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A lot goes into the process, from affiliate ad tracking to management. Every step is time-consuming and complex. However, this is not the case with the amazing software.

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Detailed Review Review

Ask for a platform that's both easy to use and offers super-fast support, and we'll just recommend you to go for

It's a popular SaaS affiliate marketing content management tool and analytics designed exclusively for affiliates and entrepreneurs to scale their business.

The tool gives the highest ROI because of its advanced drilled-down results and AI-based smart links optimizations.

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Everything You Need to Know About this Amazing Tool! Review

Launched back in 2017, is a popular affiliate marketing platform that helps affiliates track and analyze their performances.

Being an international platform, an affiliate can obtain data from across the globe just through a few clicks. The tool comes with numerous benefits for media buying teams to excel in the market.

We would call to be a reliable and most powerful affiliate ads tracker tool solely because of the feature it offers. One can manage, track, and optimize the overall ad campaign under a roof, making the tool a complete ad tracking software.

With the help of, users can track organic traffic and paid traffic to get the best traffic flow. And to sum this all, these features undoubtedly help affiliates make the best decision solely based on in-depth data.

The platform is praised globally by several businesses for its unique training process and comprehensive customer support. But for now, let's explore and review the features of!

Key Features of RedTrack | Review

  • Custom Dashboards:

When dealing with ad trackers, it's essential for users to track their overall activity, and over here, a dashboard comes into the picture. custom dashboard will help users access just the important aspects of the tracked data. Users can simply pick up important variables and save them for easy access. Hence, it gets a lot easier for users to drill down important and winning combinations within minutes.

  • Smart Streams:

Users, by just a click, can create multiple streams of traffic for their ad. There are several preset and custom parameters available to pick from and later perform the A/B split test.

  • AI-Smartlinks:

The AI based algorithm of ensures maximum ROI to its customers. Even the clicks based on past performances can be distributed well using the procured data.

  • Geo Balancing:

This feature by supports the campaign with some insightful data across multiple GEOs.

  • Autoscale:

You don't have to worry about redirects at all with since it's super-fast, and the reports obtained are real-time. Users will never lose a penny and would get millions of data within a minute.

  • LP Pixel:

With LP tracking pixel, performing split tests or rotating offers gets a lot easier.

  • Custom Domains:

Users can now use custom domains for their tracking needs and can manage their traffic easily. Additionally, they don't even have to pay extra fees to get started with more than one custom domain with RedTrack.

Lastly, even allows users to save reports as a template by choosing custom time ranges.

Why You must Choose RedTrack Over other Apps? is known for its customized solutions that help customers pick and choose what exactly they want to track. Thus this makes the tracking process a lot efficient.

Since the tool records real-time data, users can monetize it all quickly with just a click. Users can also manage their revenue smoothly even if they are tight on budget. Hence in all, it's a WIN-WIN deal for everyone!

#1. For Ad Agencies

RedTrack can be a savior for ad agencies. We are saying this because they can attract more clients very easily with this tool. Review

From best analytics to reporting, the tool can easily help agencies track and analyze other business's strategies. Moreover, the tool saves a lot of time on manual data by providing real-time information.

#2. For Affiliates is worth every penny for affiliates. Any marketer can make smart decisions through the analytics and auto-optimization feature of the tool. Review

Hence, no matter how complex the funnel gets, the tool instantly helps users with the deepest and best real-time information about conversions, clicks, and impressions.

#3. For Advertisers

The tool is best suited for advertisers as well since it provides in-depth information about different advertisers and advertisements. In short, advertisers can pace up their work with the daily reports and measure a single ad on multiple channels to test how it'll perform in the real world.


#4. For Publishers

Quite often, many publishers have been struggling through inaccurate reporting, which can sometimes affect an opportunity or money. The tool offers easy-to-use, highly descriptive, and actionable data, which works wonders.

for publisher Pricing Plans

Apart from a wide range of features, even offers multiple plans for businesses to choose from. Yet another best part is the option to customize your plan all according to your business needs.


For customizations, you have to call the customer care team, and they will ensure that you get a suitable package. Till then, check out the other four plans by and pick one for yourself at a discounted rate.

Basic: $49 per month

With this plan, users will get access to pro support, advanced reporting, and targeting, 3 custom domains, unlimited conversions, and campaigns.

Pro: $99 per month

With this plan, users will get access to everything available in the basic pack, but instead of just three domains, here it's unlimited custom domains and automation.

For team

Team: $199 per month

With this plan, users will access the white label publisher panel, pro support, and everything included in the Pro plan.

Agency: $399 per month

With this plan, users will have access to the white label publisher panel, white label reporting portal, unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, unlimited custom domains, and everything else included in the team plan.

Steps to Automate Ads Tracking with

Setting up a tracking system with is a lot easier. But if you are doing it for the first time, we have got you covered with both the review and steps to use it.

Now just after you have opened your RedTrack account, you can automate your ad tracking and get alerts according to your preferences.

For this,

No, We Are Not Done With The Campaign Yet.

What do Customers Say about their Experience with

Earlier marketers used to face specific challenges while dealing with ad tracking platforms or SaaS solutions. One of the major among all was the lack of transparency and no data-driven results. While on the other hand, has let its customer overcome the above-mentioned issues.


Talking about the overall customer ratings of, many users have given 5/5 stars for features, ease of use, and value for money.

Many consider this tool to be a great alternative for all other expensive trackers available out there. Lastly, almost 9 out of 10 customers are more likely to recommend this platform to their friends and businesses because of the ease of use factor! Pros & Cons


🤔What Is RedTrack? is a popular and exclusive content management and analytics tool for affiliate marketers and businesses offering real-time access to clicks, conversions, impressions, and much more.

🙄Why Is Better Than Its Competitors?

As compared to its competitors, offers real-time access to all the data like impressions, clicks, conversions from across multiple channels, which makes it easier for affiliates to understand and work accordingly.

💲Can I Get For Free?

Partially yes, you can grab this amazing tool for free for just 14 days; that's the free trial period the platform offers.

🔎How many discounts Can I Expect From This Coupon Code?

With our exclusive coupon code, you can grab an amazing discount of % instantly.

Conclusion: Review 2024 | Should you really invest in

Whether you are an affiliate marketer who has just got into the affiliate marketing world, or you are a professional one, the tool is just built for everyone.

We assure you that no other tool than would be so rewarding. The customer support team is so helpful, then even when we had a bit of an issue related to how to use the tool, they resolved it just in a day. And the best part, if the issue is a lot technical, then developers also join the conversation.

When it comes to features, has left no corners here too. One can manage their campaigns, analyze them at any hour of the day, manage their commissions, customize templates, and detect fraud just by a tap with the tool.

The filters available just make the whole process of managing and tracking a lot easier.

So what are you waiting for? Use our exclusive RedTrack Coupon Code now, and enjoy the endless benefits of the platform!

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