Do you want to scale up your revenue as an Amazon seller? Wish to test your product listing before your product is live? Confused about how competitors are getting ahead while you have a better product?

Selling products on Amazon is an excellent way to generate additional income for online store owners. Selling your products exclusively on Amazon is also a very promising way to get your product out there.

The issue is that many sellers are aware of this, amounting to nearly 2.5 million sellers populating the Amazon seller space. Every year the number increases by couple hundred thousand, and the rate at which it is growing is also growing.

In this post, we will be discussing βœ…Sellzone Review that includes its detailed insight into this toolkit. Also, do not forget to grab our special Sellzon coupon code that allows saving maximum bucks.

Sellzone is a tool for anyone who wants to make any amount of money on Amazon. Whether your store is struggling or your products are ranking at the top in product search, you need to look at Sellzone. Unlike other Amazon Seller tools, Sellzone is suitable for everyone's use cases.

Many of the features are dedicated efforts at helping you frequently review your sales approach from every week to every day's audience behavior, as per their data. This constant review is done to help you create better product listings and generate more revenue.

A host of other features exist to track your traffic sources and protect your listings, as we will find in our detailed Sellzone Review 2024.

Detailed Sellzone Review

Sellzone Review 2024: Amazon Marketing Toolkit (200% Sales) 1

Started in 2018, formally known as Sellerly, Sellzone is a prestigious service under the SEO giant Semrush . Essentially the vision was to create a virtual database with a set of tools to help Amazon sellers navigate an extremely competitive industry.

The consumer base of Amazon is just as massive as the number of people who're looking to make money selling products to that consumer base, so you need to have so much more than just an excellent product to make a living of it. Sellzone has provided the “much more than” part for over three years now.

The first part of the complete set of Sellzone tools started with the Sellzone split testing tool in 2018 (then known by Sellerly).

This feature continues to remain free to use even now. Building on the success of the split testing kit, they have designed a complete data table for your online business on Amazon. This includes an external traffic overview, detailed insights into your traffic sources, protection and quality control of your product listings.

How does Sellzone helps Amazon Sellers?

The following summarizes how Sellzone can help you optimize your product pages for higher conversion rates. These facilities are only available to users working on Amazon. in and other country-specific sellers should expect to get access sometime soon.

Sellzone has an AI-based suite of tools that will help you grow your Amazon business. These include monitoring tools like spy to spy on your competitors or keywords; optimizing tools like Sellzone ranker to identify the best price point for any given product; drive sales with the automation features like the pre-scheduled shopper; and increase conversions with its optimization features like promotions analyzer, which will allow you to test different scenarios in order to find the optimal one.

Sellzone is a toolbox for maintaining and growing your Amazon business. Monitor, optimize, drive sales, and increase conversions with Sellzone. It provides the necessary resources to grow your Amazon business.

Sellzone Reviews

Think about the millions of sellers on Amazon. They are all looking to maximize their profit at the end of the day. So all the conventional ways to become a top seller by default become outdated. Earlier, if you created a worthy product and sold it at a fair price, the odds of your success were pretty good.

This is the role Sellzone plays in the whole equation by providing the necessary technical support to the enterprise of their users. This comes in many forms, like their unique tools and features, which provide for your every need as you scale your Amazon seller business.

How to Maximize Amazon Profits by Sellzone?

The product listing you create can make or break the success of your product. Experts say that only copy that can strike a balance between the right amount of keywords centered around engaging content can generate any amount of sales in today's industry.

Sellzone Discount

Split testing is a method wherein you test the copy and content you have for your product listing to see how close your copy is too striking that balance.

The need to engage in split testing is growing more and more as the industry continues to saturate. Another aspect of the split testing mechanism is to ensure that you can optimize your copy according to the results you get after the split test.

Sellzone helps you in both of these endeavors and enables you to scale up your business to maximize the profits your Amazon store gets you.

Best Criteria to Find Winning Products on Amazon

Amazon accounts for over 60% of the product searches which happen on the internet. The wide variety of products with an even more significant number of people trying to sell them make it confusing to enter the market. We have, in some detail, covered the seller side of things now.

Sellzone Coupon

Let us go over how you can choose the right product to use your newfound skills as a seller.

Many new sellers choose to rely on what is trending, what seems promising, and factors like word of mouth to make their product portfolio. These assumptions might work sometimes, but they are not guaranteed, money makers.

Sellzone is designed by Amazon experts who have narrowed down the criteria mentioned below to develop tools that will help you find and sell those products.

  • High demand:

Any item with a minimum potential for ten sales every day/any item with over 50,000 Amazon searches a month

  • Low competiton:

if a given product search shows only a few product listings, then entering the business of selling that product would be highly lucrative as the odds of your listing ranking higher are more

  • Mid-priced products:

Choose a product in the $10-50 bracket, so you get sales constantly and maintain your profit margin as well.

  • Not a one-off purchase:

If the product you're looking to sell is the kind that a consumer only buys once in a few years or months (depending on price), then it is not worth it for you to invest in it. A product that will surely be a repeat purchase is always a better pick than a sizeable one-off product.

  • Profit margin:

Sellzone offers an FBA calculator as part of its Amazon Product Research Toolkit to determine its total and relative profitability. Ensuring that you only trade in products with high-profit margins helps you maintain revenue even in times of low overall sales.

  • Non-branded products:

Competing with a full-fledged brand's resources while trying to stay afloat as a new business is nearly impossible. Dealing with non-branded or white label products gives you a higher probability of success.

  • Review Gap:

Products where competitor's listings have a lot of reviews will be challenging to get sales in. It is better to avoid those product categories.

  • Product dimensions:

The ideal product is light (under 3lbs), small or medium-sized, and something which won't get damaged easily

Tools Offered by Sellzone | Sellzone Review

Sellzone offers the following set of tools to Amazon sellers to help them build their establishment.

#1. Keyword Wizard

Keyword Wizard

This is a tool that can take your Amazon SEO game up a notch the moment you start using it. It pulls up top keyboards. The top keywords include more than just the keywords that the top sellers use but keywords with low competition and high search volume.

It is based on the parent company's Semrush Keyword Magic Tool with a more focused database of Amazon listings. The complete database is one of the largest keyword research databases globally, with over 200 million keywords.

#2. Listing Protection

Listing Protection

In simple words, it tracks all your product listings on Amazon and sends you notifications if it feels anything is out of place with new or existing listings. It can also follow the listings and alert you of any suspicious activity around them.

#3. Split Testing

Split Testing

This test determines the perfect wording, photos, and elements required for maximum conversions. You can optimize every product you have or will ever sell to the best possible product listing setting up your company for success the moment you start it.

#4. Listing Quality Check

Listing Quality Check

This is an audit tool for Amazon sellers. It checks for incompleteness against established Amazon Guidelines, content errors, and any other anomalies which might exist in your content. It also provides the proper automated recommendations to optimize the concerned errors.

#5. Traffic Insights

Traffic Insights

The Sellzone Amazon Traffic Insights tool is the premier Amazon analytics tool. It allows you to compare and analyze Amazon listings by their amount of traffic and where this traffic is coming from.

The various testing channels offered by SellZone are completed by this tool. You can directly compare your product listing with the products getting more traffic and optimize it directly there yourself. The tool uses the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), the most accurate Amazon Traffic Insights tool.

#6. Amazon PPC Optimizer

Amazon PPC Optimizer

Amazon PPC Optimizer is the best tool offered by Sellzone that helps users optimize their Amazon PPC campaigns automatically based on their performance.

This tool helps users to save more time and get more return on their PPC spending. The users just need to pick their desired products to advertise, set the campaign details, and then let the tool do the rest. The tool also launches and directs the most profitable ads.  

Amazon PPC Optimizer automatically finds and adds appropriate keywords, removes non-performers, and creates negatives.

If you are using Amazon PPC Optimizer of Sellzone, you do not require hiring any professional PPC expert for Amazon.

Sellzone Pricing Plans

Sellzone is available to users entirely free if you want to give it a try.

We encourage that you try out the free plan before you purchase so you can choose between the Growth Plan (at $50/month) and the Pro plan (at $85/month) after understanding the number of features you need from Sellzone.

Sellzone Pricing

If you wish to continue to use it, the free plan is available to use forever.

Feature and pricing details of each plan are given below:


The free plan comes with a veritable amount of functionality in itself. You can conduct an unlimited number of split tests for your product listing, listing checks per Amazon guidelines, 100 keyword search limit, access to three seed keywords a day, customer support, and entry to the Sellzone academy course for training on how to use these tools

Growth: $50/month

All the features in the free plan are included here with the following additions:

Pro: $85/month

Everything in the Pro plan with the addition of:

All of these plans are cheaper if you subscribe to them annually, with the Growth plan being priced at a total of $480/year (40$/month) and the Pro plan at $840/year ($70/month).

Subscribing annually saves you a total of $120 a year on the Growth plan and $180 on the Pro. As this is a tool you will constantly require to maintain your Amazon business throughout the year, it is advisable to subscribe to the software annually and enjoy your savings.

There is a 7-day free trial available to you, provided you input your credit card info. The trial allows you to test the Listing Protection, Traffic Insights, and Listing Quality Check tools and see their value (after the seven-day free trial, you will be charged $50 and become a part of the Growth plan)

Sellzone is an Amazon profitability tool that helps sellers find the right prices for their products. Sellers can also use the platform to keep track of their sales and inventory levels on Amazon, as well as monitor their profits.

The first step is to sign up with Sellzone. Here you will be asked for your Amazon account information and your product information, which will then allow Sellzone to analyze your rankings on Amazon. Next, you need to input your profit margins so that Sellzone can recommend the right prices for you.

The third step is to validate these recommendations by checking if they are profitable based on the inputs you have provided. The final step would be implementing them or making changes accordingly if needed.

Sellzone Customer Support

As the parent company is Semrush, you don't have to worry about customer support at all. The direct email address provided by the Sellzone support team is always responsive, and their social channels are also always online for you to contact.

Sellzone Coupon Code

Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also very informative, so many of your queries can be solved over there automatically.

If you wish to do so, you can contact the support team to cancel your subscription, and they will make the entire process easy for you.

The online knowledge base and the Semrush Academy are excellent ways to learn using the software by yourself. The knowledge base is a database of possible questions and innovative uses of the tool and much more for you to research, resolve your queries and ensure that you don't waste a lot of time trying to understand the tool you paid good money for.

The Sellzone Academy is an excellent program to gain expertise in marketing and sales in a self-taught manner.

They have exams, in-depth PDFs, and a certificate of completion, which is reputed in the industry. They offer multiple courses other than their dedicated How To Sell on Amazon course, which is particularly useful.

The send feedback button is also helpful in helping you with anything which their broad line of customer support services does not cover. Drop them an email, and don't be surprised when you see your suggestion implemented soon enough.

Sellzone Pros & Cons

The rise of Amazon Seller tools

Gone are the days when amazon sellers used to make huge money without putting in lots of effort. In this tough time of huge competition, Every drop shipper is trying to become an amazon seller. Sellers use virtual inventory to showcase on amazon and get control on local suppliers to ship products.

Amazon seller tools are an integral part of the Amazon seller's toolkit. These tools are designed to improve the efficiency of the sellers on Amazon by providing them with relevant information about their products, prices, reviews, or inventory.

it's not that easy to rank on Amazon and get huge sales. With the help of expert advice, Amazon product spy tools, insights, winning proiuc6ts, and more, One can get early success with their Amazon seller business. There is a pretty good number of amazon tools available for FBA to help them maximize their profit on amazon. However er those come at high subscriptions costs.

Sellzone on the other hand is developed by Semrush, It is cost-effective and comes with innovative yet simple tools to easily help amazon sellers drive more sales.

There is much software that helps Amazon sellers to grow their business and generate more sales. The better software the seller uses, the more successful they will be in the marketplace.

If you are looking to win Amazon market share and optimize your amazon product page with lesser efforts, Try sellzone risk-free today.

🌟 Sellzone FAQ

πŸ™„What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is a complete suite of tools for Amazon sellers. It offers a toolbox with everything you need to keep your Amazon business running smoothly and efficiently. It helps you monitor your sales and product performance, optimize your listings and keywords, drive sales, increase conversions, etc. Sellzone is the most advanced Amazon toolset on the market today, and we're excited to help you succeed!

πŸ’²How does Sellzone help me to scale my sales on Amazon?

Sellzone is the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers, available in both free and premium plans. It offers various crucial tools that help Amazon sellers to make smarter decisions. With its proven strategies and top-notch data, you can make sure you're maximizing your profits.

😎Does Sellzone offer any free trial?

Yes, if you want to scale your business on Amazon, you can go for Sellzone 7 days free trial. The free trial of Sellzone allows you to access all its tools for absolutely free.

🌎Which Amazon marketplace does Sellzone support?

Currently, all the tools of Sellzone support only the US marketplace.

πŸ€”Does Sellzone allow me to cancel my paid subscription?

Yes, one can easily cancel their paid subscription. You need to contact the Sellzone team if you want to cancel your paid plan.

πŸ”₯Can I get any working Sellzone coupon codes?

If you are looking for the verified Sellzone discount coupon that helps you save maximum money on its paid plan, check the above-mentioned Sellzone coupon code.

Conclusion: Sellzone Review 2024 | Should you go for this Amazon toolkit?

Industry experts say as the Amazon marketplace grows, the role of advanced tools in deciding the top sellers will continue to grow.

This is why a group of Amazon experts has come together to create these advanced tools, a collection of which is available to you, called Sellzone.

With Sell Zone, Amazon sellers can get insights into their products and help them determine the best prices and pricing strategies. This tool also helps sellers detect and take action on potentially fraudulent reviews.

For any company to be successful, they need an effective market strategy. And for those who want to sell their products on Amazon, this is not an exception. What is needed here is a comprehensive set of tools that would help them manage the sale of their products and grow their business.

Sellzone is an all-in-one tool for all Amazon sellers. Get your traffic insights, optimize your listings and take your Amazon business to the heights you imagined while starting it.πŸš€πŸš€

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