AI has been a great innovation in making our lives easier and simpler.

Almost every great-known platform like Google and Facebook uses AI now, so why are you not among them?

Why not use AI to know you and your competitors' growth online across their website, pages, campaigns, visuals, etc?

In this ✅Hexowatch Review, we will learn about the features, pricing, & much more.

Hexowatch Review

Hexowatch is an easy-to-use page monitoring service that helps understand the changes occurring across your website page or any competitor you might be interested in knowing about.

We can't deny that competitors help us grow in various ways, and having healthy competition is a great practice to experience while doing business; a competitor helps you grow.

A business should always be hungry in terms of growth.

Won't it be great if you could get to know what your competitors are doing? What's going on with the prices? Have your competitors changed something on their page? Change in prices?

What if your competitors offer the same services for a lower cost and additional services?

What are the devices my page is being opened on?

Is it a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, and is there any change in the stats across the devices while my page is opening?


You can't keep checking their website and your pages to know what happens over there; after all, you got a business to look after. 

Hexowatch will help you with all this; the AI based monitoring system will help you monitor all of your pages and the pages your competitors have so that you won't be left out by any means.

The service runs different monitoring processes and notifies you via different platforms such as Slacks, telegram, emails, and whatever is compatible or integrated with Zapier or Pabbly Connect ecosystem.

The monitoring offered by Hexowatch is a big game-changer as you are well aware of the changes occurring over your competitor's page. Are you getting notified of your brand being mentioned anywhere?

hexowatch monitoring modes
hexowatch monitoring modes 0

Keysnaps, what Hexowatch will help you with?

Hexowatch offers a whole new set of monitoring modes across any website or page in a single place, like:

Hexowatch offers a great set of monitoring modes depending upon your objectives or the type of work you are indulged with:

The Visual Monitor monitors a whole website or specific page and lets the user know about any changes that would have occurred across them.

The HTML monitoring helps in many ways; monitoring different sections such as changes in prices or out-of-stock notifications helps in proper management.

Let's take a scenario where you get notified that your competitor does not have any particular product available; this might be a golden chance for you and your business to acquire the customers they were holding.

Availability monitoring offers to monitor if any downtime in your website occurs; the data monitored helps give you alerts if any page is down in real-time.

Keyword Monitoring is a great feature. If you are looking for a specific keyword and help you with the presence or absence of that specific keyword, this helps in better optimization or search operations when performed.

Keeps you updated with the authorization of Domain and lets you know about the records of ownership of the Domain as well.

The content monitor helps in monitoring any visible content across the website or website and lets you notify if any change occurs.

Backlink monitoring helps monitor the backlinks and notify you if any modifications or changes occur from your backlink partners, like the links are changed or modified while performing backlink operations.

Creates a sitemap and notifies about any changes occurring in the deletion or any new page creation across any website you have been monitoring.

Other monitoring features available on Hexowatch:

Hexowatch offers a great set of plans; the plans are made according to the need of different personals working under different domains, such as digital marketers and business owners who want to be updated on any changes, which might be an opportunity that can boost up their business.

Hexowatch Pricing Plans

The offer starts with a FREE plan and goes up to nearly $84/month for big businesses.

Hexowatch Plans:

Let's take a look at the plans that are available at hexowatch.

You can start with a free plan that can help you understand the interface and look after what features are available on it. We can call it an exploration package.

The only drawback it has is that you might not be able to access features like webhooks, API checks, and getting notified across its vast network of compatible apps such as telegram, discord, and many more. It is only limited to 75 checks per month with a frequency of 12 hours.

Hexowatach offers around 5 Plans at this time with a great set of features.

From starting a FREE plan to a BUSINESS+ plan, features available change depending upon the customer's need; the plans are made such that there is a plan available for almost everyone as per the need.

Hexowatch offers:

Get notified of any changes that occur in a period of 5 minutes with a monthly check availability of 25000 checks with Business+ Plan.

Hexowatch is excellent software in itself as it offers a great set of monitoring modes with better app integrations and features like API key, webhooks, server location, and much more.

hexowatch features

Now let's take a look at what hexowatch offers:

 Use of Cases on Hecowatch

Hexowatch use cases

Hexowatch use cases to get notified when any change occurs in terms of:

  1. If anything goes inaccurate, get notified if any changes occur while website rending or use of different devices, get alerts if anything goes wrong.
  2. Get known with any changes that our competitors are going with; this helps get notified if they launch any new product line or remove any product line as well.
  3. Always have a competitive price, and get notified about the price changes your competitors are undergoing across different platforms.
  4. Recruitment Alerts: This is one of the critical features suppressed while coming across another hexowatch review. This can help you get notified about recruitment alerts from various portals simultaneously.
  5. Get customer review alerts as well; if any customer leaves a review over your product or service, get notified so that you can make a better customer relationship with them, resulting in more growth in your business.

It also offers a lot more than mentioned above and is very helpful if you are looking to get notified, and we mean it if any change occurs.

It also offers some great customization across the features available:

After checking out all the essential features available on Hexowatch, the million-dollar question; Is it worth it?

Should you invest your money across a monitoring tool like Hexowatch?

The answer to this question depends upon its use of it. Are you looking forward to making your website an all-time available website?

Are you looking forward to getting notified when any changes occur on your website externally (visual monitor ) or internally (sitemap, HTML, API, etc.)?

the answer is a big YES !!!

The key features available are helpful in many features such as monitoring your website or getting notified even if any other monitored website modifies or is down; Competitors, Right?

With the free plan available, there is no question that you should not give it a try; get your free plan and monitor your or any other website.

The free plan offered by Hexowatch is offered to make users get used to the interface and explore the features available on Hexowatch.

The features available here are great to make your business a tremendous all-time available business, even if your competitors might get a break from it, but you won't.

The monitoring offered by Hexowatch will make you available 24×7 for your customers so that they don't come across any problems with availability or page being down and won't wander around other websites leaving you.

In simple words, these monitoring features will make you a non-stop station for whatever products or services you offer. This might help you in converting your regular customers into loyal customers.

Once you are well aware of the features it offers and gets used to the interface Hexowatch has to offer, you can go with the paid plans later and get bigger and better in terms of availability & competition as well.

As mentioned above, Hexowatch has excellent plans and has something for almost everyone depending on their needs and objectives.

🤔What is Hexowatch?

Hexowatch is your AI sidekick for tracking visual, content, source code, technology, availability, and price changes on any website.

🙄Who are the typical users of Hexowatch?

Hexowatch has the following typical customers:
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business.

🌍What websites can I check?

Hexowatch can examine most website pages, but it is NOT intended to monitor social media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others), search engines (such as Google, Bing, and others), or large eCommerce platforms (like Amazon, eBay, etc.).

🙋‍♀️What level of support does Hexowatch offer?

Hexowatch provides customer service options: Chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (live rep), FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk.

😳Can Hexowatch monitor a complete website for changes?

The most effective way to monitor a website is to select key pages, such as the homepage, top-level category pages, blogs, news, or specific product pages of interest. This way, you'll be notified whenever something new happens.

After coming across all the features, plans, and almost everything, Hexowatch is a great monitoring service provider from our side.

We know that you need to grow your business and be on the top; everyone wants that; your hard work and commitment towards your business will make you the best, but Hexowatch will help you get along that path to success. You should be able to keep an eye on your competitor as well.

With the 12 Monitoring modes that Hexowatch offers, your business can be on the path to success and getting ahead of your competitors.

Hexowatch works silently in the background and updates you with any changes that occur over your website or the webiste you are keeping an eye on. The use of cases and constant monitoring helps in a lot of factors.

The monitoring is performed both internally and externally almost checks everything from visual changes to change in source code; this gives an overall better result in running your business.

They also offer live support, which keeps you in a better state if you encounter any queries. Hexowatch support system will be there for you in making you and your business a better version of it.

So from our perspective, Hexowatch is an excellent monitoring software and will help you monitor any website, either yours or your competitor, by running a check across them with the uppermost frequency of 5 minutes.

The plans offered from Hexowatch are tremendous, and you can choose from them, starting with a Free Plan to a Business+ Plan.

So get your website monitored with Hexowatch and notify you of any changes occurring in real-time.

Happy monitoring for a better you and a better business!!🚀🚀

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