. 

Conclusion: AMZ.One Review 2024 + AMZ.One Discount Coupon

The AMZ.One software is an excellent tool for any Amazon seller. It is easy to use, and the software is easy to learn. The software will help you manage your inventory, your orders, and your profit. This blog post is only the first in a series of reviews to come. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them.

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