Still looking for an honest and detailed Zon.Tools review? You have landed just on the right page, which is going to give you complete information about the tool and its various aspects, such as pricing and also how it can be beneficial for you. Do read this to the end and make sure to know everything about Zon.Tools.

Selling on Amazon is still a distant dream for many, and only a few of the sellers get the proper recognition on the platform. And that's a fact that many would don't know, as though a seller might earn lots of revenue, but the time and effort which goes into earning is vast and can never be imagined.

With rigorous efforts and time, there also has to be a more innovative way through which Selling has to be done. And one such smart way is PPC advertising. Though few might know about it as the shortest way to bring the products into the eyes of the people, it certainly ain't that easy. Just placing a PPC Campaign is also going to a lot of effort. overiew

Nowadays, many merchants are shifting to new advertising strategies like Amazon's PPC model to better reach out to their consumers directly and start making more revenue. And for your ad to get listed at the beginning and get more attention from the audience, you require an Amazon PPC management tool. And that's exactly where Zon.Tools comes into the limelight. 

Bottom Line:

Zon.Tools is both an Amazon PPC management tool and also an automation software that helps Amazon Sellers create, optimize and boost their ad campaigns. And pretty much it has become the most advanced and fastest Amazon ad automation tool available in the market.

Now let's check out this in-depth Zon.Tools review. 

Honest Zon.Tools Review – Get 30 Days FREE Trial @ $1

Zon.Tools is a premier Amazon PPC Management tool that many Amazon Sellers use. Its a fast and dynamic Amazon PPC Automation tool which now is accessible to everyone. The tool comes with power-packed features which help sellers generate lots of revenue. And the best part is that the new users can get their hand-on it for a few days at a price of just $1. And then they can go ahead with any of the Zon.Tools pricing plans.

The tool works explicitly for Amazon sponsored products and monitors the best practices, and also keeps their records at the same time. Then it uses all of the data to build up the next perfect campaign. Also, this Enterprise Management and Automation software helps you to deal with your Amazon PPC more than ever.

In our Zon.Tools review we found that it is pretty easy to set up a PPC campaign as the user only has to enter a few basic information about the product, and the tool does the rest. Also, the tool can give users access to customize the ad as per their preference, and you can control the entire action from the tool itself.

And moreover, the best part about the tool is that it changes its bid throughout the day, and you don't have to worry about bidding even a bit. The Tools AI will change bids according to the user's requirements and criteria. Additionally, the tool also has a database of millions of keywords based on the products available on Amazon.

How can Zon.Tools help you?

In few key points, we have enlisted how Zon.Tools can help you. 

  • Launching your campaigns quickly.
  • Automating current campaigns.
  • Managing bids automatically.
  • Adding keywords automatically.
  • Managing your ad budget
  • Pausing low-performing keywords
  • Lowering Low performing keywords
  • And much more!

Benefits of Zon.Tools – How Zon.Tools Scale Your PPC Campaigns?

Next in our Zon.Tools Review, we have tried to speculate a few of its benefits. Make sure you read them carefully so that you can understand how helpful it is.

1. Easy to Initiate Setup  

You require minimal effort to set up an Amazon pay-per-click campaign and not to with no significant investment at the start. And once you are done with your research and figured out your target audience and keywords, you are all set for as little as $10 per day.

2. Running Seasonal Campaigns 

You can use Amazon PPC to run a seasonal campaign and catch your customer's interest during the seasons. So even on holidays as well as end-of-season campaigns. And even the products which people do wish to offer in seasonal times can be made available for the customers even during Christmas, Halloween etc. You can then focus on your marketing budget and also the most appropriate keywords for those products.

4. Focus Attention on the New Product 

You can get attention on new products which can rank high as Amazon's search results take some time. Amazon tends to organize its results based on the products which sell the best. So your new product does not have enough history to appear at the top.

But by using PPC, you can put your new products in the ideal locations so that the buyers can see them. Even if they don't click on the ad instantly, it will at least raise awareness about the product. So they might remember next time when they look out for that sort of a product which will also help you to rank organically.

5. Increase Your Product Line’s Visibility

Amazon PPC ads raise awareness about your entire product line, much like the new product. You can focus on keywords that your products struggle to appear under organic search. At the same time, the paid ads get more clicks and raise the product in search results. For this, the PNGs can be made with minimal information and with a single click. 

9 Proprietary Algorithmic Engines of Zon.Tools

1. Auto-Mate 3.0™

The AM 3.0 engine in Zon.Tools will efficiently adjust your keywords and target bids and help you to reach your ACoS goals. The AM 3.0 algorithm will calculate and adjust your bid up and down, which will, in turn, maximize your sales and also optimize it towards your ACoS limits.

2. KeyWord Miner™

The KWM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant and converting customer search terms back into your system. Now that's how you grow organic traffic on your campaigns with a controlled and “100% automated” environment. Currently, this Automation works only on their system-generated PGNs.

3. Target Miner™

Target Miner Engine also constantly scans your reports and adds any relevant and converting ASIN back into your ASIN Ad-group. Now, this again will grow your ad reach in a “100% automated” and controlled way.

4. KeyWord Guardian™

The KeyWord Guardian Engine will ensure that you are not overspending on any Exact keyword and will pause them when they reach a certain spend threshold with no sales. Also, it will constantly check your account and will drop the bid to your minimum bid for the low-performing keyword. It will also restore the last bid for recovered well-performing ones.

5. KeyWord Recycler™

The KeyWord Recycler Engine will always look out for any low, low-performing keyword and calculate a new, updated optimal bid based on its algorithms. It will also test the keyword/ bid pair in a separate setup for easier result tracking.

6. Bid Gambler™

If you are bidding too low on your Keywords' or Targets,' then BG will periodically increase the bid until you start getting more impressions and, ultimately, clicks.

7. Bid Nailer™

The Bid Nailer will constantly work toward adjusting bids based on your Exact keywords' average cost per click and your strategy. The Bid Nailer and Bid Gambler work together to optimize the bid of each keyword in your account.

8. Term-Inator™

The TI Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding term wherever needed, which will improve your Auto, Broad and Phrase campaign matching capabilities.

9. ASIN-Ator™

The AA Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding ASIN where needed, which will improve your AUTO and Product Targeting Campaign matching capabilities.

Key Features of Zon.Tools – Is Zon.Tools Worth Your Money?

Zon.Tools powerful A.I. automatically and continuously optimize your ads for maximum sales and profitability. You only have to set your PPC on autopilot mode and get back to working on your business instead of thinking about it.

And for fully automating the ads, Zon.Tools have proprietary A.I. technology, which will automatically and continuously optimize your PPC campaigns, allowing you to grow your sales profitably while freeing up hours of your time. Let's check out a few of its features.

  • Bidding Engine 

The Zon.Tools powerful bidding engine will automatically adjust your target bids and maximize your sales, along with optimizing your ad spend towards your ACOS goals. It even bids in real-time and therefore maximizes your sales.

  • Explorer Engine

The Zon.Tools Explorer Engine will continually look for high-converting keywords, ASINs and also the search term. This will eventually allow you to organically grow your ad reach in a completely automated way.

  • Optimization Engine

The Zon.Tools powerful optimization engine will continually monitor campaign performance and increase ad spending on the high-converting keywords and ASINs. Along with that, it will also cut spending on low-performing campaigns.

  • Phrase-Match Engine

The Zon.Tools Phrase Match Engine scans your PPC reports and automatically removes any poorly performing search terms, thereby improving your campaign matching capabilities. Along with all these features, Zon.Tools also offer few next-gen reporting and insights features like:

  • Powerful Reporting

This tool gives you total clarity on your ad performance by providing you with powerful reporting functionality which provides your ACoS sales, profits and ROaS for all of your campaigns.

  • Automation Insights

With the ZonTools automation, it will keep you up to speed on everything which is happening with your campaign, which makes sure that there are no loops left out.

  • Recommended Bids

No guesswork as Zon.Tools offer you bidding by Amazon integration which shows the Amazon recommended bids for your ads which will optimize the sales and profits for your products.

  • Amazon Merch on Demand

For sellers across Merch, Zon.Tools have got you all covered. Zon.Tools is the first and only PPC tool that gives you the ability to create fully automated PPC campaigns for your merch products.

Ads-Type Supported by Zon.Tools – Zon.Tools Review

Following are the three ad types supported by Zon.Tools.

  • Sponsored Product Ads

With these ads, you can target shoppers with campaigns that are optimized for highly-converting keywords, which will boost your sales and also keep your Ad budget in check.

  • Sponsored Display Ads

With these ads, you can create powerful re-targeting campaigns which are aimed at customers that have viewed your product within the past 30 days.

  • Sponsored Brand Ads

These ads can help you to increase your brand awareness and sales by creating sponsored brand product collections by featuring your video ads on your Amazon page.

Along with all this, Zon.Tools also has:

  • Fully Customizable and Granular Rules
  • Supports all US and International Marketplaces
  • It offers automatic KeyWord Match Segmentation
  • Thousands of Campaigns
  • It can handle large Accounts and Data Sets
  • Enhanced Auto Targeting Automation
  • Millions of Keywords and Customer Search Terms
  • Multiple Times a Day Customer Search Term Mining
  • Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) Automation
  • It will Automatically Bid Adjustment based on User-Defined Criteria Multiple times a day.
  • It will Automatically Sync and Run Automation based on User-Defined Criteria Multiple times a day.
  • It will Automatically Set Bleeding Search Terms to Negative Multiple times a day.

đź’ˇ What's PGN in Zon.Tools? 

PGN stands for Product Group Names which are proprietary campaigns – Ad groups set-ups that their system generates, which fully manages for you in order to leverage the full potential of Amazon Matching Algorithm, and Sponsored Products API while remaining inside the TOS Amazon manages. PGNs can be crafted with minimal information and with a single click.

👉 How to Create PGNs in Zon.Tools? 

  • First, click the “Add New” button on the upper right corner of the page or you can also click the “Menu Button” and click on ” Add New” under the product group.
  • Click the “Add New” button from the upper right corner or the menu option
  • Click the second “Add New under Product PGN
  • Enter your Product Group Name
  • Click the “Launch Interactive Threshold Builder” button to correctly calculate the data for your PGN rules.
  • Enter Product Sale Price, Profit Margin, Expected PPC Profit, Average CPC, Average CR, how many keywords
  • Click “Apply to See Converted Thresholds,” and it will auto-populate the rules.
  • Enter your Average Product Rating **Note: 3.5 will not be accepted you need to put in a whole number only**
  • Enter your SKU **One SKU per line only.”
  • Enter Keywords **One Keyword per line only.”
  • Click the “Save New Product PGN” button.

Zon.Tools Pricing Plans – Zon.Tools Coupons + Free Trial

Zon.Tools Pricing Plans

Zon.Tools offer a 30 day trial at just $1. Also, it comes with three pricing plans which are really affordable. Let's look at them in detail.

Zon.Tools Analyzer Plan – $9 per month 

  • Unlimited Seller Accounts 
  • Unlimited Products
  • Manually Manage Campaigns
  • Basic Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Keywords

Zon.Tools Masterer Plan – $19 per month

In this plan, you get all the features of the Analyzer plan along with the following:

  • Bid Gambler™
  • Bid Nailer™
  • KeyWord Recycler™
  • Priority Support
  • Auto-Mate™

Zon.Tools Dominator Plan – $25 per month

In this plan, you get all the features of the Master plan along with the following:

  • KeyWord Miner™ and Target Miner™
  • Term-Inator™ and ASIN-Ator™
  • Latest Updates 
  • Proprietary PGN Structure
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • 24/7 Slack Support

With all of this, there are no contacts involved, and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time without any additional charges.

Zon.Tools Affiliate Program 

The Zon.Tools affiliate program does give a chance to the affiliates to earn 15% lifetime commissions on every referral. Also, it is free to sign up without any technical knowledge. Affiliates can drive the best traffic and sales and get a good commission.

As you join the affiliate program, you will get an affiliate link. Along with all that, you will also get coupons and banner ads which you can place on your website or share on social media platforms. You will also get an intuitive dashboard by which you can track sales, traffic, account balance and how your banner looks.

You will receive your payments when they are verified and paid out the month after you earn them. The extended cookie period, which many of the Affiliates will like as it, lasts for 90 days after someone clicks on your link.

Zon.Tools Real Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Zon.Tools Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Top FAQs on Zon.Tools Review

What is Zon.Tools?

Zon.Tools is among the premier, dynamic and fastest Amazon PPC automation software which is now accessible to all Amazon Sellers. It is an Enterprise Management and Automation Software which will assist you in handling your Amazon PPC effectively.

Is Zon.Tools free?

No. Zon.Tools is not free. But it does offer you a 30-day trial for $1 only, which you can utilize to check out various features of this tool before moving to any of its paid subscriptions.

How much does Zon.Tools Cost? 

Zon.Tools offer its users three pricing plans – Analyzer Plan, which is $9/mo; the Master plan which costs $19/mo and last is the Dominator Plan which costs $25/mo.

Is Zon.Tools value for money? 

Yes. Zon.Tools comes at really affordable pricing, and it is absolutely worth every single penny. And the features which come at that pricing are simply the fact that is going to drive many Amazon Sellers to use it.

Are there any Zon.Tools tutorials? 

Yes. Zon.Tools do offer interactive tutorials from which all the users, whether they be beginners or pro can learn more about the tool and check out all its details and also understand how they can effectively use the tool to its full potential and scale their revenue.

Conclusion: Zon.Tools Review – Is Zon.Tools really worth it?

Well, after doing this in-depth Zon.Tools review, we can certainly say that its a great tool to use for anyone who is a beginner in the field of Amazon PPC advertising. It will save a lot of time, and you don't have to learn all the aspects of advertising with Amazon, as this tool will do it all for you. The tool will automate and manage all your sponsored product ad campaigns so that you can relax and focus on a few other tasks.

Zon.Tools also update campaigns several times a day and keep them fresh and responsive about how customers behave daily. For this, it uses a variety of algorithmic tools to find keywords, optimize performance, adjust bid price and finally maximize your profits.

Now in the closing of our Zon.Tools Review, we must say that the tool is completely user-friendly, and you can automate all your PPC ad campaigns for all your Amazon-sponsored products. It will save you time and automate with the best advertising practices. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Zon.Tools now!

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