Hi Folks! Welcome to my Zen Arbitrage review. In this article, I am going to share an in-depth review while covering its advantages, pricing, how it works, and, of course, the final verdict, where I will give my personal opinion about it.

Arbitrage is nothing but making money by flipping books on Amazon. The instant question that comes to mind is, really? Does it really work in doing so?

Well yes. it does work, and I am going to show you how you can earn revenue by using it. Many of you might be wondering if it would be really simple to make money by using Zen Arbitrage, but it is not so, as some of the books do seem to be good buys but end up dropping in price or taking much time to sell.

So when there is so much confusion about it, Let's start the Zen Arbitrage review altogether to remove doubts from your mind.

What is Zen Arbitrage? – Zen Arbitrage Review

Zen Arbitrage is a system that lets you purchase books from Amazon and resells them on Amazon FBA. And the next doubt that comes to your mind is, really? Can you just make money through books as a medium, and how less will the profit be?

Zen Arbitrage Reviews

Well, to remove all such doubts, let's see the journey, and how it began. Peter Valley, who is the owner, has been a seller on Amazon since the year 2007. He published 14 books on how to sell books on the Amazon platform. Also, he is now renowned for his teachings which have enabled many people to earn money. Peter Valley himself created this online arbitrage software.

To explain in simple words, this software is used to check out books that can be bought and then resold on the FBA channel of Amazon to gain profit. You can use this software and then scan the screen to understand if the gap is enormous between the new and used prices on Amazon.

Well, let me explain to you by taking an example. So suppose I found a book that could have been bought on Amazon at $60.99, including the shipping and sales tax. And it can be resold but about $120.99, which can give you a profit of about $60!

Though in the example, the profit margin is huge, it can be less as well. At least there is no scope of losses here, and a person can easily earn at least 10-15 dollars a book without losses.

This software also provides you with ways to locate if other sources have similar books which can be bought at a lesser cost. Zen Arbitrage also has an inbuilt calculator function where you can enter the price which they would like to purchase and at what they would sell. It also automatically deducts the Amazon Fees based on the desired profit margin. But this calculator does not include the Sales Tax. So, in that case, you have to calculate it manually, inclusive of the Sales Tax, in case your region imposes the tax. Plus, there are many parameters and ways to search for some of the profitable books with this software.

Apart from that, there are numerous video tutorials that Zen Arbitrage offers that do help you. Also, one fun fact is that there is very less probability that the users could end up competing with each other as each one uses the software differently.

With plenty of books available, there is no stock-out kind of situation. Also, the community group on Facebook is there to help people who are new to this and make them familiar with this revenue generation platform. At the same time, some can make hundred dollars from it while some may not. But at least in my view, if you are not making losses, that also is kind of a profit only.

So now let's look out what are the advantages you can get by using this platform.

Key Benefits of Zen Arbitrage

#1 Make lots of money without losses

Well, first things first. The online book arbitrage genuinely works. And one thing which I must tell you is that the price gap between the FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) offers and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) offers can be enormous at times, and you can really take advantage of this price gap.

Many of the users have reported profitable flips and even recorded them with minimal effort. Even I found books on Zen Arbitrage and then bought them and had Amazon ship them to my FBA book prep center. That's all. There are no lugging books in and out of my house, nor are there any checking conditions or scanning barcodes into Amazon Seller Central. Also, you don't have to go to the UPS center. All you have to use this platform, and that's it!

#2 More profitable flips chances 

I had absolutely no trouble finding profitable flips when I looked through Amazon's book catalog via Zen Arbitrage. Also, the fact of the matter is that there are very few people sourcing books online, so you can take this opportunity and check out profitable books to be sourced.

And, of course, to do that, you got to be persistent and focused on what you are looking for. That's what is going to deliver you success, and you will run out of money to spend on books before your first day of sourcing them is over.

#3 Almost no physical work involved 

As explained earlier, you absolutely don't have to do any physical work or effort while you sell the books online. No going to the UPS center and no manual work involved in setting up a library of books at home. All this platform does for you. You can almost state that this business model requires zero physical effort. Even from shipping to delivery, everything is taken care of by Amazon. 

#4 You can use it from anywhere with no geo-restrictions 

As the FBA Book prep services have proliferated, online book arbitrage has become an utterly location-independent business. Also, you don't have to do any sort of psychical activity to handle the books, and you can pay other people to do that for you. All you require is a steady internet connection, a computer, an Amazon Seller Account, and of course, access to Zen Arbitrage.

šŸ’” How to Use Zen Arbitrage?

So here is a simple process that you can follow to learn how to use Zen Arbitrage.

  • Search for profitable books using Zen Arbitrage.
  • Then But the books and calculate your book's FBA price, including taxes and fees.
  • Check out whether your book's listing price is competitive.
  • Then order the books online and get them delivered to a prep service that will handle the manual labor of listing, processing, and shipping for you.
  • Finally, you can put your book up for sale and start getting orders. 

And for all of this, Amazon receives the books at one of their FBA warehouses, and it stores them until it sells. Also, it ships the book to the buyer and deposits the profits into your bank account.

Tools Offered by Zen Arbitrage – Zen Arbitrage Review 

1. Zen Zenith

This tool is more kind of can Google Chrome Extension where it displays information about the books which are being searched directly on Amazon. It provides you with the following: 

  • Prices on eBay 
  • Introduces the New-to-New FBA column 
  • Removes all conditions which are acceptable
  • Gives you an unreasonably Cheap Book Filter

2. Zen Trade

This tool is actually an Ultimate Trade-in Buyback Arbitrage tool where with just a single click and you have to head to the Amazon trade-in store and start surfing. It works by embedding all trade-in and buyback data below each product as you search.

Zen Trade works in the background and extracts a whole mountain of data and publishes it directly on the Amazon page and also alerts instantly when a product is cheaper, which is a trade-in or cash buyback offers. It is a simple analytics tool by which you can assess your profits at a glance, lock in your profits, and get paid.

3. RepriceAlytics

This tool is a one-click install chrome browser extension that installs instantly. With this tool, you can accumulate the lowest 5 FBA offers for everything along with Lowest 5 Merchant Fulfilled Offers. You also get to see Keepa Charts and get a Direct link to FBA offers. Along with all this, you also get to see the Average Sales Rank along with the Average Price Data.

4. TruRank

It is also a Chrome extension that will provide you with the following information while you shop on Amazon: 

  • Average Sales Rank Data Tool
  • Will incorporate previous ranking information into the relevant Amazon page.

5. SourceOptics

It is also a chrome extension that will display the following information:

  • 5 Best deals available on Amazon for every product across all categories
  • Online arbitrage superpowers: Works on all Amazon pages
  • Pricing prowess, including functionality on Amazon's repricing pages.

Zen Arbitrage Features at a Glance

1. Huge Database

Zen Arbitrage has a massive database of books. As you look for getting lesser books, so will its data make you go crazy. At the same time, when other platforms have around 5 million books, the platform has over 22 million books data present online. Also, it has a 10x better return rate which no other tool has. Also, if you cannot find any book, you have 40 more websites provided by the software from which you can choose them.

2. Precise Search Options

You also get plenty of search options like the number of offers, new or used price, sales rank, book category, title, and Amazon's price. With these search options, it's quite clear and can help you to get precise search results. It also avoids the hassle of scrolling down pages and doing all the manual work.

3. FBA Automator Present

FBA Automator Present

The FBA Automater is software that directly indicates all offers in the book. There is just half a percent of books that have offers, but the best part is that all of the books that are there on the database do have offers displayed. So you don't have to go through any sort of guesswork in going for estimation or anything, as it will automatically guess 3PL pricing and real-time profits behind every book.

4. Largest Book Arbitrage Video Library

Zen Arbitrage also has one of the biggest arbitrage libraries, which is not limited to any country. Also, it has books for every experience level present on the platform, which helps you to make money easily. With video guides, you can make better-informed decisions about forecasting investments and also future profits. It offers 50+ videos in the arbitrage library.

5. Historic Rank and Sales Data

Historic Rank and Sales Data

You can check out details of past sales and ranks. In my view, this can help you to make better decisions about which book you should go for and which book has less profit in the stocks. By this, you can make your losses go even further down. You can also see the real-time sales history charts and forecasted wasted investments present on the books.

6. Textbook Database

I have hardly seen any platform providing textbook databases on sales and purchases of these books. Now the database is not made with any formality; instead, it is curated with a collection of over 300,000 textbooks, and there is also a database of over 22 million web-based content. So overall, there is a lot to look at and find out about this software, and you also have plenty of options that will never get you tired.

7. Live Webinar Training

Users can also access monthly webinars in which Peter Valley himself takes part. With these webinars, you can learn more about what books are selling at all times and what is interests people more. You can also learn how to make an effective purchase in the books profits program. The webinars are held live, and if you have any questions, they will definitely answer them.

8. Arbitrage Marketplace

This platform is not just about providing you options to purchase books, but it also is a selling platform. The Arbitrage Marketplace lets you buy and sell leads and make profits apart from selling on Amazon FBA. I have not seen any other Arbitrage exclusive and no other books platform providing this option.

9. Run by Real Amazon Sellers

The software is a legit one and gives you real insights about what it does. So with in-depth data, you can rely on it as it is provided by real Amazon sellers who know the current circumstances of the FBA platform and what's going well on it at the best price. While other Arbitrage Software founders may pretend to sell just on a particular platform, this one is founded by people who are experienced and have significant knowledge about it.

10. Private Facebook Community

The platform has over 1000 members, and the software group grows every day. The Facebook group is the biggest Arbitrage group that gathers together and strategizes with other users.

Along with this, there is a vast training library to which you will get access to other exclusive videos and bonuses here. Also, there is a “secret lounge” where tricks are traded, and strategies are shared.

11. Price Drop Alerts

This feature will allow you to be notified when a price drops. You can set up price drop alerts for as many books as you want. And as soon as the price drops below the price you set, it will send you an email instantly.

Some other features:

  • Support by email and live chat.
  • The phone number for Peter Valley himself 
  • No contracts or commitments.
  • Entirely web-based.
  • Fifty videos are included in the entire training.

Why is the profit so minimal in selling books online?

Well, while I did this Zen Arbitrage review, I found many people saying that they have raised the book price from $10 to $70. Now, this left me with a few questions, and I became curious about why someone would buy something from Amazon and sell it through Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

What's the point in using a system like this when you can go to Amazon and buy a book at a lower price? Well, the answer to this question is simple; only some of the orders that are placed on Amazon are fulfilled by it. So to the best of my knowledge, the website hosts a large number of resellers which should be avoided largely.

People do trust only the fact that it is “fulfilled by Amazon,” but at times, it's not like that. When we talk about safety and delivery, there are other third-party retailers that take different amounts of precautions taken by Amazon.

Also, if someone has Amazon Prime, they give them priority to purchase Amazon Fulfilled products because those customers are qualified for two-day delivery. Now those are a few of the reasons why customers shop on Amazon.

Is Zen Arbitrage Legit?

Yes. It is a 100% legit platform, and I have been using it for a year now. It has really helped me find books to sell on Amazon. It's the kind of business that requires patience, time, and money to be successful, which is the case with most other businesses. The software is easy to use, but it can take some time to get accustomed to and find ways to make money from it. 

It can also be a time-consuming affair as, at times, before purchasing a book that can be great, you have to check if Amazon is restricting it or not.

Can I be restricted by Amazon if you use Zen Arbitrage?

Well, the simple answer is Yes. Amazon has the authority to prohibit any Amazon seller from selling specific books. Now Amazon can limit your ability to sell new or used copies of a book, or in a few cases, you might be permitted to sell a book as a collector, or you may not also be allowed to sell a specific book at all.

This can be a worrying fact and it's not that you should rely on a single platform for success. The Zen Arbitrage software contains a link to a page on Amazon where you can verify the limits. Also, the constraints can be relaxed as you begin to make more money and sales. But I will recommend you continue to monitor the restrictions. Also, you can use the Profit calculator to asses the possible profit if you have not been restricted. 

Zen Arbitrage Pricing Plans

Zen Arbitrage Pricing

The Best part about Zen Arbitrage is that it comes with a 14-day free trial; after that, the subscription fee is $97, including all services and features. Also, there are no contracts or hidden charges, and you can cancel at any time. 

As per the review, for a box of 25 books, the average cost of sending the books to Amazon is around $17. However, Bulk shipping has cut your cost rather than mailing individual books.

Zen Arbitrage Free Trial

Zen Arbitrage offers a 14-day free trial period which does not require any credit card details. 

In this free trial, you can see a demo on the sales page, and there is also a free online book arbitrage offer. I recommend you up for the free trial and study the training videos first if you are rearrested in online book arbitrage.

The training lessons include how you can set up your Amazon Account, Keppa, Price methods, Sales Rank, prep services, and much more. And all of this can help you to learn and excel with this platform. 

Does Zen Arbitrage work in my Country?

Well, the best part about this software is that there are no restrictions on when and where you use it. It can be accessed from any device and from anywhere in the world. You only got to have a steady internet connection.

Who Created Zen Arbitrage?

Face Behind Zen Arbitrage

Founder Peter Valley. Since 2007, he has been selling on Amazon as a serial author. And with this vast experience, he had mastered the Amazon platform even before the term “online shopping” came forth.

He has also written several books on the ‘Art of Selling Volumes on Amazon,' with a total of 14 books on the topic. Peter plays multiple roles where he is a trainer, a teacher, and also regarded as an Amazon Seller expert. He has trained many people who have gained tremendous success after using Zen Arbitrage.

Peter Valley also has a YouTube channel where he shares valuable and helpful information on purchasing and reselling books on Amazon. His primary objective in creating the tool was to help people find and screen books for future selling more effectively.

Do you require Prep Services when you choose Zen Arbitrage?

Well, in my view, I have seen many people do choose to go for prep service. So when you buy a book, and then deliver it to the prep service director who will help with the checking and cleaning of it. They also help you notice if the book you purchased is damaged or if there are a few other issues with it. 

So after those considerations, the shipping labels will be printed from your Amazon account and submitted to Amazon on your behalf. You don't have to do that if you use this service. So like, wise, it is better to inspect physically inspect the books, clean them and remove the unnecessary labels and then move ahead with selling them. 

Zen Arbitrage Alternatives that You Should Try in 2022!

After reviewing Zen Arbitrage, we will now look at a few similar platforms and compare them to understand where it stands.

eFLIP Vs. Zen Arbitrage

When you compare eFLIP and Zen Arbitrage, both of them do somewhat offer a similar set of features with few key differences. 


As told earlier, Zen Arbitrage has over 22 million books, of which 32.8 million come under the lists of Amazon. Whereas the database of eFLIP is about 23 million unique ISBNs. When we consider filters, both of the software have good features which display sales rank history and search results.

But when you closely compare the two, Zen Arbitrage is the one which has few basic and straightforward filters like price, category, condition, trade-in-value, title, FBA offers, publisher, Amazon price, and sales rank. 

Whereas eFLIP also has a few advanced set of filters which focuses on prices like maximum or minimum Amazon prices, maximum or minimum price for new and used offers and books, maximum or minimum rank, and maximum or minimum publish date. Both of the platforms offer free trials.

In terms of pricing, eFLIP is cheaper than Zen Arbitrage as it costs $79 per month.

Tactical Arbitrage Vs. Zen Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is also one of the closest alternatives to Zen Arbitrage. Both these programs offer similar features and help sellers on Amazon to boost their revenue. But Tactical Arbitrage is different as it works by scanning around 1000 third-party retail websites. And when you compare the prices of the books available on these websites with Amazon and search for changes to buy a low-priced item and then sell it at a higher price to get profit. 

Tactical Arbitrage

Although Zen Arbitrage also scans over 40 websites for books, Tactical Arbitrage is more global and impacts full software for digital arbitrage and researching products wholesale.

Talking about Free Trials, Zen Arbitrage offers a free trial of 14 days, whereas Tactical Arbitrage provides a free trial of 7 days. But when you closely look at the pricing of both of them, Tactical Arbitrage is cheaper than Zen Arbitrage.

Zen Arbitrage Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Zen Arbitrage Testimonials
Zen Arbitrage Customer Reviews

FAQs on Zen Arbitrage Review

Can only experience Amazon sellers use Zen Arbitrage?

No. It's not like that. Even beginners who are looking forward to starting their Amazon Selling journey can find this platform really easy to use and understand. Also, you have to understand the fact that there is a virtually endless supply of products that can be bought at a lower price and then sold at a much higher price. And for this, the platform does offer you training and tries to train you no matter what your experience level is.

Is Zen Arbitrage functional on any platform?

Well, you can use Zen Arbitrage on any platform, as there are no limitations associated with it. And You can use it and install it with just a few clicks, as the company does not have conditions or strings attached to it. It can be accessed on both Windows and iOS PCs. You can also use it on your tablet or phone as this software is entirely web-based, and both Android and iOS devices can run it.

How to start with Zen Arbitrage?

It is pretty easy to start with Zen Arbitrage. There are no weird upsells or any tools which you have to buy, or no any sort of other extensions are required. The only thing you need is an Amazon Selling account. And sign up for the platform hardly takes a few minutes, and it also comes with a free trial.

How much training is required to use Zen Arbitrage?

There are two aspects when we talk about training. If you already know selling on Amazon, it will hardly take you to watch a 15 minutes video, and you will be ready to go. And if you are new to Amazon, the platform has a 90-minute “quick start” class that covers everything in one packed presentation. Also, there are 50+ more videos that you can watch at your leisure and learn more about this platform.

Are there any additional hidden costs or so?

You only have to buy books from Amazon, which technically is an investment. So apart from that, the company does not ask for any extra payments to unlock its unique features. The pricing of this platform is $97, and you get everything in it.

Does Amazon allow arbitrage?

Amazon does not restrict people/users from using arbitrage, the only thing that you might wanna check out is whether the product lies under Amazon policy, selling illegal products or products that are not allowed to perform arbitrage is restricted.

Conclusion: Is Zen Arbitrage really worth it?

Absolutely, I would say it's totally worth the investment. And after reading this in-depth Zen Arbitrage review, you will not mind spending $97 every month, especially the services and features that this tool offers. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to get along with it Amazon selling.

You should definitely go for this tool, and without any doubt, this software is worth it because of its clear and crystal analysis. Though many people can argue that just by selling books, you will not make much money, many will not know that Zen Arbitrage is something that is going to blow their minds and earn you good profits with the bare minimum effort. Overall I must say that you can trust this product and it can certainly deliver on your expectations.

Hopefully, this Zen Arbitrage review has cleared some of the common questions that you might be dealing with.

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