The adult advertising network is day by day becoming more competitive due to the rapid growth of the porn industry. Previously, you may have seen some of the best adult ad network reviews here. Again in this post, we have featured JuicyAds review that includes its detailed insights like features, benefits, etc.

The adult industry is gaining popularity and becoming more than just a passive source of income for affiliates and advertisers. Both of them need to go with the best for their business. And right now, there is nothing better than the JuicyAds adult Ad network.

JuicyAds is getting the highest favorable reviews from both publishers and advertisers. It has built the relationships, tools, targeting, and anti-fraud capabilities to empower you to succeed. All these features are wrapped into a single, simple to use, self-serving platform called JuicyAds.

If you are a well-to-do spender and self-service is not your thing, you can always sit back and let their dedicated account manager handle your campaign completely. Those managers are considered to be some of the most well-known associates in the industry.

JuicyAds Advertising Network Details Upfront – Goldmine for Publishers & Advertisers

For Publishers:

Minimum Payout$25
Commission TypeCPC, CPM, CPA
Payment FrequencyUpon request made, Bi-Weekly (ACH), Monthly (wire), Weekly (paypal, paxum, epayservice), 
Payment MethodPaxum, PayPal, ePayService, ACH (min. $100), Wire (min. $500)

For Advertisers:

Ad FormatBanner, Popunder, Native
Cost ModelCPC, CPM
Minimum Deposit$50
Payment MethodPaxum, PayPal, Credit Card, Wire (min. $1000)
Top GeoUK
Daily Impression600 Million
Top VerticalDating, Adult, Cam, Gambling, Gaming,

Detailed JuicyAds Review

JuicyAds Review

With its name, you get to know about the theme of this network. JuicyAds is a sexy advertising network that takes care of all your advertising needs. In other words, it is a marketplace for publishers to increase their revenue by renting their space to advertisers. Publishers allow the advertisers to run their campaigns in their area.

They specialize in Banner Ads, Native Advertising, and PopUnders. This platform is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to test new traffic sources.

But, JuicyAds is a dedicated adult network and offers its services strictly in that niche. But they offer every other ad type, which is a huge advantage for publishers and advertisers. Other than this, JuicyAds offers advertisers to manage their platform either self-service or full-service.

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Key Features of JuicyAds Ad Network

JuicyAds ad network offers a lot of features to both publishers and advertisers. We can confidently say that there is no other platform in the adult ad network category that offers such features.

Features of JuicyAds Ad Network

In its latest update, JuicyAds has had an addition of new features as well as has even introduced a new version of a few already existing features.

The latest update includes easier payment methods that will provide a secured credit card transaction and will also have the information saved for the future so that you don't have to re-enter the details of your card, every time you do a transaction.

Also, now you won't have to worry about the balance of your account, as the website will now provide an AutoRefill option when your balance hits a low margin. This option is fully configurable and you have total control over it.

The Adistant beta version, a rule based optimization tool is now available for everyone using the Adult Advertising Network. Along with that, the Tracking Pixels tool, which is basically a sales measuring tool has been enhanced and also moved to new URLs with more logging capabilities as well as manual insertion of traffic source identifiers like ‘zoneid.’

JuicyAds has now also updated its dashboard for both advertisers and publishers making it much easy to understand, and also giving it a new refreshed look. The advertisement network has now got an Adzone management area, a simpler banner image manager, and an improved bids system for banner campaigns.

Talking about the interface, it has got the latest updated efficiencies, better language character support, and the latest ‘Manage My Ads' area that can be modified as per your needs depending on date range, and column sorting, and can even tweak the visualization of traffic data. The website has even got a newly redesigned marketplace. 

We are listing some of the features below:

Features for Publishers

Features for Advertisers

Other than the above features, there are many more available for publishers and advertisers.

Reasons to Go with JuicyAds Ad Network

This is true that JuicyAds has a lot to offer to both publishers and advertisers. Whether you are considering Buy or Run of a network, there is a solution for everyone! Advertisers trust JuicyAds to deliver quality traffic and provide the best anti-fraud protection.

JuicyAds Review Features (2)
JuicyAds Coupon

Your profit matters to them. Therefore while using JuicyAds, you just sit back, relax, get juicy and make money with JuicyAds.

👉 Steps to Get Started with JuicyAds Ad Network

Joining JuicyAds is even easier than charging your phone. You do not need to wait to join this incredible platform; click on the below link to fill JuicyAds form now.

JuicyAds ad network is very active in taking responses to the joining process. That is why they have an effortless way to make someone join the network. Their team is always there to support you if you face any difficulty during the joining process.

  • Click on the above link. That link will redirect you to JuicyAd's joining page.
  • Fill the detail form given and wait for the confirmation mail in your email.
  • The backend team of JuicyAds will approve your account in the minimum time possible.

Once you are done with the signup process, you will get the Javascript code. You need to insert the same Javascript code into your site or blog. It depends on your choice you want how many pop-up ads to display on your banner. On the other hand, the Javascript code is fully automated, so you will need to customize anything.

After dealing with the above steps, your site will be ready to use. Once you put the code on your site or blog, your earning will start the very next morning.

JuicyAds Ad Network Requirement for Publisher

Although JuicyAds is strictly an adult ad network, it also accepts non-adult websites. So basically, they JuicyAds does not have any minimum requirement criteria fit for the publishers. But they make sure that you are not involved in any illegal activity, and no frauds should be going through it.

JuicyAds Publishers Dashboard

JuicyAds publisher dashboard is pretty much easy to use and serves better user experience for getting started overall. Here are some of the points and features that are worth mentioning.

As a publisher, you can access your dashboard through the ‘Sell Ads' tab on the upper toolbar. This tab gives you access to all the tools you need to manage your advertising campaigns and maximize your profits.

JuicyAds Publishers Dashboard

When you add a website to our platform, you'll need to specify the type of content (e.g. blog, media, video streaming, etc.), its content rating (ranging from safe for work to hardcore), and the website’s niche (games, general, or a range of adult niches). This information allows us to ensure your website is appropriately categorized and available to the right audience.

JuicyAds Add a Website

As you can see from the image mentioned above, the website is unverified, so you might wanna need to get your website verified to move along with the publishing operations. Once you have completed the process of adding your website, you are all set to make your way around choosing the ad format which is basically categorized on the basis of Banner ads, Popunders and Liquidfire.

JuicyAds Unit Details for Advertisements

Primarily, JuicyAds offers only two types of ad units. One is PopUnders, and the other one is Banner ad. Below is the list of sizes of ad banners.

JuicyAds Unit

Other than this, they also offer a LiquidFire ad type that works well with the mobile traffic based on a CPA basis.

JuicyAds Ads Payment Proof

While doing this JuicyAds review, we did find that the Publishers can make money out of their JuicyAds account if they reach the minimum earning of $25. This condition is for digital payments, available through Paxum, PayPal and Payoneer. But for cheque payments, the minimum amount is $100, and for wire payments, it is $500 minimum. 

The one thing which we like about it is that every payment is available on request. But they have mandated a schedule that prevents these from being paid immediately. The digital payments are made every Friday, and publishers and requests must be submitted by Wednesday. Also, the Cheque payments are made on the 1st and 16th of every month, and the Wire Payments are made on the first week of every month.

Also, the charges do apply to the transactions made through Payoneer and cheque. On PayPal, there is a $2.50 fee attached to each payment, plus a 2% charge for the money loaded onto the platform. On Paxum, the fee is about $3.50, whereas $35 is applied on wire transfers. So in each of the cases, the publishers should click on ‘Request Payment‘ to receive their payouts.

JuicyAds Ads Terms & Conditions

Well, JuicyAds has numerous terms and conditions which the publishers have to follow if they have to stay on this platform. Following are the actions which are banned:

  • The websites that present “no value to visitors,” or an “excessive” number of ads, or domains that contain “mostly ads.”
  • All the Click Fraud and other types of manipulations are designed to extract money from advertising. 
  • Content that features violence, hate-mongering, and illegal money-making schemes. 
  • Also, websites that promote illegal activity like distributing viruses, bomb-making, malicious code etc. 
  • The Editing of the ad code given by JuicyAds. If in case the publishers have any questions, they are required to go through the platform and resolve their issues.

And if the publishers break any of the rules above, JuicyAds have the right to suspend or even remove their account, regardless of how much money they owe.

Well, in terms of other helpful information, JuicyAds currently does not have any solution for ad-blocking technology which can stop publishers from earning money via users blocking their ads. But the site is aware of the potential threat posed by this and is constantly working on a system that might help the publishers in the future.

JuicyAds also admits that a “good chunk” of its publishers comes from the adult category. But then, non-adult websites are also allowed to earn money through their network. Also, there are specific rules about the profile of the publishers, but each account holder should be 18 years and above.

JuicyAds Ads Customer Support

The customer support offered by JuicyAds is quite decent, where the publishers can get support in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Also, there is a translator function in JuicyAds' which is there in the chat interface that can help answer questions in other languages as well.

JuicyAds Customer Support

Plus, JuicyAds also offer a 24/7 live support function through the platform's dedicated Help Center. So if you have any issues about more technical issues, you can avail the ticket service, which connects the publishers to the technical support staff. The Publishers can also get in contact with the company via the JuicyAds site and also with responses issued by email.

JuicyAds Ads Affiliate Program – How does it work? 

JuicyAds also offers quite an attractive referral program which allows all of its publishers to make more money from their platform. 

Each of the publishers which are referred to the platform, the site that made the connection, can earn 20% of JuicyAds commission on direct ad sales.

While another platform only offers a commission between 5-10%, JuciyAds does provide a much more significant percentage which can benefit all of its publishers who use their referral programs.

What are the CPM Rates Offered by JuicyAds? 

JuicyAds AdultPopunder CPM

Juicy Ads Minimum Deposit  – What are the Campaign's Minimum Deposits in JuicyAds?

As you have successfully loaded your JuicyAds account, the next step which you come across is to choose the type of advertising you wish to buy.

Well, for this, you can request a Popunder campaign or a Banner campaign. You can also browse their Marketplace to buy ad space directly on a specific website.

Following are the Minimum Deposit Requirements for Specific Ad Types:

  • $50 minimum Deposit: Direct buy (pre-paid flat rate method, prices may vary) 
  • $100 Minimum Deposit: Run of Network (RON) Banner Campaign (CPC or CPM) 
  • $100 Minimum Deposit: Popunder Campaign (CPM Only)

How to Load Funds to Your Account on JuicyAds? 

While we did this JuicyAds review, we found that the fastest way to add funds to your account is by clicking on the Wallet icon on your account's top right-hand side.

When you wish to load your account, you are expected to first verify your phone number, and also, there are certain ad types that do require higher deposits.

After you click on the Wallet Icon, you will be redirected to their payment page. Here as well, with each payment method, there are different instructions, so make sure you read all of them and then choose the method. 

Currently, JuicyAds accept the following payment options to load your account:

  • $50 minimum purchase required for Credit Card.
  • $50 minimum purchase required for Paypal and Paxum.
  • $1000 purchase required for Wire Transfer which will be credited to your account in a timely manner. You can also contact your account manager or support for their Wire details.

How Much can You Earn as a JuicyAds Publisher? 

We know that many of you might be wondering about this question. Now let's try to find an answer to it. JuicyAds does not offer minimum or fixed CPM/CPC rates. Instead, they term their platform as an active bidding one where several factors go into how you make money, as each website has its own unique traffic flow. Now let's have a deeper insight into how JuicyAds can determine how much money you make as a publisher. 

Advertiser bids: These bids on traffic to their website's unsold adspace. JuicyAds internal proprietary algorithms will ensure that the highest paying ads will be displayed on your website. Also, some ads pay per click (CPC), and others may pay per 1000 impressions (CPM). Also, these Advertiser Bids can change daily or even hour to hour. 

Traffic geos: In certain countries, there is a high demand than in others. Also, Higher demands mean more earnings as well. One general phenomenon is that if you drive traffic to your site from the US, UK, CA, and other English-speaking (Tier 1) countries, then you will receive higher pay. But that does not mean that you are paid less for the traffic from Tire 2 countries. 

Which advertisers are displayed on your site: You must remember that not all advertiser's ads will be displayed on your site. Some advertisers only want to be displayed on specific sites and adzones. Whereas some advertisers only want to run their ads on sites with specific niches that match up well with their campaigns. Also, the ads displayed on your website are targeted specifically for your traffic based on their advertiser's demand, which can pay you more or, at times, less as well.

What happens when you get outbid on JuicyAds?

The advertisers who choose to outbid start an auction for the spot. Anyone can start an auction or join in the bidding of a current auction. Also, the current advertiser can even counter-bid against the new advertiser if they choose. Also, the advertisers would be notified anytime a new bid is placed, and you will also have an opportunity to counter-bid.

The bidding will continue up until 48hrs before the ad expires. Then the winner of the Outbid Auction will get the ad space after the current advertisers' time expires for the amount of time and the price which was established at the auction.

Can anyone participate in the Auction?

In order to participate in the Outbid Auction and place an outbid auction bid, you must have a feedback rating of 100. If you have a rating below 100, then you cannot participate in the outbid process.

💡 Will Chrome Block JuicyAds? – Million Dollar Question 

There is growing confusion among many of the users of JuicyAds as Google’s latest steps into adblocking that recently launched.

But we should understand the latest announcement by Google properly. 

Chrome plans to increase the blocking of ads on websites that display a large number of bad-quality ads. Also, Chrome has already been giving notice before blocking advertising for Publishers running PopUp ads. The Chrome Blocking will affect those publishers who choose advertising networks that are low in quality or those networks that allow Publishers to “opt-in” for Google non-compliant ads. So, in this case, Chrome can turn off those ads. Also, websites that are not compliant with the set of standards for ads are from the Coalition for better ads. 

But JuicyAds has taken a hard line against these types of ads and does not allow them. They also have pushed advertisers to provide them with only complaint ads, which are also of good quality. The compliance can include the re-review of every single image in their network. They have also allowed Publishers to block any campaign from their websites with just copy-and-paste of the ad link.

Top FAQ on JuicyAds Review

What is JuicyAds?

JuicyAds is a web-based advertising company that specializes in banner ads, native advertising, and PopUnders.

Is it possible to have multiple JuicyAds accounts?

We advise you to use only one account. However, we understand that certain circumstances may necessitate the opening of a second account.

Can I buy and sell ads with the same account?

Yes. When you create an account, you will be able to sell and buy ads. All earnings (or account loads) are deposited into your account balance, where they can be spent or withdrawn.

How does JuicyAds deal with fraud?

JuicyAds has strict anti-fraud policies in place. On both the Publisher and Advertiser sides, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for any form of fraud.

Are there any banner limitations for publishers in JuciyAds?

JuicyAds does not have any specific number of banners that limit your use on your website. But they do ask that you use judgment and don't overuse the ads. A general rule of thumb that they expect the publishers to follow is not to exceed the number of ads placed on your page over content, as the sites which have excessive ads or banners can be removed or suspended from their network.

How to sign up with JuicyAds?

Signing up with JuicyAds is quite easy and fast. Following are the simple steps which you should follow:
Step 1: Visit the JuicyAds Official website and fill in your details. 
Step 2: Verify your email 
Step 3: After verifying your email, you can add your website and verify it by copying a small code in your website's header.

What kind of CPMS can be earned with JuicyAds? 

The best part about JuicyAds is that the publishers are paid in a combination of all the three payment modules, i.e., CPC, CPM, and CPA, which can be based on the advertiser's choice. Also, the publishers cannot choose their payment method. So if an advertiser pays via CPA, the publisher will also be paid per action.

How to delete the JuicyAds account permanently?

JuicyAds respects its users' privacy and is also committed to protecting their personal data. So if you wish to close your JuicyAds account and delete your personal data, you will have to contact their live support if available or open a support ticket. You can also speak to their Account Managers who can help you. As your request gets processed, you will be notified by email.

JuicyAds on Twitter

JuicyAds on Twitter

Conclusion: JuicyAds Review 2024 | Should you really go for this adult ad network?

There are many adult ad networks available around us, but we need to make sure that we are choosing nothing but the best for our business. And we are pretty confident that JuicyAds will allow you to expand your horizons and make immense passive income without making you invest much.

With this, it is time to conclude our JuicyAds review here. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to the article, please mention them in the comments section down below.🙂

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