Advertising is a big business in the world of digital marketing. The white label ad server market is growing rapidly because it allows companies to generate more revenue from the same amount of ad space and time.

“First of all, your ads must be engaging and not annoying. Stay in touch with your clients' intent signals. Customer experience will be a priority in 2022.” Says Anton Ruin, Co-founder & Chief Executive Office at Epom.

White label ad servers are becoming more popular as the digital advertising industry grows. They provide a way for publishers and brands to generate revenue from ads without investing in their own ad platform.

Advertisers can use white label ad servers to track the performance of their ads across all these platforms. They offer detailed analytics that helps them make informed decisions about which ads should be changed or removed from the platform.

There are many ad servers available in the online market. Marketers may find it hard to choose the best ad server for them.

Epom makes this search easier by providing cost-effective, reliable and exhaustive services. That helps your ads reach your audience and make you a ton of profit!

Interview with Epom CEO

Read our exclusive interview with the Co-founder & CEO of Epom to understand the significance and scope of white label ad servers.

Q.1 Could you tell us a little about your professional journey? What inspired you to establish Epom?

I started my professional career as a software developer at 19. So when my partners and I decided to found Epom, I already had about six years of extensive experience developing high-loaded systems in different positions, from junior software developer to CTO.

Ten years ago, there was no excellent SaaS ad serving solution on the market that would allow clients to serve billions of impressions at a reasonable cost, so we decided to occupy this niche.

The main inspiration to establish Epom 10 years ago was the opportunity to develop a complex, high-performance, scalable system that is easy to maintain and affordable for our clients.

Q.2 What were some challenges you faced while developing Epom?

The main challenge for developing ad serving products is constant market changes, so we should continually adapt our product to new industry regulations and emerging client needs.

Epom Interview

Q.3 What, according to you, is the scope of white-label ad servers?

There is nothing new here; our clients should be able to make our product appear as if they had made it. Usually, the ability to change domains, icons, images is enough. Also, there is always a possibility to request a custom feature development if the client has specific requirements.

Epom Interview with AFFTweaks

Q.4 What are the benefits of having a white-label DSP?

White-label DSP solutions allow uniting all activities in a single platform. You can connect any traffic sources you need instead of using the demand offered by a software provider. Thus, it minimizes the risks of bidding on the same impression through separate platforms and competing with your bids with one another. Providers have no margins; instead, an initial CPM without a bid markup is paid.

Epom CEO Interview

Additionally, clients can customize the platform according to their company's brand identity and create multiple accounts for their customers and partners using custom permissions.

Q.5 How are white-label ad servers better than developing an ad server from scratch?

It is the most challenging part of developing an ad server. To develop your ad server, you need to hire a team and invest a lot of money and time. And keep in mind that technical maintenance of your advertising network also requires human resources.

Anton Ruin Interview

Epom offers ready-made products with a vast toolkit. It's much more cost-effective than developing an ad server from scratch. Here, you only pay a monthly fee for a time-tested solution rather than having to spend millions on building it.

Not every business manages to do this and create such a range of extra tools and ad formats. Thus, we have developed a functional product that everyone can easily integrate and customize.

Q.6 Digital advertising is an ever-changing industry. Where do you see digital advertising in the next 5 years?

What I see now and what can influence the market – RTB market share still grows. OpenRTB 3.0 finally was adopted by some big companies on the market, constant CTV market growth, semi-monopoly of AppLovin on mob apps market after AdJust and MoPub acquiring, and the monopoly of big companies players like Google and Facebook, and further changes to protect user privacy.

The main challenges for tech companies like Epom will be connected with changes that big companies like Apple and Google adopt to protect user privacy. Namely, among them are GDPR, CCPA, Apple IDFA deprecation (SKAdN), depreciation of 3rd-party cookies in Safari and Firefox before 2022.

What's more important, depreciation of 3rd-party cookies in Chrome this year, maybe GAID depreciation in the next few years – all these changes require much work from our side to provide high-quality service for our ad server and DSP clients. Also, more machine learning algorithms will be present in different ad tech products.

Q.7 How does the Epom Ad Server white-label solution help scale businesses?

It allows you to control your advertising, from their placement and target to how they are optimized. You can also see a detailed report on each campaign's performance and manage your partners effectively. As a result, businesses get a headstart by having all the data at their fingertips and can see the complete picture of their advertising all at once, so budgets can be used better and conversions are higher.

What's more, it's possible to customize the platform to your needs and even request feature development if you lack something to achieve your goals.

Q.8 According to you, what is the most important feature in an ad tech stack?

I can't say that there is one most important product – it depends on your needs. We have clients who use only our ad server solution or only a DSP. On the other hand, we also have clients who use a full ad tech stack with SSP/DSP/ad serving/marketing attribution platform/etc., with their ML tool for analyzing analytics from all services.

But if we speak about the features taken separately from the product – advanced analytics and overall good performance of the product are the most important.

Q.9 What is one tip you'd like to give to someone who wants to start advertising online?

You could start with a self-serve DSP that usually offers connected traffic sources if you are new to advertising. It's convenient since you don't have to set up SSP endpoints yourself – everything is already set up for you.

Here, you just sign up, make a deposit and start buying traffic. Demand-side platforms are user-friendly, and the entry barriers are lower since the bidding occurs automatically thanks to programmatic technology.

In addition, the self-serve DSP reduces advertising costs for businesses because you pay nothing to the agencies but only for traffic and a small margin to the providers.

Q.10 What can someone do to make their ads reach more people?

First of all, your ads must be engaging and not annoying. Stay in touch with your clients' intent signals. Customer experience will be a priority in 2022. To engage users, you should offer a variety of display, mobile, in-app, and video ads.

It is especially effective to use cross-device targeting, where you show ads on one device and then on another – for example, mobile and desktop. Having multiple responsive ads will help you reach your target audience. The Epom Ad Server can help you reach the audience and fight banner blindness through the toolkit for crafting interactive rich media creatives.

Q.11 How important is cross-platform advertising?

Retargeting users via another platform is especially pertinent in the context of CTV – these devices can create brand awareness but are not so great at converting users. Therefore, we must retarget the audience on mobile or desktop to encourage them to click.

Interview of Anton Ruin

A range of rich media ad formats is available for maximizing user engagement across mobile and display platforms, including banners, expandable ads, corner peels, and many more. In short, cross-platform advertising engages users with dynamic content to maximize engagement rates. As a result, ads that can catch consumers' attention and impress will be the trend of 2022.

Q.12 What are your views on affiliate marketing?

There is more competition for live traffic and targeting users, but they are valuable now, and advertisers will pay more to reach them. As more and more product companies create their affiliate networks to generate traffic, advertisers become more involved in the process and the quality of leads.

Q.13 Do you think affiliate marketing and advertising complement each other? If so, how?

Advertising and affiliate marketing intertwine through various approaches to strengthen a brand's market position. While advertising is mainly accountable for branding, promo affiliates can help you determine your target audience and where to find them.

Q.14 AFFTweaks is a platform that marketers and affiliates widely read. Would you like to say a few lines to our readers?

A pandemic will undoubtedly increase the affiliate market. It should provide plenty of room for everyone. Competition and problems related to current traffic sources will expand with the influx of new people into this market. But I believe we will have new traffic sources as a result. Concerning verticals, I think very little will change. They have their audiences, which are unlikely to change.

Epom Ad Server allows for cross-channel advertising across multiple platforms such as mobile apps, websites, social media sites, etc. It allows for display, mobile apps, websites, and video ads. It was designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of digital marketers.

We hope you found this information interesting and informative. To experience Epom Ad Server for yourself, you can start your journey today!

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