Are you among those few individuals for whom managing multiple online accounts without restrictions has become a necessity?

Among a whole bunch of anti-detect browsers, MultiLogin has emerged as an excellent Anti-detect brower that allows users to access multiple accounts in one session via virtual browser profiles and has been a game-changer in Affiliate Marketing.

However, despite its extensive functionality and security features, there are reasons one might consider looking for alternatives. High cost, device compatibility issues, and customer service concerns are some of the factors that might prompt users to explore other options. But, before that let’s have a quick overview of MultiLogin and some of its features that can help you in better comparison.

πŸ‘€ Quick Glance Over MultiLogin

Multilogin is a top-rated antidetect browser that has built a reputation for its reliability and robust support infrastructure. It allows users to create multiple unrelated profiles for online activities, each with their own digital fingerprint. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to manage multiple online profiles, as it allows for quick profile creation and customization of each setting. Some of the key features offered by MultiLogin include:

  • Quick profile creation with the ability to customize each setting.
  • Supports team collaboration, allowing users to invite teammates, share profiles, etc.
  • Offers automation with headless browsers.
  • Provides an API-first approach.
  • Allows users to create local profiles that store profile data on the device.
  • Offers new team member roles for controlling access to browser profiles.
  • Provides workspaces for separating work projects and switching between them.
  • Includes a trash bin feature for organizing browser profiles.

🌐 16 Best MultiLogin Alternatives with Extensive Functionality

Let's explore how these MultiLogin alternatives can offer similar, or even superior, features at a more affordable price or with better customer service.

Name of the BrowserStarts from
AdsPower$9 per month
GoLogin$49 per month
Incognition$29.99 per month
OctoBrowser€29 per month
ClonBrowser$29 per month
X Browser by SmartproxyFree to Use
ixBrowserFree to Use$49 per month
Ghost Browser$21/month
Dolphin Anty$89/month$8.99 per month
Lalicat $59/month

1. AdsPower


Topping as the #1 MultiLogin Alternative, AdsPower has acquired the status of leading antidetect browser designed for managing multiple accounts while ensuring maximum online anonymity protection. This browser is dedicated to online privacy and excels in providing added browser fingerprint management capabilities. It allows users to create virtual browser profiles, each appearing as a unique and separate device with distinct fingerprints.

AdsPower supports Local API, which enables reading and writing account configuration information, opening and closing browsers, and searching for accounts. It can also work in conjunction with Selenium and Puppeteer to execute browser operations automatically.

Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower through a selection of Local API and RPA robots. It also provides complete team collaboration features, such as Group Management and Permission Management, making it an ideal tool for large teams or businesses handling numerous accounts.

Key Features of Adspower

  • Supports Local API for automation and account management
  • Provides browser fingerprint management capabilities
  • Offers automation through Local API and RPA robot
  • Includes team collaboration features likeΒ Group ManagementΒ and Permission Management
  • Allows creation of virtual browser profiles
  • Provides multilingual and expert support

Adspower Pricing Plans

AdsPower offers a completely free version with 2 profiles, and paid versions start from only $9 per month (Basic plan), and $50 per month (Pro).

2. Kameleo


Kameleo is a powerful profile management and affiliate marketing tool that provides a stealth browsing platform for users. It is designed to help users manage multiple accounts on the same website through the use of unlimited virtual browser profiles.

Kameleo's technology allows users to alter the browser fingerprint for each virtual browser profile, making websites assume that different browsers are being used from different devices and locations. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to maintain multiple online identities or conduct affiliate marketing activities without triggering account bans.

Kameleo also offers Intelligent Canvas Spoofing Technology, which helps users bypass the latest bot detection systems. Furthermore, Kameleo supports automation, allowing users to control their virtual browser profiles with their favorite automation frameworks, such as Selenium, Puppeteer, or Playwright.

Key Features of Kameleo

  • Browser fingerprint protection
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Easy profile management
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxy connections
  • Help Center & Ticket Support
  • Cookie Import & Export
  • Mobile device browser fingerprinting

Kameleo Pricing

Kameleo offers three pricing plans: Basic at €59/user/month, Advanced at €89/user/month, and Automation at €199/user/month.

3. GoLogin


GoLogin is a powerful antidetect browser that allows users to surf the web anonymously without being identified or banned. It is designed to help users avoid detection while scraping websites by allowing them to rotate IP addresses, browser fingerprints, user agents, and more. GoLogin is not just a safe browser, but it also stands out from other privacy tools as websites see it like regular Chrome, making it unique.

GoLogin is a software that lets you hide and control your digital fingerprint by spoofing all parameters that sites can see. By masking these settings, you can imitate a real Internet identity to bypass anti-fraud systems. GoLogin helps you create a large number of profiles and each of them will have its own digital fingerprint. These profiles do not overlap with each other, so websites will not ban your accounts. This can be useful for performing various tasks on the Internet.

GoLogin is also a convenient ecosystem for effective teamwork. It allows you to share profiles and proxies and assign rights to each team member. Each browser profile is located in the cloud separately, providing the protection of your data and web anonymity.

Key Features of GoLogin

  • GoLogin allows easy insertion of proxies in the domain:port:login: password format.
  • Quick settings for easy editing of fingerprints.
  • Allows to export all profile settings and cookies to a document.
  • Offers Android fingerprint support
  • GoLogin has added saving of sessions to their Orbita browser.
  • Proxies can be used with multiple profiles.
  • GoLogin allows forΒ API integrationΒ for routine tasks.
  • GoLogin allows for easy import/export of cookies.
  • Cloud data storage and profile sync for cooperation.

GoLogin Pricing

GoLogin offers various pricing plans. The “Professional” plan costs $49 per month or $294 annually, the “Business” plan costs $99 per month or $594 annually, and the “Enterprise” plan costs $199 per month or $1194 annually.

4. Incognition


Incogniton is a renowned anti-detect browser that offers a unique solution for managing multiple online profiles while maintaining privacy and avoiding detection. It is designed to simulate different profiles across many accounts, all within a single device and browser.

Incogniton is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to remain anonymous online, allowing users to establish unique virtual browser profiles to manage several user accounts from a single web browser. It shields users from unauthorized browser fingerprinting detection, making it an ideal tool for tasks such as affiliate marketing, job recruitment, online businesses, journalism, web scraping, web development, and marketing.

Incognition Key Features

  • Incogniton provides a feature to store different profile data.
  • Elenium Python Integration to automate tasks and browser operations.
  • Users can synchronize their profiles and data across multiple devices.
  • Import and Export the cookies from each browser profile.

Incognition Pricing

Incognition offers various pricing packages starting from $29.99 per month for the Entrepreneur package, $79.99 per month for the Professional package, and $149.99 per month for the Multinational package. There is also a free package available.

5. OctoBrowser


OctoBrowser is an excellent antidetect browser which is certainly one of the good alternatives to MultiLogin to handle multi-accounting tasks for a wide range of services, including Amazon, CoinList, Facebook, TikTok, Google, and Winline. It allows users to create and manage an unlimited number of profiles, each with a unique fingerprint, enabling seamless navigation across multiple accounts without triggering security protocols.

Octo Browser supports all popular proxy types, including HTTPS, SOCKS5, and SSH, and integrates with third-party solutions for changing IPs. It also offers features like cookie import in JSON and Netscape formats and a built-in cookie robot for automated cookie collection in parallel headless mode. The browser is currently available only on desktop platforms, including Windows, MacOS, and LinuxBeta.

Key Features of OctoBrowser

  • Ability to create and manage an unlimited number of profiles with unique fingerprints
  • Supports all popular proxy types: HTTPS, SOCKS5, SSH.
  • Built-in cookie robot for automated cookie collection in parallel headless mode
  • Ability to import cookies in JSON and Netscape formats
  • Compatibility with desktop platforms: Windows, MacOS, and LinuxBeta
  • Regular updates to match the current Chromium version

OctoBrowser Pricing

OctoBrowser offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs. The pricing for these plans starts from €29 for the Starter plan and goes up to €329 for the Advanced plan. Custom plans are also available, starting at €429 per month.

6. ClonBrowser


ClonBrowser is a leading Anti-detect Fingerprint Browser that offers a secure and efficient solution for managing multiple user accounts across various platforms. It uses advanced encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of user account assets. Over the past five years, ClonBrowser has been the choice of more than 20,000 users worldwide, providing a secure environment for managing accounts on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, and Web3, among others.

ClonBrowser is designed to solve the common challenges faced by users when managing multiple accounts on different platforms. It provides an independent browsing environment for each account, ensuring that data from one account does not interfere with another. This feature is particularly useful for businesses managing multiple accounts on social and sales platforms like Facebook and Amazon.

ClonBrowser also emphasizes efficiency and teamwork. It allows for profile sharing within a team, enabling easy control over team members' access to the browser profile. This feature, combined with ClonBrowser's ability to run multiple accounts across various platforms, makes it a powerful tool for e-commerce and social marketing.

Key Features of ClonBrowser

  • Secure management of multiple accounts
  • Independent browsing environment for each account
  • Profile sharing within a team
  • Supports running multiple accounts across various platforms
  • Integrated proxy support
  • Anti-fingerprint technology

ClonBrowser Pricing

ClonBrowser offers a “Co-creation” edition at $29 per month along with Professional Edition at $99/month and an Enterprise Edition for $299/month.

7. MoreLogin


MoreLogin is an advanced anti-detect browser designed to help users maintain their online privacy and manage multiple accounts across various platforms. The browser focuses on providing a secure and anonymous browsing experience, allowing users to create multiple browser fingerprints and manage thousands of online accounts with ease. MoreLogin is suitable for a wide range of applications, including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency transactions, and social media management.

The MoreLogin browser offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring that users can easily navigate and manage their accounts without any hassle. With its state-of-the-art technology, MoreLogin ensures that your online activities remain private and secure, making it an ideal solution for those looking to protect their online identity and manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Key Features of MoreLogin

  • Virtual browser fingerprinting: Create multiple browser fingerprints to use multiple accounts at once without being detected.
  • Improved security: High-level security features to protect your online identity and keep your multi-account activities private.
  • Team collaboration to work on the same project with team members simultaneously.
  • Offers a free version with limited features, as well as customizable paid plans.
  • Data monitoring to Track data usage and manage costs effectively.

MoreLogin Pricing

MoreLogin offers a free plan with limited features, as well as a Base plan starting at $9/month.

8. X Browser

X Browser

X Browser, developed by Smartproxy, is a multi-session browser that offers anonymous fingerprint profiles. This tool is designed to enhance your online anonymity by providing unique fingerprints for each profile, making it difficult for websites to link these profiles to one another or your device. It's a powerful tool for managing multiple browser profiles, each with unique fingerprints, which prevents websites from linking these profiles to one another or your device.

The X Browser is a multi-profile management tool that helps you stay undetected online. It's designed to bypass restrictions and avoid bans, making it an ideal tool for eCommerce, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing agencies. With X Browser, you can manage multiple unique accounts without being limited by geographical boundaries or specific market segments.

Key Features of X Browser

  • Ability to create, edit, delete, and duplicate secure browser profiles with unique fingerprints.
  • Seamless task automation for account creation, merchant activities, purchases, profile creation, etc.
  • Data sync across all devices.
  • Native in-built tool designed and developed to fit Smartproxy proxies perfectly.
  • Custom start page and unlimited profiles.
  • Quickly connect profiles and sync with the dashboard.
  • One-click proxy integration.

X Browser Pricing

Smartproxy's X Browser is free and available with any active residential proxy type subscription.

9. ixBrowser


ixBrowser is a powerful and free anti-detect browser that offers advanced functionality to control your digital fingerprint parameters and create unlimited profiles for your multi-accounts. It is designed to help users maintain anonymity on the internet by creating a fake fingerprint for the browser configuration file, which is tracked instead of the real one. This unique feature makes it different from mainstream anti-detect browsers, which often require users to purchase configuration files.

ixBrowser is not just an alternative to MultiLogin, but also a well-aligned and managed ecosystem that supports multi-account management and effective teamwork. It provides a separate browser profile for each account, allowing users to manage multiple accounts from a single interface.

Moreover, it offers a convenient platform for team management, where the team leader can set group member permissions, assign files, and facilitate mutual transfer between team members. The browser also ensures the security of user data by storing data from browser profiles securely in the cloud server.

Key Features of ixBrowser

  • Custom Fingerprints to create distinct profiles for each separate account.
  • Securely stores data from browser profiles in the cloud server.
  • Supports multi-role collaborative operation, allowing accounts to be assigned to multiple people to manage at the same time.
  • Supports All Browser Extensions.
  • Operate your traffic arbitrage with ease.

ixBrowser Pricing

ixBrowser offers unlimited profile creation, and all functions are free to use.

10. is an overpowered antidetection browser designed to facilitate safe business operations and anonymous web surfing on the Internet. Developed on the Chromium basis, it offers a comprehensive set of tools to protect user privacy and automate work with content. The browser is continuously evolving, with daily enhancements to its functionality and capabilities. is particularly beneficial for users who require a high level of privacy and security, such as those involved in multi-accounting in social networks or those who need to protect their online activities from anti-fraud systems. The browser's unique features and advanced technology make it a reliable tool for maintaining online privacy and security.

Key Features of

  • regularly updates its browser.
  • Incorporates advanced fingerprint spoofing techniques into the Chromium kernel.
  • Users are given a choice of free configurations, with the option to purchase additional configurations.
  • Allows for the unlimited creation and storage of local browser profiles.
  • Offers improved anonymity features, including the ability to choose the CPU and memory for your browser. Pricing offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Free plan costs $0 per month, the Base plan costs $49 per month, and the Professional plan costs $99 per month.

11. Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is a unique web browser designed to enhance productivity and privacy for its users. It was created to address the limitations and intrusions of other available browsers, with a focus on those who rely heavily on the web for their work. The browser is built on Chromium, ensuring a strong community focus on security, and allowing users to install any Chrome extensions they already use. Ghost Browser is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and was developed by a dynamic international team.

The browser is designed to “glide smoothly and effortlessly” through the workday, allowing users to focus on their tasks in a private, clutter-free environment. Ghost Browser does not track users' browsing history, ensuring privacy and preventing targeted ads. The browser is available in both free and premium versions, with the premium version offering extended features and priority customer support.

Key Features of Ghost Browser

  • Multi-session browsing to manage multiple accounts from one window, which is particularly useful for managing multiple social media profiles.
  • Identities features allow users to create isolated browser personas with confidence.
  • Each Identity can have aΒ different IP addressΒ and permanent cookie jars and settings.
  • Ghost Browser has key anti-tracking mechanisms that users can toggle on or off.
  • Spoofing scaling of fonts to prevent font fingerprinting.
  • Preventing WebRTC leaks
  • Disabling WebGL to prevent device fingerprinting
  • Preventing HTML5 Canvas Fingerprinting.
  • Assign a different proxy to each tab or Identity.

Ghost Browser Pricing

Ghost Browser offers both free and premium versions. The premium plans include two different plans, the Basic Plan ($21/month), and Pro Plan ($46/month).

12. Accovod


Accovod is a secure browser designed to manage multiple accounts in one place. It is a comprehensive tool that caters to various needs such as traffic arbitrage and social media marketing. The browser is designed to increase your reach with multi-accounts, making it easier to manage your ad accounts and promote your social media profiles.

Accovod's simple and convenient interface allows for easy management of your profiles, making it a go-to solution for individuals and businesses alike. The browser is equipped with a range of useful features that simplify the process of working with multi-accounts. Accovod is not just a browser, but a complete solution for managing multiple accounts securely and efficiently.

Key Features of Accovod

  • Simple and convenient interface for managing profiles
  • Useful features for working with multi-accounts
  • Fingerprint protection
  • Support and updates
  • Team sharing and synchronization for cloud profiles

Accovod Pricing Plans

Accovod offers a 30-day license for its software. The pricing includes unlimited local saved profiles, fingerprint protection, support, and updates. There is no auto-renewal for the license. The paid plans offered by Accovod include a Local plan ($25/month) and a Cloud plan ($35/yr).

13. Loginways


Securing a safe spot of the #13 Multi Login Alternative, Loginways is a browser designed for managing multiple profiles in a single program window, providing users with a seamless experience while working with different accounts. Each profile in Loginways has its own data, settings, and unique fingerprints, making it impossible to detect and ensuring protection against multi-account bans. The browser is built on the Chromium engine, which is known for its reliability and speed.

Loginways supports various proxy types, including HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5, with or without authorization, allowing users to assign a proxy to each profile and hide their real IP address. Profiles are automatically synchronized and accessible at any time from any Mac or Windows computer, making it convenient for users to manage their accounts across devices.

Additionally, Loginways features a cookie manager, enabling users to safely export and import cookies for their accounts. With over 12,500 profiles already managed in Loginways, it has become a popular choice for users seeking a multi-profile browser solution.

Key Features of Loginways

  • Multiple browser profiles in one program window
  • Unique fingerprint for each profile
  • Fingerprint protection against multi-account bans
  • Supports HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxies
  • Proxy assignment for each profile
  • Built on the Chromium browser engine
  • Automatic profile synchronization across devices
  • Cookie manager for safe cookie export and import

Loginways Pricing Plans

Loginways offers three pricing plans: $35/month for 150 profiles, $70/month for 500 profiles, and $150/month for 2,000 profiles, with each plan including a unique fingerprint per profile and sync between computers.

14. Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is a cutting-edge anti-detect browser designed specifically for affiliate marketing purposes. It is a tool that allows users to manage multiple online accounts securely with virtual browser profiles. Dolphin Anty has been recognized for its functionality, outperforming many other antidetect browsers on the market. It has a convenient and intuitive interface, real fingerprints of browser profiles, and the ability to work with browsers in command.

The browser has already stood the test of time and established itself in the leading positions in the market. It is praised for its nice design, stability, and free access. Dolphin Anty is also noted for its compatibility with different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it a versatile tool for users across different platforms.

Key Features of Dolphin Anty

  • Ability to manage thousands of online accounts with secure virtual browser profiles
  • Real fingerprints of browser profiles
  • Ability to work with browsers in command
  • Convenient and intuitive interface
  • Compatibility with different operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dolphin Anty Pricing Plans

Dolphin Anty offers 4 different pricing plans including the free plan, base plan ($89/month), team plan ($159/month), and Enterprise plan ($299/month).


Rounding off at #15 as a MultiLogin alternative, is an innovative technology that offers a unique solution for managing multiple accounts on the same website. It was introduced in 2015 as a Chrome extension and has since evolved into a standalone application known as SessionBox One. This tool is designed to provide robust profile isolation and browser fingerprint protection, enhancing online security by guarding against the exposure of digital footprints.

SessionBox One is a fusion of advanced technologies from SessionBox Workstation and SessionBox Legacy, offering a unified browsing experience across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. It is particularly useful for marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and digital nomads who need to manage multiple accounts, avoid geo-restrictions, and run automation tasks without limitations. is developed with security in mind, ensuring that all user profiles are encrypted and decrypted on the user's device, and no sensitive data is sent to their servers without encryption. The platform also supports advanced automation through Selenium, a standard framework for web automation.

Key Features of

  • Robust profile isolation and browser fingerprint protection
  • Works seamlessly with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers
  • Supports advanced automation through Selenium
  • Offers a unified browsing experience
  • Provides secure profile-sharing options
  • Supports local, synced, and temporary profiles
  • Offers fingerprint protection and automation in premium plans Pricing Plans offers several pricing plans. The Hobby plan is priced at $8.99 per month, the Professional plan at $59.99 per month, and the Teams plan at $99.99 per month. They also offer an Enterprise plan with dedicated support, the pricing of which can be obtained by contacting their account managers.

16. Lalicat


Lalicat is a cutting-edge antidetect browser designed to help users manage multiple accounts without being associated and banned. It achieves this by creating multiple virtual browser profiles, each with its own unique fingerprint. This allows users to simulate multiple hardware devices, such as PCs and cellphones, and isolate cookies and local storage for each browser profile. This prevents accounts from being linked by using the same browser fingerprint.

Lalicat's browser automation capabilities allow users to perform tasks automatically in the browser profiles, and it supports a local API interface function for further automation. The browser is particularly useful for managing thousands of SMM accounts with varied browser profiles in customized native fingerprints. It also allows users to share account profiles with team members, making it a valuable tool for team collaboration.

Key Features of Lalicat

  • Multi-Account Anti Association Management with different fingerprints.
  • Lalicat supports Local API to automate different functionalities.
  • Lalicat allows users to share account profiles with team members.
  • Supports the simulation of various mobile device environments, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Microsoft Lumia.
  • Lalicat supports the use of proxies, including popular services like 911 S5 Proxy/VPN.

Lalicat Pricing Plans

Lalicat offers several pricing plans, including Personal for $59/month, Solo for $99/month, Team for $209/month, and Scale for $499/month. All plans are available for a 1-month duration, with an extra 7-day bonus for a 3-month payment.

Ethical Practices of Anti-Detect Browsers

Anti-detect browsers, also known as stealth browsers, are designed to provide users with a higher level of privacy and security by preventing websites from identifying and tracking their online activities.

While these browsers can be used for unethical and illegal activities, they also have legitimate and ethical uses. Here are some of the ethical practices associated with anti-detect browsers:

  • Cybersecurity: Anti-detect browsers can serve as a means of cybersecurity. They help protect users from malicious elements on the internet, such as hackers who might want to gain access to their data. By masking the user's original device's fingerprint and assigning a different fingerprint to each browsing instance, these browsers make it difficult for malicious entities to track or identify users.
  • Anonymity: Anti-detect browsers allow users to browse the internet anonymously. This can be particularly useful for individuals who wish to protect their privacy or those who live in countries with restricted internet access. Anonymity can also support freedom of expression, allowing users to access information that might be restricted due to political or religious reasons.
  • Digital Marketing: Anti-detect browsers can be used ethically in the field of digital marketing. They allow marketers to manage multiple accounts without the risk of being banned or restricted by platforms like Amazon, TikTok, Instagram, and Shopify. This can help marketers optimize their campaigns and reach a wider audience.
  • E-Commerce: Anti-detect browsers can be used by e-commerce sellers to securely run multiple parallel stores without being banned or suspended. This allows sellers to reach more customers and grow their businesses.
  • Web Testing: Anti-detect browsers can be used for web testing, allowing developers to test their websites or applications under different user profiles and conditions.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Users of anti-detect browsers should respect the legal and ethical boundaries associated with their use. This includes not using these browsers for illegal activities such as data theft, accessing restricted internet ecosystems, promoting forbidden content, or identity theft. Users should also be aware that using anti-detect browsers to conceal their online identity may violate the terms of service of various platforms, potentially leading to account suspension or legal repercussions.
  • Transparency and Authenticity: Businesses and teams using anti-detect browsers should educate their team members about ethical practices and the importance of maintaining transparency and authenticity. This can help promote a responsible and trustworthy digital environment.

While anti-detect browsers can offer increased privacy and security, it's important to remember that they are not 100% infallible. Users should be aware of the potential risks and limitations associated with their use, and make informed decisions about their online activities.

Summing Up on Best MultiLogin Alternatives

As we move towards the end of this article, you might have already got some of the best MultiLogin Alternatives by your side. Well, the choice of these alternatives is completely a choice of features and functionalities that you might be looking forward to.

From my experience so far in the world of anti-detect browsers like MultiLogin, some of the key parameters you might be interested in; the first one being the Automation capabilities, whereas users should also consider Isolation of cookies, cache files, and local storage, as they play quite a crucial role when worked upon different parameters.

I guess, this list will keep on extending as we think more of it.

If you have reached this far reading, I guess you might have at least a couple of names in your mind, since most of them offer free trial, hop in and start with the right MultiLogin alternatives you might be interested in.

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